I am a simple spiritual counselor who can teach you to talk to any spirits you choose to befriend. I do not favor or oppose any peaceful religion.

Most religions have trained people who will intercede with their god on your behalf. My connection to the spiritual realm is direct and not through intermediaries. As a result, I have first-hand experience with spirits of all kinds, both helpful and unhelpful.

Some distant family members have decided that I am evil incarnate because I do not believe in their particular religion, which is managed to some degree by pedophiles. My lack of respect for their choice of religion comes from the fact that I have had to counsel former altar boys who were still emotionally scarred by their experiences behind the altar.

All religions have good and bad points since they are run by men and women of faith who feel that their way is the right way to live and their particular god is the only one who matters. You should feel free to choose the religion that seems right for you.

I developed a spiritual technology to rescue immortal spirits from the incidents they were stuck in as a result of mistakes they made while trying to resolve confusions. I discovered these troubled spirits while attempting to counsel clients whose issues did not resolve by regular means. The counseling addressed problems the client could see, but could not seem to resolve. The reason was that the client was feeling the troubled spirit’s emotions and problems and thought they were his own.

Our Spiritual Rescue Technology is a tool to help us work with spirits and set them free. There is no belief required and no prayers. We use caring communication and set any troubled spirits free from the trap they have gotten themselves into. Those moments of release are pure joy and everyone involved in the release shares in it.

In 44 years of working with spirits, I have encountered many spirits who loom large in the history of this planet, but have not yet encountered any of the figures mentioned in the various versions of the bible or other holy books.

The spiritual universe is immense and from our findings, controls all of the activity in the material universe. Everything you see and touch in this physical universe is the result of intention, which is a spiritual activity.

You are welcome to discover the beauty and wonders of the spiritual universe. There are many paths of discovery. Spiritual Rescue Technology is just one of them.

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How is the Navajo ceremony Enemy Way like Spiritual Rescue Technology?

Norman little produced a video that you really need to see. The title is: How is the Navajo ceremony Enemy Way like Spiritual Rescue Technology?

He explains what the Navajo healers developed to handled injured and handicapped warriors returning from the battlefields and how it relates to Spiritual Rescue Technology. His explanation and the graphics he uses are a powerful presentation of how troubled spirits can affect us

Norman is one of the most articulate practitioners of spiritual rescue technology I know. His understanding of the power of SRT is even more remarkable because he is entirely self-taught. We have corresponded, but I have never had the privilege of speaking to him directly. His work validates the purpose of SRT in that we are continually communicating with spirits and learning more about the spiritual universe every day. I will be posting links to this video on our other websites,

His diagrams in this video capture the simplicity of what happens when we use caring communication on troubled spiritual beings. What he has not covered, because we had not discovered it at the time, is that spirits are glad to help us in our daily lives if we ask them to do so and give them a role to play. This action multiplies your individual effort with the coordinated intentions of the spirits who accompany you through life.

I left a comment on his YouTube channel that if the viewer experiences persistent troubles in life that medicine and hard work have not handled, I strongly suggest that the viewers take advantage of Norman Little’s offer of a free session.

If anyone wishes to learn more about Spiritual Rescue Technology, they can visit us on Facebook at


or on our other site: https://caring-communication.com/SRTHOME/

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We are besieged by scary reports demanding our attention and if we do not learn to address them properly, we can be overwhelmed like sheep in a thunderstorm.

The real facts of the COVID-19 epidemic we are experiencing are unclear and so is the magnitude of the damage. People are getting sick and some are dying and some are recovering, but the numbers in each category are hard to ascertain.

Our leaders are divided in which remedy to follow and we see excesses of control and lack of control on all sides. Some are assigning blame to those who anticipated the epidemic and others blame those who seek to control it.

We do see that the mainstream media seems to be reporting news in the most opinionated way possible because it is almost impossible to find a positive report of any kind to give balance to the bad news. For example, I saw a recent headline screaming that NYC was burying bodies in mass graves on Hart Island complete with pictures of coffins stacked 4 deep in rows in the pit. The implication was that the graveyards were full and every COVID-19 victim was being buried in a mass grave.

This is horrifying unless you know pauper’s burials have been going on for years when people die without money or relatives to claim them. The “normal rate” of pauper’s burials in mass graves is 25 bodies a week. During this COVID-19 epidemic, the rate is much higher.

So, if you can’t ignore the scary news, take the time to see if it is true or not. Your best course of action is to protect yourself from infection and to communicate with your spiritual companions to keep yourself centered and sane.

Worrying about things you cannot change will cause you to lose control and will also affect your health. Here are some things you can control and guarantee that you will stay as healthy and sane as possible.

  1. Practice social isolation until the epidemic is over. (shelter in place)
  2. Wear masks and gloves and other protective gear when you go out to shop for food and necessities.
  3. Do not go in office buildings or any buildings where a lot of people gather.
  4. Stay a safe distance from everyone you see outside your home.
  5. Do not read or watch pandemic news for entertainment
  6. Pay attention to your life force levels and make sure you are eating and sleeping properly
  7. Try to stay centered and make sure you do not get overwhelmed by the events in your life.
  8. Find a way to help others without exposing yourself to infection

I will be holding a free workshop Saturday 4-11-2020 at 12 noon to explore the actions which will help us thrive during this time as well as stay healthy and sane. Use this link and password: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444 please use this password: 756674


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April 7, 2020 Shopping Report

We took advantage of the early opening hours at our local supermarket and we practiced safe shopping.

This particular Harris Teeter had toilet paper, paper towels and rubber gloves, so we scored big on the necessities of life for this season.

Approximately 80% of the people in the store were confidently wearing masks as though they had been wearing them for years. The people without masks did not look comfortable and I expect they will be in masks for their next shopping trip.

I know this epidemic has permanently changed our own attitudes toward personal protection in public places, and it may have lasting effects on our behavior in times of widespread infection.

I saw a lot of plain masks like we were wearing, but there were a small number of masks with eye-catching designs. I think we will be seeing more of these fashionable mask designs very soon.


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