Working With Spirits – Is This Going To Be A Five Volume Set?

When I started writing this book and it kept morphing as I wrote, I felt there were forces at work that I had not encountered before. Since I work with spirits every day, I started getting signals from them that my original direction was way off the mark. My original title was “Managing Your Spiritual Teammates” and that seemed to run aground when the project took off in several different directions

As I actually observed my efforts with my spiritual teammates, I came to realize that I was not managing them, in any ordinary sense, as they were actually guiding me as much as I was trying to guide them. I finally realized that Working With Spirits is a better statement of what I was trying to convey. They are a rowdy bunch with ideas of their own. If I was to communicate what it is like to work with these spirits, I had better start with a true representation of how we interact.

Those of you who have shared your spiritual conversations have conveyed similar surprises. Managing a group of spirits calls for steady nerves and a keen sense of what spirits need and want and an appreciation of how much they can provide in the way of assistance. When they come up with something that surprises you so much you lose control, you need to get back in present time and do what is best for the entire group.

You and your body can be the adverse effect of upset spiritual companions so it makes sense to learn how to work with them so that you learn from their experiences without upsetting them or failing to establish caring communication with them. When you and they are working as a tightly united team, life is incredibly easy and productive. Miracles happen on a continuous basis. When you are not working in synchronism with your spiritual companions, progress is slow and you encounter more barriers than you can imagine. It pays to maintain good relationships with your spiritual companions and quickly handle any spirits or situations that threaten that relationship.

Every other book in the SRT series came together with no real difficulties. This last work has been in progress for two years and has not come together as expected. Now that I have backed off and taken a new look at the project, the value is still there because I keep writing articles on working with spirits, but the emphasis keeps shifting so it’s time to rewrite the ideal scene for this book and see where we are really going. We have enough material written now to write whatever we want to cover so it is now a matter of deciding whether to put it in one volume or several.

I will be happy to entertain your suggestions and will enlist several of you as early readers to help steer this project to a speedy and meaningful finish. This topic of working with spirits is probably one of the most important aspects of dealing with spirits and the sooner it gets written the sooner we can go on to projects that may have more impact on society. We are immortal, after all, why focus entirely on this lifetime?

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