SRT Workshop #18 – Deconstructing Realities

We held one of the best SRT Workshops in a long time this past Sunday. Four of the most experienced Spiritual Rescue Technology users joined me in examining the realities of the material, spiritual, and fantasy universes.

We took a hard look at the interplay of Experiential Reality, where you know something is true because you have experienced it, and Agreement Reality, where you believe something is true because you were taught it is true.

If you take a good look at the workshop video, you may find that you have a new freedom to make changes in your perception of realities. As one participant said, “There are no secrets in Spiritual Rescue Technology, everything has been laid out there for you to see.”

Give yourself a chance to change your life. Sit down with a favorite beverage and watch one of the most entertaining workshops of the year!

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