A Brief Comparison of Spiritual Rescue Technology Sessions and the Scientology Level New OT 7

I have done both and the results are quite different. Both actions are done on spiritual beings with the aim of making a person more causative in life. The OT levels are delivered by persons who were trained by the Church of Scientology. Spiritual Rescue Technology actions are done by persons who have read and understood my books and articles on the subject or have received sessions from someone who has learned the subject. If you read the following descriptions, you may get an idea of the differences between these two subjects.

NEW OT 7 From the Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology  – Volume XIV THE O.T. LEVELS 

The Pre-OT now works solo on cleaning up the body of **BT/cluster masses, one area at a time, until each is clean and transparent to his perception. Each of the various techniques given in the materials is used as needed to blow these BT/cluster masses.

You may in some instances have to have the Pre-OT handle BTs Dianetically running them back through a chain of incidents. This can be complex with 3 or 4 BTs and chains crossed.

When the Pre-OT has a transparent body and a clear area around it to some distance (barring perception of other people’s difficulties) and when he realized he is alive and very much himself the EP of NED for OTs has been reached.

When this EP is reached then one will have achieved “CAUSE OVER LIFE”.

This is a solo action done on an e-meter.

(**BT= Body Thetan. For the purpose of clarity, by BODY THETAN is meant a thetan who is stuck to another thetan or body but is not in control.)


Basically, SRT processing consists of caring conversations with spirits for the purpose of freeing them from incidents they are still stuck in and bringing them to present time where they can exercise their free will. This is done in a quiet meditative state as a solo or partnered activity.

You may use any method of meditation you like as long as it enables you to take control of the random thoughts in your head and make things quiet enough that you are in control of your thinking.

Are you comfortably prepared to use caring communication with the spiritual being you are about to work with? If you cannot easily adopt a feeling of caring communication, you need to meditate until you can, or go in session and handle whatever personality aspect is preventing you from adopting the attitude that will ensure a successful session.

1. When a spiritual being impinges on you with a thought or an image, take time to make him welcome and make sure he is willing to let you communicate with him.

2. Ask the being or cluster if they can use help and make notes on exactly what is said. You should be able to maintain your caring communication while doing this.

3 You find the incident the being is stuck in and bring him to present time with caring communication.

4. Find out what the spirit wants to do now. Some will want to leave and others may wish to stay and work with the host. Ask if all of them have regained their free will.

5. If beings want to leave, give them a brief idea of their choices and suggest a peaceful place where they can think about what they want to do next. Continue this until they are ready to leave and leave.

8. If beings want to stay with you, discuss opportunities and get their agreement to join the team. In some cases, you may want them to go someplace quiet and think about their duties and responsibilities as a team member. If they have good experience in some area, they will usually be willing to be put to work.

9. Realize that you, as a host, need to provide work that interests your spiritual partners or they will wander off and disappear.

SRT processing can be done solo or with a partner where one acts as the counselor asking questions of the spirit and the other is channeling the answers the spirit or clusters of spirits are providing. This is a continuing action as there are billions of spirits surrounding us on this planet and there is no point at which one can be alone. Recruiting helpful spirits to assist us in our daily efforts increases our ability to make things happen through our intentions.

You can learn more about Spiritual Rescue Technology by clicking on the link.

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We Need To Team Up To Handle Heavily Charged Incidents

I am encountering incidents that are so heavily charged that I cannot handle them by myself and they are all incidents from very far back on the time track. I think this is a result of my increased psychic abilities and I have seen others encounter similar situations but with lesser effects. My spirits say this is why we shut off our memories when we pick up new bodies as these incidents are too heavy to handle by ourselves and we survive by blocking them from our memories.

Blocking Out The Past

These are incidents where we were almost completely destroyed as spirits through implanting. I have been running out implants for years but these seem to be a magnitude greater in effect as though I was subjected to them for extremely long periods of time. The curious thing about these incidents is that they also involved my efforts to help someone, so they acted as a barrier to helping others by turning on memories of punishment when I was successful in present time.

I realized that I had no memory of these incidents until they were restimulated by a session or by reading a short story. I had done an excellent job of blocking them out over many lifetimes but now that my awareness is increasing every week, my memory blocks are no longer working.

I do not want to stop increasing my ability and I do not want any of you to be blocked from recovering your abilities, so I want to have us consider attacking these incidents as pairs or groups of SRT users so we can handle them without damage to ourselves physically or spiritually. This will take very little change in our SRT processing.

It means that the client has to begin participating in the session as a counselor instead of just channeling what the spirit is saying. I already have a few clients who are doing this and the session goes much faster. We should all consider how we can do this in future sessions and share our results.

This is a logical progression in the development of Spiritual Rescue Technology and can result in a major increase in the number of people who can do spiritual counseling for others whether on a casual basis or as a profession. We have already seen how doing solo sessions increases awareness and how a healing session where two people work together to spot problems increases their psychic powers, so having two people share tasks in an SRT session should give us new skills and greater awareness for handling problems of greater magnitude.

Consider this a co-creation of great importance. I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

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Can A Deaf Doctor Help You With Your Hearing?

Suppose you have an entire field of medicine that is deaf to telepathic messages. What do you think happens when you go to them complaining of voices in your head and thoughts that you can’t seem to stop from invading your mind? You are getting alarming thoughts and your doctors can’t hear them and do not believe they exist. What they do not realize is that hearing voices in your head and picking up thoughts that are not yours is not a bug. It is a feature of spiritual awareness that not everyone has.

Failed Healing Session

The first approach in allopathic medicine is to handle the symptoms of your complaint and that is to give you drugs that will turn off your ability to receive alarming telepathic messages. Yes, it is similar to turning off a pesky fire alarm so it does not disturb you, but it does not handle the cause of your upset. You have spirits trying to warn you about dangers and you have doctors who do not believe spirits exist, so they give you drugs and if these do not calm you down, they send you to a place with padded rooms where you will not disturb others.

I have clients who have been sent to psych wards because they were unwise enough to share what was happening to them. When your observations about the world exceed the reality of the telepathy-deaf doctors you consult, they do the best they can and send you somewhere quiet where you will not disturb others. The more you insist you are being bothered by voices from invisible people, the more likely you are to be sent somewhere you will not bother your family and others.

What you probably do not realize is there are many people who can hear spirits, but they do not talk about this and treat the messages as “hunches” or “insights”. There are thousands of people who are aware they can hear spirits and some of them become spiritual counselors, mediums, or spiritualists. They may not be able to teach you to talk to spirits, but they can probably let you know that you are not crazy and are being affected by the spirits you have attracted.

Yes, this all comes down to the law of attraction. If you are happy and productive, you will generally attract helpful spirits, but if you are mean and resentful and seeking revenge upon those who have wronged you, you will attract thousands of spirits who have been wronged and never had an outlet for their anger. If you surround yourself with happy spirits, your life will be blissfully productive and you will get results in almost everything you do. If you hold on to your resentment, your life will be very unhappy and your health and your sanity will suffer.

If this makes sense to you, read my third book, Talking To Spirits, and you will get an appreciation of how spirits influence and affect our lives. If you want to learn how to communicate with the spirits who surround you, you can post a request on the internet asking for advice or you can send me an email at srtcounseling@gmail.com and I will give you a free introductory session to see if you can be helped in that regard.

I have a high success rate in helping people learn how to communicate with spirits because I can talk to your spirits and find out how you are treating them and whether they are willing to help you or if they are there to punish you for past misdeeds.

If your spiritual companions feel you are worth saving and you are willing to work with them as teammates, I give you a simple daily program to do which is essentially spiritual team building and we can start weekly sessions until you gain the abilities you want to develop and start achieving the objectives you want in life. If you are willing to do this and do the program, you will experience immediate changes in your stability and in your ability to perceive and communicate with spirits. Life will become much more exciting and you will feel more alive.

You will also be able to help others in ways you cannot imagine.

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Talking To Spirits Is Easier Than You Might Expect

We are constantly trying to make it easier for new people to communicate with spirits and we have had another breakthrough. I took a new person from being totally deaf to spiritual communication to receiving new ideas from his spiritual companions and easily acknowledging them in less than an hour.

Supervised Solo Session With Spirits

In the past, I have described the process of doing a solo session with spirits and have left new clients to go at it by themselves. Almost all of them have managed to get in good communication with their spiritual companions after a session or two. A few have had difficulties and a recent report from a new client revealed the most likely source of these difficulties. The client’s spiritual companions were suspicious of the client’s efforts to communicate and spent their time harassing the client rather than getting in communication with the client.

Their language was hilariously rude and insulting and reminded me of the responses I got when discussing Scientology on Hollywood Boulevard while doing a dissemination drill. Trying to communicate to an unprepared audience is a difficult experience and I realized I could make the task much easier for all concerned.

I am now at the point where I can identify spirits by name and intention so I can start a conversation with almost any spirit and match their tone level and establish a rapport with them quickly and help them if they are interested. For the new person who could not detect any emotion or communication from the spirits surrounding him, I first addressed his spirits and found that they were frustrated by his indifference to their efforts to communicate. I explained to them that I was about to teach the person to hear their comments and wanted them to work with him so he would be willing to communicate freely with them. I stressed the point that the person was not indifferent to them, but was unable to recognize their communication and differentiate their thoughts from his own.

I also pointed out that their communication should be as helpful as possible if they wanted him to recognize them as useful companions. This was quite acceptable to most of them and I handled any spirits who were averse to getting in communication with the person.

When the person asked if anyone had anything to share with him, they immediately started sharing ideas with him and he started smiling within a few minutes as he wrote down what they were saying. They had personal questions which showed a good deal of interest in him but he still had some doubts because he felt he might still be imagining the conversation. I had him ask them to show him something that he could be sure was not his imagination and they showed him an image of the office he used to have before he moved to this city.

We were both pleased at the speed with which he gained the ability to communicate with spirits and I would like to make this possible for others who are new to the spiritual arena. If you are having difficulty getting your spirits to communicate with you in a meaningful way, I will give you a free session to get you started with helpful solo sessions. Just send me an email at srtcounseling@gmail.com

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