We Can Use Some Help in Applying Spiritual Rescue Technology to Life

We are rapidly approaching the point where we can do almost anything with this technology that we can envision, if there are sufficient resources available to carry them out.

On the other hand, I am almost to my limit as far as physical universe resources are concerned, even with the help of my spiritual teammates.

I do not wish to become a choke point for the expansion of Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) and I feel that the most exciting way to expand SRT from here on out is to get all of you SRT students to specialize in applying SRT to your particular field of endeavor. We want all of you to make your name as an expert and as a specialist in applying SRT to a given area of life.

This would expand the reach of SRT enormously and would give you ownership of any of the following areas you might choose. I do realize that some of you are reasonably good in some of these areas already. What would happen if you really applied yourself and mastered the ability?

Notable psychic abilities – This is a partial list. Go to this link for a complete list and descriptions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_psychic_abilities

I would like to add some of my own areas of interest that we know can be controlled by spiritual means.

Personal Enhancement
Wealth Generation
Physical Therapy
Talent Enhancement and Modification
Personality Modification on Demand
Performance Modification for Athletes and Performers
Medium Training
Weather Forecasting
Physical Universe Constraint Modification
Sexual Counseling
Plant Growth Research
Crop Management
Animal Husbandry
Animal Healing

For those of you who are interested, we will be taking this topic up in the next SRT webinar and Talking to Spirits workshop and see where we can go with it.

David St Lawrence

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Talking to Spirits workshop Thursday July 20th, 2017

The Talking to Spirits Workshop in Floyd was fairly busy today. We completed a spiritual healing session, rescued two beings and lifted a curse. We also connected several other people to spirits wanting to communicate with them.

The healing session allowed all participants to play a part. By focusing their attention on the area of difficulty it woke up the beings involved and made the session run much faster than usual. This session provided valuable information for anyone receiving body parts from a donor. A donated body part can be accompanied by spirits who still have attention on protecting the body part. This can cause problems for the spirits who are trying to heal the body receiving the donated material. Getting in good communication with the “guardians” allowed them to see that there were other beings ready to take responsibility for the transplanted body part and they realized they could go on and create new lives for themselves.

Rescuing beings from incidents they were still trapped in is a regular part of spiritual counseling, however we had the opportunity to help a being attached to someone’s step grandchild. This ability to reach out and contact a being attached to a person who was not even in the workshop opens the door to all kinds of remote spiritual healing. What it means is that a person afflicted by a spirit can be helped by others who are not even present! This form of remote spiritual healing has enormous applicability because it means that someone trained in Spiritual Rescue Technology, which we will be teaching in the workshops, can heal and bring sanity to all members of their extended family and families of friends.

Next week we will do more of the same and will start working with beings who are helping us.

There are still 6 openings for next weeks workshop on Thursday, July 27th at 2:00pm.

For more information about the workshops and what will be covered see: http://makingripples.com/?p=1901

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Talking To Spirits Workshops Open The Door To Enhanced Abilities

I am holding Talking to Spirits Workshops every Thursday afternoon at 2pm at my studio in Floyd. Attendance is limited to 8 people or less so that everyone gets an opportunity to experience spiritual communication with the spiritual being of their choice. Reservations are required.

We will also be discussing more advanced spiritual activities as shown on the graph below.

For reservations to the workshop, send me an email at  srtcounseling@gmail.com. You can also call or message me at 540-320-6852

If you have not attended the workshop before, I will send you directions and a map so you can find it easily.

Starting on July 27, there will be a $15 fee for participation in a workshop. At that point we will be taking up the more advanced aspects of what happens when you learn to talk with spirits. This is what is outlined in the diagram above.

For more information about how you can get help from spirits, you can follow some of these links.





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How Do You Know When A Spirit Is Telling The Truth?

In our last webinar, someone asked this reasonable question and I did not give the answer enough importance.

After very little SRT processing, you know when a being lying or is uncertain, and it has to do with the beings emotional tone level and the tone level of the beings he associates with. A being that is enthusiastic and is cheerfully communicating with you has his attention in present time and his answers will generally relate to the questions you are asking him.

When a being in or out of a body is not in present time, his attention is fixated on events that took place a long time ago and these events still influence his thinking and his ability to recognize the truth. The truth can be described as “what is”. A person or being who has attention on some past event does not duplicate what is going on around him. He sees every action as a replay of some former action and his perception is confused to the extent that he sees things that are not here because they happened a long time ago and he is still stuck in some aspect of this earlier event.

In summary, a being who is cheerfully in present time is far more truthful than someone who is still acting out some drama from a long time ago.

If you have not had any SRT processing, the majority of your spiritual companions are still stuck in past events and your ability to see what is actually happening before your eyes is minimal. This is why eye witness accounts vary to such a degree if the activity has any emotional impact.

What this means is that those who pray to unseen gods or unseen entities may be taking their lives in their hands. They ask for guidance and the beings offering up the advice are reading right out of their past histories.

More than once, I have encountered beings who committed suicide as a solution to their sufferings. These beings typically suggest suicide to their hosts as a solution to any difficult or embarrassing problems. If you have ever thought idly about ending it all to relieve yourself of your current difficulties, you probably have one of these beings who used suicide as the easy way out of an insolvable problem.

If you have spent time talking to your spiritual companions and have handled those who are troubled or confused, the ones you have left are more likely to be helpful and able to provide good advice that applies to your current situations.

Daily solo sessions will give you a better idea of how your spiritual companions are doing and will result in advice that can be relied on. Happy entities who have their attention on the present moment will be able to give you guidance that produces good results. Recognizing who your helpful companions are and acknowledging them for their help will result in an increasing flow of helpful information.

David St Lawrence

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