Advanced Spiritual Healing Demonstrated In SRT Workshop #11

If you are feeling depressed, suicidal, angry, manic, or just continuously tired, you probably have spirits messing with you under the mistaken idea that they are helping you.

You can block out their emotions and upsetting images with medically prescribed drugs, but the relief is only temporary and the problems will return when you fail to take the drugs on time.

Or, you can communicate with these troubled spirits, handle their trauma, and set them free from the incidents that have trapped them. By doing this you will restore their free will and you will end the symptoms that their suffering has caused you.

At any given moment in time there are spirits affecting your behavior, your emotions, and your health. With Spiritual Rescue technology you can either learn to work with them and use their skills and advice to better your life or you can free yourself from the influence of spirits who are opposing you for some reason.

In this workshop, we cover the relationship of spiritual activity to the health of your body and your behavior and we demonstrated a caring way to handle spiritually caused impulses to commit suicide.

The video of this workshop can be found at this link:
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