You are exposed to a range of spiritual traps every day and most of you never realize it. These traps attract your attention and keep you fixated on some horrible situation for weeks on end. They can be images or text and they are designed to attract and hold your attention and move you to action. They are hypnotic and if you do not learn to ignore them, they can cause permanent harm to you spiritually.

These traps are designed to push your emotional buttons and they do this to an amazing degree. The messages they contain may be righteous or evil, but the result is always the same. They put you in an angry state for long periods of time and you attract spirits who are drawn to the prospect of revenge and retribution. Since the messages are crafted to create anger, they are almost always presented in the most alarming way possible and avoid any sign of balance in their rhetoric.

You will find little effort to defuse the situation being given exposure. One side will be portrayed as evil and the other side will be blameless victims of the other side. If you try to join in on the discussions, you will find that any attempt to put forth a rational explanation for the current situation will be heartily rejected by both sides.

I know that you are concerned about the insanity and corruption that exists in the world and in your chosen city, but I have an urgent suggestion that might improve your health and longevity. You are following the events of the day and participating in the discussions, but if you do not vary your diet of news, life will not go well with you.

A steady diet of observing and reporting on evil will put you into an emotional tone level that is not prosurvival and the reason is that this activity ATTRACTS spirits who are into rage and frustration, etc. If you can add some hilarity or even some sardonic humor, you may find that life will become more appealing. You might even consider looking at the amusing things about each of these disasters and be able to report these catastrophes without going downtone emotionally.

We attract spirits based on what we are reading and writing about. If you want courageous and light-hearted spirits, vary your attitude and your reading habits. If you have ever looked at long-time Scientology critics, you will see what I mean. It has been a long time since any of them smiled and they all look older than they should. Maintaining a state of outrage is a form of slow suicide no matter what cause you are espousing. There are so many reasons to be outraged that you can be drawn into a state where you are slowly transformed into a bitter, unhappy example of human refuse unless you realize that your behavior is absolutely self-destructive.

When your life is consumed with thoughts of revenge and retribution, you become human garbage and you attract beings who feed on your emotions and keep them stirred up. It is not the cause you espouse that will kill you, it is the retention of angry emotions that will eventually do you in.

If you are focusing on villains and victims, you are risking your life and your future. You can control the beings you attract, so put your attention on finding things to admire in the world and help those who are working to put sanity into civilization again.

You won’t regret it.

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