Let’s Talk About The Law of Attraction

There is a positive side to the law and there is an equally powerful negative side to the law. If you have studied Spiritual Rescue Technology, you will understand the underlying forces which make the law work the way it does.

The Law of Attraction defines your ability to attract, into your life, what you focus on. 

Whatever you can imagine is achievable, if you take action on a plan to get to where 

you want to be. The true definition of the Law of Attraction is like attracts like. 

Whatever you give your emotional energy and attention to, is what will come back to you.

If you focus on negative thoughts and bad outcomes then you will attract them. If you focus on positive thoughts, have goals, and have a plan, then this is what you will manifest.

This is the principle of “like attracts like”: Thoughts of abundance and well-being lead to good outcomes, while thoughts of lack and sickness lead to bad outcomes. 

This is a true statement of the law and I am going to show you what underlies this law so you can make the law work for you as a tool rather than as a warning. We are immortal spirits operating human bodies while surrounded by many other disembodied spirits who are able to affect us with their emotions and their intentions. When a body dies, the beings animating it have to find another body to animate so at any given time there are many spirits between lives, if you are willing to define life as being in a body of some sort. Some of these beings are talented and are able to help you, while others can be downhearted and are of little help to anyone.

Spirits are attracted to other spirits of similar emotions and energy levels. This is true whether the spirits are animating bodies or just floating free. When you are happy and focused on creating something, you are very attractive to spirits who are into creation. As you continue to create, there is a synergy created that increases your ability to develop your ideas and make them manifest in the physical universe. Other beings are aligning with your intention and the combined intention makes it easier to get the result you are looking for. If you stay focused and do not let yourself get distracted, you attract more and more spirits who are drawn to your project and begin to contribute ideas and helpful intentions.

If you find you are still getting distracted and are wise enough to recognize that the distractions are spiritual and not accidental, you will be able to focus on the source of these counter intentions and get them to leave using SRT processes. Essentially, you get in communication with the beings who are being disruptive and find out what is bothering them and help them address it, and get them to leave or have them begin assisting you. Beings are usually helpful unless you are doing something that reminds them of upsetting events of the past. When you get them to spot the old incident and handle the reason they are still stuck in it, they quiet down and either leave in relief or decide to help you.

The Law of Attraction gives you a workable way to plan your future. If you want to be happy and successful, you do not want to harbor vicious thoughts, make others wrong, or sulk about the many things that are going wrong for you. You need to find something you can be positive about and do what is possible to make it better. 

If this sounds impossible, let me give you an example from life:

You have just been fired after years of loyal service and were given no notice. They did not even give you a termination interview or final email. You found out because your corporate login was canceled and you can no longer access the company website or your work in progress. You look on Facebook and you see that you are one of many thousands of employees who were fired this morning.

You have several options at this point. You can commiserate with your fellow ex-employees and plot revenge upon the heartless people who employed you, or you can look for a company that offers a better future for you.

If you immediately take the positive course of action, you will contact the state unemployment office and see what benefits you can receive and for how long. This will give you a window for selecting a new company and getting hired. As soon as you take positive action you will discover that your state probably has free job training sessions where they educate you on current opportunities and interview methods and you get to practice handling interviews with HR people.

While you are doing this, you research the websites with job opportunities and you get familiar with sites like Glassdoor.com where current and former employees anonymously review companies. You also connect with people you respect in your industry and find out where the current opportunities are. During all of this activity, you should also take a look at what your ideal scene would be if you could choose the opportunity which would utilize your talents and be a place you would get job satisfaction. There may come a time when you realize that it is time to put your talents to work in a company that you run by yourself.

If you have taken the positive route, you will find that you have been coming up with new ideas from spirits who want to help you and you will be able to spot negative ideas from downhearted spirits and get rid of them with solo SRT sessions. If you are not up to running SRT sessions on yourself, you can contact me or someone who uses SRT and is willing to help you out. There are more SRT users every week so you are not alone in the world.

There are plenty of spirits who like the adventure of helping someone get hired. It can be an exciting time of life and the payoff is incredible in terms of new opportunities and new friendships. If you put your attention on finding ways to get hired by the company you want to work for, you will find that your mood stays positive and you will keep getting new ideas on places to contact and jobs that you might want to do. Your positivity will attract spirits who want to play that game and you may find that this period will be one of the happier times of your life when you look back on it.

If you find that you absolutely cannot get into a positive frame of mind, you need to see a spiritual counselor or me and get help because there will be something that you are not able to confront that is keeping you from getting on with life as you should. It will not be obvious or you would have probably dealt with it. Getting help for things you cannot handle is good sense and will change your life if you can find a counselor you can work with.

Get yourself in shape where you can easily attract good fortune and avoid being depressed and unhappy. A good counselor can help you focus on a positive course in life and set you up to attract good fortune rather than a disaster.

Once you have done this for yourself, you will be able to help others who aren’t using the law of attraction to bring success to their lives.

There is one more factor that emphasizes the power of the Law of Attraction. If you are sulking about the way the world is treating you, you are being a victim and are attracting spirits of a similar nature. You have made yourself into a great big mass of victimhood and you will not be popular in any group because you will poison any group you try to become part of. The negative energy of the victim spirits you are attracting will go everywhere with you like a bad smell.

If you are trying to look on the bright side of every situation, you will attract spirits who are aligned with that point of view and you will project hope and resourcefulness everywhere you go. These spirits will work to assist you and their attitude will project itself onto all of the people you meet. Your presence will encourage others to do better in life and you will be welcome wherever you go. The positive influence of your cheerful spirits will make others want to help you and become your allies. This will help you become successful in every endeavor you undertake.

Go and attract good fortune. It is easier than you may think.

As a final test, to see if you were paying attention, if you were hiring help, which of these people would you be likely to hire, based on what they are attracting?

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Let’s Talk About Your Life Force

Life Force is an energy that exists in all living things and in things that are not considered to be alive. It is the force that every spirit emanates whether it is animating a body or not. Your life force varies even though you are an immortal being and this variation seems to be affected by your considerations more than anything else.

Life Force Patterns

Outside influences can affect your life force, but it is you who decides whether to prevail against adversity or succumb. You decide whether to increase your life force and share it with others through admiration or attention and you also decide to retreat from a threatening and hostile situation and minimize your life force. You are an immortal being and cannot be killed, but you can pretend to be dead in the face of overwhelming force and hide out in many places you might not expect. This is why you will encounter spirits in cemeteries, sacred places, and in crystals.

Those of you who have encountered healing crystals have been in the presence of spirits who have decided to be in a safe environment where they can be admired. It is the presence of a spiritual life force that gives these crystals their power. If you choose to communicate with these spirits using your SRT knowledge, you will experience some amazing effects. Sonali Saujani, a crystal master healer says that. “Crystals are minerals that hold energy, and as we as humans are made up of energy, we can exchange energy with the crystal when we work with it.” I once picked up a black tourmaline crystal and thousands of grateful beings exploded out of the crystal giving me the thrill of a lifetime! It made me cautious about ever touching healing crystals again because the crystal went inert when the beings left it.

You have life force to spare and can share it with others if you choose. When you do this, the others benefit and so do you. When you admire someone or some being, you are sharing your life force with that person or being and it makes them happier. When you reach out with your attention and place it on a person or being, they can feel your attention and it forms a recognition of their existence. It adds to their life force and they feel better. Look around you and admire someone and see if it does not brighten them up. This works on people and animals and even plants. If you want to live in a safe and happy environment, find things to admire. You will be amazed at what this does over time.

On the other hand, when you reach out in a hostile or antagonistic fashion, the other person or being feels attacked and their life force is diminished. They will return your attack and you both will suffer a diminution of your life forces. This why living with people you care for will give you a long and healthy life. Living with people you hate will diminish the life force of everyone involved.

Life force has many components, one of which is Attention. When a person’s attention is fixed on something, it reduces the life force that person can bring to bear on someone else. The person appears to be less alive because their attention is focused elsewhere and is not available to focus on events in present time. If a person or being has experienced incidents that have overwhelmed and damaged them, they will still have attention on that incident because some of their life force is still fixed on that incident. Since we are immortal, how long do you think someone can have attention fixed on some past disaster?

You will encounter beings that are still fixated on some spaceship crash that occurred in some galaxy far, far away in time and distance. You will even encounter beings who are stuck in some betrayal that occurred before the Earth was created. Their confusion and terror may be on hold, but if they are presented with a situation that reminds them of the past betrayal or disaster, they can start reliving that old incident in present time. These moments of past pain and unconsciousness can be approached with past life regression and other spiritual practices like Scientology, but they are so unbelievable that most practitioners may feel they are imaginary. They are not. Immortal beings like you and me have unbelievably long memories, even if we try our best to forget them.

Since you have lived for unimaginable lengths of time, how many disasters do you think you might have experienced? How many times have we died, not peacefully in bed with friends around us, but during an explosion that left us unconscious for thousands of years? The answer, unfortunately, is an astronomical number of times when we lost our memories but still have attention stuck on those times of woe. Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) provides us with the tools to recover these memories and take our attention off those incidents which hold some of our life force captive.

Every time you contact one of these ancient disasters and handle your fixation on them with SRT, you regain life force that has been tied up almost since time began. After you have done this for some time, you will begin to realize why godlike beings are no longer running around and saving people. They, like you, have most of their life force tied up in regrettable incidents and are operating on a tiny fraction of the life force they used to command. Every SRT session I run, either as a solo session or with my clients, makes us more alive at the end of the session.

That is why I urge my clients to do solo sessions every day and handle the incidents that their spiritual companions bring up for review. SRT does not require you to get sessions from me to free yourself from ancient mistakes and moments of disaster. You can figure it out by reading my book and my daily articles. You can get a running start with sessions from me, but your greatest gains will come from daily solo sessions to handle the incidents that you and your spiritual companions are still stuck in.

If you want to permanently increase your life force, learn and use Spiritual Rescue Technology and do your best to share your life force with others so they will have a chance to enjoy their immortality. You have a lot of future ahead, wouldn’t you like it to be a happy one?

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How Would You Know If You Were A Walk-In?

Walk-ins are spiritual beings that take over an unconscious body and animate it, allowing the body to continue functioning. They can enter a person’s body in several ways – in an operation when the spirit animating the body leaves due to fear or pain, after an accident where the shock is too much for the spirit to bear, or even when a person is close to death and their spirit is ready to pass on.

Walk-Ins Happen When You Least Expect

This is not necessarily an evil action; in fact, it is often done as a way of taking over the body and keeping it alive after the original spirit has left due to shock from physical trauma or overwhelming pain. The spiritual being who has taken over the body may not have the memories of the original owner and will spend some time trying to get information on his new name and all of the family details he should know so he can fit in without raising suspicion. Since the walk-in usually occurs after a major trauma, the new spirit can easily claim amnesia as the reason he cannot remember his name or other important details.

Generally, the signs that may indicate someone is a walk-in are often subtle and not always immediately noticeable. The walk-in may not even realize that he is new to the body and has shut off all memory of previous existence in his desire to fit into his new role. This is the same phenomenon that occurs when a spirit picks up a baby body when the spirit shuts down all past life memory in order to get a fresh start as a new individual. The walk-in is more concerned with fitting into his new role than revealing his presence and past history. Most of the walk-ins I have met had no idea of their former existence or of the fact that they were not the original owner of the body. Family members are usually more likely to notice the changed personality and behavior of the walk-in but rarely mention it because the walk-in usually tries to fit in as soon as possible. Kids, however, are more likely to mention that Uncle Fred doesn’t seem like the same person anymore while parents are trying to pretend everything is like it was before.

For example, a person who is a recent walk-in may suddenly display drastic changes in their taste in music or art, sudden shifts in their mannerisms, or a desire to engage in activities that they had never previously had an interest in before. They may also display sudden changes in their sense of self or identity; so that their families may feel there is something “off” about the way they interact with others and even about the way they think about themselves. In terms of behavior, someone who is a walk-in may suddenly display increased energy levels, less patience, an increased desire to travel and explore unfamiliar places, or an eagerness to learn about different cultures and customs.

I have met a few walk-ins during my counseling career and almost all of them did not realize they were walk-ins until I asked them specific questions related to an accident they had or a severe illness that caused them to be hospitalized. They would recognize that there had been a change in their relationship with their families after the incident which had caused them to be unconscious, but there was generally no idea that there had been a change in the spiritual management of the body.

I did not discover that I had been a walk-in myself until 30 years later when I was getting some spiritual counseling. Looking back, the only thing I remember was my father gently scolding me after I argued with my mother. He said, “You know, you never used to ask so many questions when she told you what to do!” Until I walked in, the previous owner, who is still with us, was an obedient little boy who always did what his mother asked. My arrival changed that forever.

Being a walk-in is probably more common than anyone suspects, because spirits doing a walk-in tend to bury that memory, just as spirits bury the memory of picking up a baby body and blanking out their past lives. The only difference between a walk-in and having a spirit take control of you and make you act in ways you did not expect is that the walk-in is permanent and losing control to a spiritual companion is usually a temporary activity. The reaction you get when you push a person’s emotional buttons is an example of a spirit taking control of a person and acting to defend itself.

As more and more people begin communicating with their spiritual companions in SRT solo sessions or counselor-aided sessions, we will learn more about the role that spirits play in our daily lives. We already know that stuttering, mental illness, injuries that don’t heal, and a host of other mysterious syndromes are caused by spirits so it is reasonable to expect that we will discover more and more answers to problems that have plagued mankind for centuries.

I have written a few books on this subject and they are available as free downloads at http://spiritual-rescue-technology-library.info/srt-books/

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The SRT Library has three FREE SRT books available to read online or download

The library is still under construction but I am making my SRT books available to you at no cost. You can read these books online or download them to your computer or your smartphone or both. If you do this, you will be able to search the books whenever you have a question about SRT or about spirits.

I have noticed that clients who have read these books do better in solo sessions and sessions with me. I have written them so you can train yourself at your own speed. SRT is a Do-It-Yourself technology and there is no limit to what you can learn and apply. If you make discoveries I have not written about, please let me know and they will be published for all to see. I am happy to give you credit for adding to this technology.

If you read these books you will be able to use Spiritual Rescue Technology and start changing your life immediately.




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