April 7, 2020 Shopping Report

We took advantage of the early opening hours at our local supermarket and we practiced safe shopping.

This particular Harris Teeter had toilet paper, paper towels and rubber gloves, so we scored big on the necessities of life for this season.

Approximately 80% of the people in the store were confidently wearing masks as though they had been wearing them for years. The people without masks did not look comfortable and I expect they will be in masks for their next shopping trip.

I know this epidemic has permanently changed our own attitudes toward personal protection in public places, and it may have lasting effects on our behavior in times of widespread infection.

I saw a lot of plain masks like we were wearing, but there were a small number of masks with eye-catching designs. I think we will be seeing more of these fashionable mask designs very soon.


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A useful graph for assessing the progress of Coronavirus Disease 2019

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Wuhan Corona Virus Deniers are self-canceling phenomena

Stay safe, wear gloves and a mask while shopping and avoid catching or spreading the virus.

Stay calm and get plenty of rest. You should be fine if you are not exposed.

Let me know if I can help. I am happy to chat with you online or through Messenger.

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Some Suggestions For Caring For A Sick Body

During this current virus pandemic, I suggest that everyone who has had success at spiritual healing in the past should use their abilities to heal friends and family if any illness occurs.

Heal only those who desire help and appreciate your help. Some people do not believe they can get well unless they were treated by a doctor with medical degrees. Make sure the person you want to help is willing to be helped.

Spiritual healing has a long and uncertain history because some people did not want to get well or did not believe they deserved to get well. Do not try to heal anyone who does not want your help. If someone feels their illness is a deserved punishment, you will have great difficulty healing them unless you uncover their earlier sins and get them to forgive themselves.

Spiritual healing includes all of those actions that increase a person’s life force. This does not occur in a hostile or unfriendly environment. If the person doing the healing uses caring communication and understands the role of intention on the healing process, the sick person has a good chance to get better.

Your greatest success will come from getting in communication with the illness and getting the person to understand what is occurring. Many things will be revealed and the person will usually be able to take enough responsibility for their condition that the illness will reduce.

If you are trying to heal another person with spiritual means and you are not having success, contact me and I will be glad to review what is occurring.

We need to support each other in this time of trouble

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