The Transformative Power of Admiration

When you introduce admiration into someone’s life, you transform it in ways we do not fully understand yet. This may be because admiration is a positive flow of life force energy.

We can observe that exchanging admiration is like exchanging life energy with both the recipient and the originator benefiting. Certainly, in our most intimate moments, we exchange admiration at a higher rate than usual, and those moments are often a high point of our existence.

In less intimate moments, we exchange admiration with our coworkers and friends, and these exchanges seem to bind us together for long periods of time. We tend to remember people we have admired and who admired us.

I have the feeling that admiration is a flow intended to create harmony, where hatred and distrust are destructive flows, designed to interrupt harmony.

Perhaps we should regard admiration as a life-giving flow and learn as much as we can about using it to create growth and peaceful expansion. We have seen that admiration will help plants flourish, and we know that admiration will increase a person’s desire to excel and produce better results, so possibly admiration might be the key to managing organizations of any size so that they continue to flourish and prosper.

In a group situation, a clear definition of what behavior is most admired makes it easy for group members to guide their own actions to receive the most admiration from others. If the group’s admiration is aligned with the best interests of the individual, harmony results, and the group acts as a well-organized team. If admiration is used as a control mechanism and is doled out only to those following a particular path, harmony will not result.

Arbitrarily depriving people of admiration to control them is like depriving them of life-giving food to punish them. Rewarding correct behavior with admiration is a natural encouragement and is more likely to produce positive results.

If you think of your power to admire people and other living things as the ability to grant life-giving energy to them, you may begin to understand the importance of using your admiration wisely and often. Granting life is truly a god-like power and benefits all who receive it. Understanding this power and using it wisely will improve the lives of all who come in contact with you.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to bring joy into the lives of all those you touch? Admiration might enable you to do that.

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Admiring Someone Is Like Giving Them Life

When you admire someone, you give them a flow of life force without diminishing your own supply. If they become more alive when you admire them, that makes you feel better, and you both benefit.

You Can Admire Yourself

It is relatively easy as long as you realize you are a spirit having a human experience. You made an incredible number of decisions to arrive at the present moment in your current body with all of the conditions that come with that choice. Your sex, race, social status, and a few other factors were determined by your choice of mothers. If you decided to rise above the limitations of your birth circumstances, you have created a life and career that is admirable from a number of standpoints. You should also realize that you are free to change your life and career arc at any time and in any direction. If you can admire what you are doing that is positive, you will find that you will be able to do more of these activities.

You Should Look For Things To Admire

If life seems to be full of things you do not like, find something to admire, and life will become more enjoyable. When you are surrounded by things you detest or despise, this tends to suck the life out of you. Working for people who do not appreciate your efforts, trying to help people who do not want your help, being somewhere you are not wanted, all of these will drain you and leave you unhappy, and you will feel oppressed, invalidated, and so forth. I am not going to say this is all your fault, but somewhere along the line, you failed to understand that you need to have or create an environment where you have plenty of things to admire.

The Basis Of Admiration Is Exchange

We still have a further study to fully understand what this means, but our recent experiences show that admiring something that returns the flow will increase the life energy of all who participate in the exchange. Admiration is the giving of life, and when that which is admired responds in kind, both ends of the communication line benefit.

We have also found that when we admire something or someone sufficiently, we perceive information about the intentions of the person or the intentions that went into creating something, whether art or an object like a car. We may not receive admiration from the person or thing, but we gather information about the person or thing that lets us make intelligent decisions about how to deal with it in the future.


Those who make their living by attracting admiration become dependent on the continuation of that flow. This tends to reward behavior that produces admiration rather than on behavior benefiting the person themselves. Performers are requested to play audience favorites time and time again, while comedians need new material to keep the admiration coming. In either case, the audience’s reaction becomes the controlling factor in the performer’s life until the performer finds a new audience.

Even in a work environment, a person can become addicted to admiration and, in this way, be controlled by those who dole out admiration sparingly to control the behavior of subordinates.

Referring to the comments made above about admiration and exchange, one should only accept admiration for work that meets your own standards and not be dependent on that admiration at all. Then when you receive admiration, you will see it as an acknowledgment of work well done, and not as a gift.

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If nothing springs to mind, you may be suffering from a lack of admiration from others and that is not a good thing. Being raised in a household where you are not admired is not that uncommon and people with that background have great difficulty admiring what they have accomplished.

If you have difficulty finding anything about yourself to admire, I can help you overcome that disability in just a few sessions of confidential online counseling to rehabilitate your ability to find things to admire in yourself and in life.

I have 45 years of counseling experience and I have been working with a team of people who are researching what admiration processing can do to handle situations that traditional counseling can’t touch. If you have trouble finding anything about your life to admire, give me a call to schedule a free online consultation.

David St Lawrence 540-320-6852
Admiration Power

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Using Admiration To Diffuse A Potentially Difficult Situation

Unlikely as it seems, there are many people whose jobs require them to exert control over others, and they often receive hostile glances and comments from the people they try to control. Cast your mind back to your encounters with clerks at the DMV and other government offices. If nothing appears, think of your last encounter with a policeman or customs clerk. If that does not bring up examples of bureaucratic unpleasantness, think of your last experience with a tired checkout clerk at the local market. Almost all of these people are forced to deal with members of the public who resent their very existence.

It is probably true to say that these people receive hostile glances and other flows even when they are trying to do their jobs in a proper and polite manner.

If you were to approach this harried person and just quietly admire the way they were managing not to scream, you just might make their day. Admiring someone for doing their job is not a difficult task and does not take words. It is always detected by the recipient and it makes them feel more alive, even if they do not understand why you are admiring them. It actually brings a bit of sanity into their lives and will usually make them smile.

If you were to approach the next person in charge of handling a line of customers and think to yourself how nice it is that this person is here to make things go smoothly, you would be casting out a flow of admiration for them doing a necessary job.

Every time I have done this, I have been greeted with a smile by the person in charge, and the transaction has gone smoothly. The person felt better, and so did I for being able to create this beneficial effect. Furthermore, the effect seems to be lasting as the person smiled at me during subsequent visits. 

Life is too short to go around making enemies. If you use the power of admiration to bring out the best in people, you will find the world to be a friendlier place.

 As you learn to use admiration to make people happier, you will find that you become happier yourself.

If you encounter people who do not respond to admiration, feel free to pity them. A person who cannot receive admiration has problems you are not equipped to resolve. They are almost as sick as the person who cannot admire others.

You are as sane as you can admire other people and living things.

If you find that you have difficulty admiring things, consult a counselor trained in delivering admiration processing. Send me a message at, and I will refer you to someone who can help.

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