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Global Warming is Man-Made

The global warming scare has been a gold mine for politically-inclined academics and it has spawned a new industry: Taxpayer funded bankruptcies like Solyndra and Abound Solar. Unfortunately, the facts fail to support the scary claims:

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Over Medicated?

I have been carefully following the advice of doctors and specialists ever since my heart attack of several years ago, but each year seemed to bring additional medications which I needed to take to handle various physical conditions which appeared to be age-related.

As the number of specialists and medications increased, I began noticing a trend. Whatever I was trying to handle got reduced to an acceptable level, but my overall energy seemed to be slowly decreasing. I was still physically active with two businesses and community activities filling my days, but life was beginning to become an effort and it seemed that I was finally showing signs of "old age" as in, everything seemed to ache at times and I needed more sleep than I was getting.

I was beginning to feel that I was going down the wrong track beginning with the choice of treatments for Diabetes about 10 years ago. In spite of the skilled medical care I had received, my blood glucose level continued to rise over the years and this caused an ever increasing number of diabetes-related problems.

Last week, we decided on a new approach based on the idea that more of the same routine did not seem to be the answer.


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Preserving Memories of Times Past

Some of you have long playing albums which still evoke fond memories of good times with dear friends. Everyone who has seen this Steven Stills Manassas project had a story of their own to share about the music of their … Continue reading

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Scott Adams gets it – Skype can change your business

Skype is one of those new fangled things that have been around for years and is finally finding general use.  I use Skype video conferencing to do face-to-face business meetings every day with clients and suppliers in far-off places like … Continue reading

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