Prayer Produces Results…

Prayer invokes support from higher powers and it works because spirits responds to the prayer and help the person requesting aid. You truly get the results you pray for, so you need to be careful how you pray. These higher power spirits can have a powerful effect on the lives of those who pray and the effects depend on the spirits responding to the prayers. All of this is absolutely true and can be observed by the behavior of those who appeal to a higher power for assistance. Their behavior is determined by the spirits responding to the prayers.

If a Christian prays to an angel, their behavior will be determined by the character of the angel. If a Muslim prays to a saint, their behavior will reflect the qualities of the saint. A Satanist venerates a being they consider the Devil and their behavior reflects the character of this being. Druids worshiped various gods and their behavior reflects the character of those they worshiped. In every case I have mentioned, those who worship a brutal god behave differently than those who worship a loving god.

Spiritual beings are real and each have unique personalities and histories. When they respond to a request for help, their assistance will reflect their history and character. Their response to requests for help is determined by the law of attraction. Thus their response to prayer or a ritual is determined by the type of energy the requester puts out. The law of attraction means that you can attract positive or negative things into your life through your thoughts and actions. It relies on the theory that everything is made up of energy, so the type of energy you put out will come back to you.

The law of attraction explains why these following situations occur. When you make an effort to remain positive, you attract beings who are interested in helping you be more positive. If you are stuck in revenge or in some state of misery, you will attract spirits who will help you achieve revenge or will sympathize with you in your misery. If you are creating in some way, you will attract spirits who are eager to help you create. It does not matter whether you are creating art, music, fashions, architecture, or writing novels, you will have spirits aiding you and feeding you ideas. Whether you pray for assistance or meditate or merely reach out and communicate, you can enlist spirits who will aid you in your efforts. The emotion you put out determines the kind of assistance you will get from spirits, Happy, creative emotions pull in happy spirits. Hatred and thoughts of revenge will pull in spirits who will provide you with destructive ideas to carry out your plans. In other words, you get the kind of help you pray for.

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we communicate with various spirits every day. Our communications are more like conversations than prayers or invocations, but the results are similar. We can recruit spirits to help us and we can help spirits who are stuck in the past and restore their free will. Our relationship with spirits is more on a familiar basis where we find ways to exchange with them rather than just seek aid from them. The singular difference with SRT is that we consider spirits of all kinds as immortal beings capable of varying degrees of power and responsibility.

We can contact higher level beings as well as beings who have been brought low by their past actions. Basically, when an immortal being makes a mistake that generates counter-intention, that counter-intention can capture their attention for millions of years. A being’s life force is the energy behind attention, so every time a being has attention stuck on an unfortunate mistake, some portion of their life force remains captured in that incident. It takes a long time for a godlike being to lose enough life force to end up homeless in San Francisco, but the unfortunate truth is that every broken individual and ordinary citizen was once far more powerful. SRT offers a way to rescue these beings and return them to a greater state.

We SRT users are also able to discern the motives and intentions of the spirits we engage with. This is quite different from those who pray for assistance from a higher level being. If you pray for assistance from a Christian being, you may get a being with prejudices against unaligned spirits or spirits from other faiths. Spirits with histories in certain faiths have likes and dislikes and these will be played out when the person they are helping encounter nonbelievers. The person helped by the spirits will find themselves violently opposed to nonbelievers, even when they know nothing of the true nature of the nonbelievers actions and abilities. I encountered such a spirit controlling a normally sociable Catholic woman and it continues to affect her relationship with those who are not churchgoers.

Prayers produce results, but the believer can acquire results they did not ask for, like hatred or disdain of alternate belief systems. When you encounter a pious religious person who rages at a spiritualist, you are seeing the effects of a spiritual companion/advisor with an unexpected bias. The being acting as an Angel advising the pious person is possibly a former priest of the Inquisition. When you ask for help, you get help from beings who feel affinity for you and they can have agendas that differ from yours in some respects. Spirits affect us in many different ways. When you get help from a higher level being, you need to make sure their help does not come with unexpected side effects.

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