Remote Perception Workshop – Tour Of Sacred Places

On January 24, 2021, at 12 noon, we are going to visit a few of the most famous sacred places on this planet and we will be revisiting an early procedure that produced more discoveries than any recent workshops.

See the details at

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Using Spiritual Rescue Technology to Handle the Problems of Life

Fear Of Closeness

One of the more challenging problems we all may face is the fear of closeness to a sexual or marital partner. This can cover a wide range of emotions from extreme shyness and distrust all the way up to the outright terror of being physically intimate with a sexual partner.

Conventional therapy focuses on what the person may have done to cause this behavior and in some cases, this approach works.

A more effective approach deals with your spiritual companions and their reactions to your attempts at physical intimacy. We start by locating the beings who are freaking out and handle the incidents that are still terrifying them.

Read two examples of how this fear is handled starting on page 97 of Using Spiritual Rescue Technology

You can get instant relief by letting me help you with an online session.

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Free Saturday Workshop 1-16-21 – Fear/Anger Management Lessons For 2021

This year’s events have already made some people afraid and have caused many more people to be very angry. If this happens to you, your ability to act rationally goes away, and your decision making goes awry. Political activity can cause many people to lose their ability to act rationally. They can become afraid or angry, and their reactions to events become extreme.

You, as a regular citizen, can become the effect of unwise decisions by your elected leaders. There have been a few unwise decisions already, and the year is still young. Rather than stew in impotent rage or shudder in fear, I would like to show you some tools you can use to remain calm in the face of adversity. 

As some of you already know, your reaction to events is more important than the events themselves. Understanding and managing your reactions is possible just by understanding and applying some SRT basics.

It has not been too many years since authorities in various countries have singled people out for special attention and imprisonment because of their political affiliation or race. The recent threats by Democrats in the USA to get Trump supporters fired from their jobs and to cancel their credit cards is a chilling reminder that the good old days are not that far behind us.

My intention in this workshop is to show you how to prepare for this sort of eventuality and how to desensitize yourself to threats so you can make rational decisions and defuse situations before they get serious. When you are adequately prepared, you will remain calm and make the best possible decisions with no serious after-effects.

Join me on Saturday, 1-16-21, at 12 noon EDT on Zoom using this link: 

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Trump and His Horde Of Unarmed Patriots Have Done the Unforgivable

They frightened Nancy Pelosi and other timid legislators by lounging around in the SACRED PRECINCTS of the US Capitol, carrying flags and wearing MAGA hats. You can see the terrifying scene here.

You can see their murderous intent by the pitchforks and torches they are carrying. No wonder our political leaders feared for their lives!

Let this be a lesson to those who would be patriots in the grand tradition of America. It’s OK to burn down cities and terrorize shopkeepers all across America, but don’t you dare frighten legislators by carrying away their sacred symbols of office like this podium being carried by this terrorist. Sheesh! I have seen more damage at a college fraternity party!

Of course, with our current crop of activist journalists, it’s easy to get camera angles of armpits and assholes to show the awful raping and pillaging that took place on that frightening night of insurrection that terrorized Nancy and her coven.

The lesson to be learned by this is quite profound. Your legal protest can be portrayed as an act of sedition and bring the might of the US Congress and Senate down on you if you frighten them. Burn cities and set police cars on fire and you will escape unharmed, but frighten a Congressman or Senator, and your life is toast.

Fear causes people to do strange things. Some of these Congress critters are still frightened. I watched some of them speaking during the impeachment proceedings yesterday, and their fear was still apparent. They want to expunge President Trump from history and all of those who supported him for these past four years.

Any day now, I expect Nancy to send the flying monkeys after us and our little dogs.**

** Reference to the Wizard of OZ


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