Some High Points from the 4-14-19 Sunday Webinar

Joachim Held summarized some of the things we discussed during last Sunday’s webinar and made me realize how important this latest discovery is. I am restating his summary with the addition of my own thoughts and you are all invited to add your own realizations to this effort.

1. No matter where you are in relation to the rest of the universe you occupy, you will have greater control of your existence if you take the time to recognize the intentions and counter-intentions that others are experiencing.

2. The counter-intentions that others show to your peaceful existence may have more to do with the pressures they are experiencing from above or from other sources.

3. Each level in a civilization and in a universe has its own rules and its own challenges. Understanding the rules of other levels will give you an ability to make the right decisions for your own survival.

4. If you fully understand their motivation, you can become pan-determined if you wish. When that occurs, your frustration and bitterness at the unthinking cruelty of the world will vanish. You will see what is and you will be able to devise a plan for converting what is to what you desire it to be.

5. When any level is not pan-determined, they do what they think is best for themselves and their people. When they fixate on a solution to the ills that they see, their solution wreaks havoc on the rest of civilization. Every tyrant is trying to accomplish something for the people he feels he represents.

6. Since every level in a civilization is a series of interlocking lives, any solution that does not take into account all of the other lives and work to the resolution of mutual problems will eventually build resistance such that this solution will be considered evil and will eventually be destroyed.

7. The only hope for a peaceful resolution is to maintain open communication, no matter what provocation exists, without losing control of your own group.

8. If separation from the other group is required to continue your existence, maintaining open communication is essential to your continued freedom. In addition, you will need to ensure that your existence is not a threat to the group you have separated from.

9. These lessons from history are available to every practitioner of Spiritual Rescue Technology, because we can communicate with those beings who tried to solve these issues in other ways and failed miserably. Every day we communicate with those who struggled against the constraints of the unfairness of the lives they lived and we find that are still enmeshed in the unfairness of it all.

When we help them discover that they chose a role that came ready-made with overwhelming opposition, they perceive the decision that led to their current and everlasting distress. Inspecting the fatal decision and all of the justifications for making that decision allows the beings involved to let go of the decision and all subsequent results.

We can sum this up by saying, “If a being considers that life is unfair, he doesn’t understand the rules for that part of the universe. Once you understand the rules, you can leave the game or change the rules.”

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Free Workshop – Some Ways to Make Others Happy

1. Please read Try Making Others Happy before going on.
2. Refresh your memory on what Caring Communication is and what it does. Caring Communication is the exchange of information between living beings with the intent to help the other being achieve a higher state of existence.
3. Making the other person feel important is one way of making them happy. Cheerfully asking a person their name and introducing yourself will raise a person’s emotional tone level. In many cases, this is all that is needed to make a person happier then they were before.
4. Noticing something about the person and complimenting them on it can make a person happy.
5. Showing interest in a person will often make them happy.
6. Asking them what they do and acknowledging the importance of their work will often make people happy.
7. If you ask enough questions about them and their history to establish a reality on who they are and why they are important, you will remember them and they will remember you. This is not a mechanical activity. You must be interested in them and in learning about them for this to make them happy and to make you happy. Your intention is to determine if you can become friends and to engage in conversation until you have established enough common interests that you will attempt to remain friends.
8. This is not something you have to do with everyone you meet, only the people who you wish to be friends with. You do not have to do this all at once. A simple introduction to some one you will be seeing often like a cashier in a supermarket can be followed by expanded conversations each time you meet the person. It will not be long before the person will smile and become happy when you appear before them. Every transaction with this person will raise their tone level and yours as well.
9 If you can do this simple exercise with people you meet on a daily basis, you will soon be able to do this effortlessly with clients and people you do business with.
10. Once you learn how to make people happy and can do it without effort, you can learn to recognize when the person is resisting your efforts to make them happy and adjust your expectations of doing business accordingly.
11. People who resist your efforts to make them happy are not in good shape and they make poor business or life partners. Handling this kind of relationship will be the subject of the Sunday webinar.
We will be discussing and drilling ways to make people happy in this Saturday’s free workshop. Join me on Zoom at 12 noon using this link: .
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Trying To Make Others happy

During recent counseling sessions, I discovered an often ignored factor that can completely transform your relationships with clients and other people you deal with.

It is so powerful that, when followed, you will get repeat business and if you try to apply it and are repulsed by the person you are trying to help, you will know that your relationship with this person is essentially doomed.

This is such a powerful concept that it should become an axiom of some sort, except that I do not know how to phrase it right now.

You may think that you are providing a service to someone or are providing a product for someone, but you will only succeed IF YOU HAVE MADE THEM HAPPY BY DOING SO.

Take a look at your business or practice and notice the times you have made someone really happy with what you have provided.

How did you feel?

How did they feel?

Did they recommend you to others?

Did they come back for more services or products?

Now take a look at the times you worked very hard to please a client or customer and it did not make them happy.

Ask the same questions and the answers will be no or negative.

I think you will find that you are actually in the business of making people happy when you interact with them, and that happiness is the only real measuring stick to apply when deciding to work with them.

In other words, if you cannot make someone happy when you are first introduced to them, you should not be doing business with them.

There is an important truth that I learned from a master salesman, “Make friends and then do business.

Applying what I have recently learned from talking to spirits, if you cannot bring a person up to happiness when you are first introduced to them, your chances of making them happy with a commercial transaction is almost nonexistent.

You will be better off sending them to a competitor than trying to please them with your work or services. This is why bringing up what you have to offer and the price for your services early is so rational.

If you cannot make friends with your prospective client or customer, they will not be happy with anything you do for them. Quite frankly, working for someone like that will cost you time and money. Think of the bosses you have worked for who were not happy with you or what you did. You probably lost valuable time working for them and they never appreciated you or paid you what you were worth. I have years of experience to support this fact. I thought, like you, that good work would pull me through. If you cannot make someone happy with what you are doing, you are up against a spiritual problem that your hard work will not solve.

People have crippled themselves for life trying to make unhappy bosses, wives and customers pleased with their efforts, when the unhappy person’s state of mind was such that the efforts were invisible to them.

If you are in doubt, just ask these questions of the person who you are failing to please.
“What will make you happy with what I am doing?
“What do you consider to be a fitting reward for doing that?”

If you cannot ask the person these questions, you already know what their answers are.

One again for those who find this hard to grasp: If you cannot make a person happy when you first meet them, you have very little chance of success doing business with them.

Making a person happy to meet you only requires caring communication. If that doesn’t work on this person, find someone else to deal with.

I will be doing a workshop and a webinar on this topic this week because I think it is so important and so hard to grasp. There will be more details later.

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2006 Silverado 2WD Truck for Sale -SOLD 4-5-19

This Truck was sold to a great family in 3 days!
The internet is a wonderful place for doing business!
Thanks for your interest!

Lightly used extended cab Silverado is a pleasure to own and operate, but after 3 heart attacks, I can no longer use it for hauling materials as they are too heavy for me to handle. I am selling it to pay for medical expenses.

It was purchased from Harvey’s in Floyd, Va 3 years ago and has been maintained by them since then. The odometer reads 115162 miles and there are 3148 engine hours on this vehicle. There has been only one owner besides me and the vehicle has not been in any accidents. The interior is very clean and the exterior and truck bed is rust free.

Here are more pictures showing other views of the truck.








Make Chevrolet
Model Silverado 1500 Extended Cab
Year 2006
Milage 115162
Color Tan
Body Type TRUCK
Transmission  AUTOMATIC

Call me at 540-320-6852 for an appointment to see this truck.

David St Lawrence

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