Rule #1 in starting your own business – revised and updated

Posted on August 2006, October 6, 2009, and December 30, 2021, by David St Lawrence

Prepare to change your lifestyle.

I have written so many articles about starting a business and striking off in new directions that I can’t believe I failed to mention one of the most basic rules of them all when it comes to starting your own business. This actually applies to startups of any size.

Rule #1 – Lower your cost of living to the point where you can pay for rent and food doing outside work while you struggle to generate enough income with your new business.

If you live in a comfortable suburban house and you bailed out or were ejected from the corporate mothership, don’t expect that you are going to develop a viable business in less than six months and a decent customer base in less than a year. Many people report that it takes two years or more to start generating decent cash flow.

During that time you will be laying out money for equipment and training and you will still have to pay the mortgage and all the other expenses for your lovely home. You will burn through your 401K and any savings faster than you can believe.

You need to completely restructure your living arrangements so that your cost of living can be covered during the startup period and for some time beyond.

This calls for a great deal of resolve and understanding by all members of the family. Life is not going to continue in the same old way.

Sell the Land Rover and the McMansion and look for a living and workspace that doesn’t leak too badly that you can buy for cash or on terms that result in a mortgage payment of a few hundred dollars a month. Buy a used van or pickup truck or a used car for cash.

Put enough money away to live on for six months and rethink your identity. You are starting over and you are no longer a senior manager of anything. You need to get busy and learn your new trade in a big hurry.

Take classes at a good craft school. Learn the ropes by working as an apprentice if you can. If your significant other is not engaged in learning a craft, she or he should find work that provides enough income that your bank balance does not dwindle.

Make everyone part of the new solution. Ideally, your new venture should provide work for all members of the family, but if the teenagers aren’t interested in helping with your new venture, they need to find employment and an educational path that fits your new circumstances.

You don’t have to follow this advice of course, because you can always search for another corporate berth instead of risking everything on your own business acumen.

However, you will probably have to sell the house and the Land Rover anyway if you are over fifty because it may take you a year to find a new job and it will pay less than your last job.

This may sound unduly grim, but it has been done by tens of thousands of people and they have emerged from the experience stronger and more self-reliant than ever before. The freedom that comes from managing your own destiny more than makes up for the temporary hardships of starting your

own business.

Find any successful small business owner, craftsperson, or artist and ask how they lived until they became successful and you will hear a story much as I have described here.

Talk to business owners who quit after a short, unsuccessful attempt at starting a career and you will find that they ran out of money before they could become self-supporting.

You will also find that their lifestyle had a lot of creature comforts that did nothing to advance their careers.

Whether this change in life is a forced decision or a free choice, changing your lifestyle and cutting your costs to the bone will give you the best chance of a successful transition.

If you have gotten this far, it has probably occurred to you that this same advice applies if you are embarking on a career in any new field.

Your lifestyle has to be leaner and meaner than you ever imagined if you are to succeed. 

Wishing you the very best.

( I wrote the original post in August 2006 and am still encountering people who envision launching new businesses which will provide seamless continuity of their comfortable suburban lives. Get over it. Startups are the most exciting adventure I can conceive of, but they involve drastic changes to your lifestyle. As we prepare to enter the year 2022, this advice still applies. The world still needs your innovative solutions. You will only be around to provide them if you apply Rule #1.)

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Linking Up For Mutual Support – Choose Your Group Carefully

Something interesting is happening among those of us who communicate with spirits on a daily basis. I find we are coming to different conclusions on areas we are investigating. As we make our interests and intentions known, there are definite currents within the greater group of people who are interested in spiritual phenomena.

Choose the group that is going in your chosen direction

Just as migrating birds head toward different destinations, it has become apparent that we are not all part of the same flock, but there is a growing recognition of those who are heading in the same direction as we are.

The spiritual realm is so vast that none of us can comprehend its magnitude at this point but that has not stopped us from examining it in as much detail as we can from our different viewpoints. Like the legendary blind men examining an elephant, we see the aspects of the spirit realm that we are are able to make contact with.

Some of us are looking for confirmation of our religious viewpoints and, lo and behold, we find evidence of God and Angelic hosts. Others search for demonic activity and they find such an abundance of this that they shun all other aspects of spiritual research.

There are huge organizations that have unique perspectives on the arrangement of spiritual matters and how these can be taken advantage of to promote well-being and prosperity. They have even codified the manner in which one approaches the spiritual realm and how one addresses spirits and what manner of dress and behavior is appropriate for a spiritual experience.

Those of us who communicate with spirits every day owe a debt of gratitude to those who have researched the spiritual realms even though those pioneers have reached different conclusions. The tens of thousands of hours of research and prayer and the many conclusions that have been reached on spiritual phenomena over the last 10,000 years can be easily checked out for applicability by asking spirits for guidance.

When we simply ask spirits for information in a caring way, we see daily affirmation of the validity of the Akashic records and of various legends that have been passed down for thousands of years. Our processes are easily replicated because they are simple and produce reliable results.

We, who are learning to deal with matters far beyond the five human senses, are experiencing daily increases in awareness and knowledge as long as we continue to respect life forces in all of their forms and continue to communicate in a caring way with all of life. We are continually being exposed to new and unknown aspects of the spiritual realms and there appears to be no limit on what we can discover.

This can be troubling for those who are studying the spirit world to confirm their beliefs. I have seen many people get involved in a spiritual search for truth and have early successes in relieving themselves of worries and fears that have plagued them for years, only to depart hastily when it appears that the spirit world does not end when they have learned to communicate with departed family members and past life acquaintances.

When they learn that they are being influenced and controlled by the vast clouds of spiritual beings surrounding them on this planet, this tends to exceed their realities and they retreat to the safety of known unknowns that are taught in churches and other religious organizations. For example, most religions agree that you are a spirit of some sort, but want to separate the soul from the spirit as being something different. They also resist the idea that chickens have souls, as do cockroaches and flowers. Most religions feel that humans have souls and our pets do not. These religions have also constructed many different versions of the afterlife and rules for entering each of them.

Spiritual Rescue Technology, as described in my books, here and here, bypasses these belief systems and encourages you to talk to your spiritual companions every day and to use the data they can provide to you from their long existence as immortal beings. We also encourage you to recruit helpful spirits to assist you in your daily chores and projects. As an author who works with helpful spirits every day, I know that as long as I am working on interesting projects, I will never lack support or new ideas.

Those who have gotten gains from studying the spiritual realms and are content to stop at a level that feels comfortable, should not feel pressured to expand beyond that comfort level. They should never be made to feel that their beliefs are incomplete or deficient in any way. They may feel totally comfortable dealing with guardian angels and spirit guides and that gives them an advantage over those who have neither.

If you are willing to continually expand your knowledge of spiritual matters, you should feel free to seek out those who are pushing the boundaries in the direction you wish to go. Your participation in a group that provides mutual support will increase the probability of your finding the information you want to know.

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There is a real barrier to sharing your insights on achieving spiritual freedom and greater personal power. You can fail to realize that your new realities are so foreign to your family and friends that they will feel you have lost your mind. They may ostracize you or have you committed to an institution for your own good.

People seek spiritual enlightenment for a variety of reasons: They are under constant stress; they are not appreciated; no one seems to listen to them; there are insurmountable barriers to achieving what they want; the list goes on and on.

They finally find a spiritual path or it finds them and things begin to change for them. They may achieve new insights or gain confidence in themselves or perhaps they are exposed to information that changes the way they look at life.

At some point, they will begin to share their new insights or experiences with others and this is where many people have run into a barrier so shocking that they may even stop reaching for enlightenment.

This phenomenon can happen whenever a new person discovers truths that have never been part of his life before. He may be so delighted with his new insights that he wants to share them with everyone. What he doesn’t realize is that if this new data were new to him, it will probably be new to his family and friends and may be so outrageous that it will shock them.

They fail to realize that their new reality could be so shocking to their friends and family that sharing it can cause a permanent upset with these formerly intimate friends and family.

The new reality can be as simple as discovering they can create their future through sheer intention, or it may be the fact that they discover that they have lived before in many different lifetimes. Some people discover that we are not alone and share our lives with spiritual companions. They have made their discovery through counseling or study and have usually come to grips with the implications of their discovery over a fairly long period of time.

When they try to share these discoveries with trusted friends and family members without the preliminary steps of providing enough background information, they will usually shock the hell out of their friends and family and this may damage a relationship so that it takes years to repair.

At the very least, the family will feel you have lost your mind and in extreme cases will insist you get counseling from an accredited professional. In the very worst cases, the person in possession of these shocking new truths will be committed to an institution so they do not infect others.

If you have embarked on a voyage of discovery, PLEASE REALIZE that the rest of your friends and family are not aboard yet. You went through a time of testing and experimentation before committing yourself to this course of enlightenment. Do not expect that your friends and family will instantly grasp the significance of your discoveries. It may take a long time or they may never seek to understand what you are doing.

You have to decide before you start whether you are learning these spiritual truths to become a better and stronger person or whether you are doing it only if your family approves of it.

If you need the approval of your family or friends to discover new truths, you are better off doing what you have always done and that is to listen to them and follow their orders.

If you are committed to learning something new, accept only that which feels right to you and make sure you understand what you hear or read. You should be achieving increased certainty as you proceed. If you encounter material that shakes your certainty, do not go further until you have resolved the issue that reduces your certainty.

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It’s Time To Get Real With Telepathy

Definition of getting real: Casting aside all of the misconceptions about telepathy.

Telepathy is the direct exchange of thoughts, You can pick up these thoughts from another being when you are in tune with that being. If you are receiving thoughts from other beings and claiming these thoughts are your own, you are setting yourself up for a confusing life. 

Let’s take a simple example and see if you can tell whether you are picking up thoughts from another being or inventing your own. Sit with your eyes close for several minutes and notice what is going on. Usually, things will quiet down for a while and then ideas and images will appear and disappear at random.

If you acknowledge the presence of a random idea as the product of another being, take notice of what happens. Usually, there is a burst of amusement or relief and the idea vanishes. If the idea is a coherent thought that aligns with something you are trying to do, there is an instant recognition of another life force at work and the feeling is pleasurable.

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we started out by treating negative thoughts as the product of a spiritual being and sought to find the reason for these thoughts. Using caring communication, which is communication designed to raise the awareness of a being, we found that discarnate spiritual beings were often quite happy to communicate all sorts of information. They would tell us how long they had been without a body, what had happened that they decided not to have a body, and many different details about their last lifetime.

By opening communication with these beings, we were able to raise their awareness to the point that some would often decide to start a new life in a new body of their own choosing. There were many beings who were not up to running their own bodies and they would choose to exist as free spirits or ride shotgun with someone who was running a body. Riding shotgun refers to the practice of sitting alongside the driver in a moving vehicle. The phrase has been used to mean giving actual or figurative support or aid to someone in a situation.

From my observations, I would estimate that there are dozens of beings riding shotgun with every being running and animating a body. Each of these beings can be giving advice and directions to the being who thinks he is running the body. Each of you readers are receiving a constant stream of telepathic messages about what you are doing, what you are seeing, and what to do next.

If you take responsibility for managing these beings and their streams of data, you are capable of great things. You are like the conductor of an orchestra who controls the production of music. You don’t play an instrument, you get others to produce the effects you wish to create. When this happens, you are telepathically connected to the spirits making up your composite personality.

Those who deny the possibility that telepathy exists have created an unsolvable problem for themselves. They end up with all sorts of thoughts and behavior patterns they cannot easily control. If you have a tendency to lie or to fly off the handle at insults, you have no fast way of correcting these behaviors. You just have to “do your best” and try to avoid doing antisocial things. If you find yourself doing activities that are not aligned with your goals and purposes, you are being controlled by these beings and you will not be able to resist them until you recognize they exist. 

When you see a loving husband who thinks of himself as a good family man pursuing an attractive woman for purposes unmentionable, you are seeing these beings at work. He will switch from husband mode to bachelor on the prowl without realizing he has lost control of himself and his life. I have experienced this phenomenon personally and have helped clients who experienced the same. When it occurs, it is as though someone else has taken over their personality and that is exactly what has happened. 

Recognizing thoughts that are not yours is the first step in taking control of your life. Learning to communicate with these spirits in a caring way is the next step in managing your spiritual existence. Studying Spiritual Rescue Technology and using its processes to manage your spiritual companions can bring you to the point where you are in control of your spiritual life and can recruit spirits to assist you as needed.

When I am talking to someone and I bring up a matter that pushes their buttons, I get an immediate reaction from the beings surrounding them. Quite often, this reaction is not from the person and is only from the beings who have been triggered. I can ask a person, “How would you like to have your own business?” and will get a negative reaction. I can get the same reaction if I ask, “What would happen if you could double your income?” In each case, there is a positive reaction from the person and a fearful reaction from the beings accompanying the person. Using telepathy and Spiritual Rescue Technology I can find the reason the beings are fearful and am able to restore their free will. At that point, they are free to leave or to help the person who is running the body.

I can get a person to channel telepathic communication quite easily if they are willing to do so. Getting them to recognize telepathic communication and to originate responses on their own is more difficult. Discussing telepathy with someone who has been trained to fear spirits and all things spiritual is a waste of time for you and will probably cause them to become hostile if you continue. I have total certainty on this and recommend you associate with people whose interests align with your own.

If you use your telepathic ability instead of ignoring it, you will sense when someone is responsive to your ideas and you will also become aware if others have beings surrounding them who are controlling them and are hostile to you. Associate with the first group and politely avoid the second group and your life will be much happier. 

Eventually you will learn that you can communicate with any living thing and your awareness will expand to embrace more of the world than you ever expected.

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