Would You Rather Be Considered A Source Or A Channel?

(This is the result of an early morning realization.)

I am inviting you to broaden your view of your spiritual activity. You have been taught that being the source of knowledge or power is a desirable activity. Sometimes leaders claim they are the true source of information to distinguish themselves from those who are only followers or imitators.

From recent discoveries, I consider that to be a limiting state of mind. When you are the source, you own and are responsible for everything that occurs. Any mistakes and shortcomings have to be caused by others or you will invalidate your status as source.

When you understand the true state of affairs in the spiritual and material world, you may begin to understand that you are actually a channel for other spirits that you can manage to produce any output you wish. You channel the ideas and intentions of a host of spiritual beings, and you manage the output to produce the effects you want. If you know what you are channeling and take responsibility for what is produced, you can control what is produced to create any effect that you wish.

People who have learned how to channel other spirits make an impact on the world. Gandhi’s quotes contain timeless wisdom. The Dalai Lama’s quotes show the same kind of wisdom from other sources. Alma Deutscher channels musical creativity from earlier composers. There are probably thousands more who freely acknowledge the fact they are channeling ideas from others who lived before.

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we discover that we are not single beings animating a body, but a virtual horde of beings making up a composite personality and that sanity comes from managing the group of beings to produce a desirable effect on others and on the physical universe. 

Those who deny they are a channel or a conduit for the ideas and impulses of others, are actually abdicating the role of manager to other beings in their group. When this occurs, external events can trigger behavior that does not fit the pattern the person has established. At this point, we, on the outside, will see a change in the person’s behavior and personality. The person can try to restrain himself from repeating the aberrant behavior, but if the remedy does not involve communicating with the spiritual being causing the aberrant behavior, there will be no lasting change.

I will repeat the key points because they are crucial to understanding aberrant behavior. 

Behavior is driven by an individual spirit or a cluster of spirits, not necessarily the spirit who thinks he is in charge. If a person thinks he is the only spirit running things, he is ignoring the other spirits who are constantly affecting his behavior.

When you understand that you can act as a channel for other spirits and you can manage that channel as you wish, you can select the spiritual beings who can do what is needed to accomplish your goals. If you manage the team of beings so that they understand and support joint goals, harmonious production is achieved. You are harnessing the imagination and creative power of other beings to accomplish far more than you can do unaided.

A leader gets more out of any group than the group will produce with no leadership. The quality of leadership determines the output and viability of the group. There are many different leadership styles from autocratic to democratic to visionary, and you need to develop a style that suits your needs.

The first step is to recognize that you have a group to lead. Once you have accepted that, you can apply your management skills to turn the group into an organization that can get things done. There is no limit on the beings you can recruitso the sky is the limit once you realize you are managing a channel of spiritual activity.

Hope this helps.

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Exploring Knowledge, Responsibility, And Control In Managing Spirits

Our research has established the existence of many spirits who share our space and interact with us in many different ways. We also established the desirability of managing these spirits, so their actions are harmoniously coordinated and produce results that forward our interests.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to establish and expand our knowledge, then to take responsibility and finally to exert control to bring about the necessary changes required. This cycle of acquiring knowledge, taking responsibility, and executing control is repeated over and over again until the objectives are attained.

Management is the act of creating and maintaining an environment wherein the members of a group can work together and achieve desired objectives efficiently and effectively. This is not a one-step activity, nor is it necessarily a top-down activity where all command and control actions take place at the very top level.

Ideally, an organization should have an awareness of its overall goals and objectives at every level in the organization. In addition, at every level in the organization, there should be an awareness of the goals and objectives of the levels immediately above and below that level so that actions performed are coordinated harmoniously with those levels.

For top performance, there needs to be an awareness of outside threats and opportunities at every point in the organization, and a means to distribute this knowledge to the rest of the organization so it can be acted upon.

The creation of an organization with these attributes will require the collection of data, assignment of roles, and execution of tasks, and this is best performed in a repeating cycle until the final objective is attained.

Each of us is a group of spirits who have accumulated over many lifetimes. Since we are all immortal beings, the group has been together for a very long time. New members are being added constantly, and old members drop away when we are no longer doing things that interest them. If we communicate with our spiritual companions every day, we can stay abreast of what they are interested in and wish to share with us.

If we consider that we are shepherds for our flock of spirits, we keep our attention on how they are doing, and we take responsibility for the changes that are needed and are occurring to them. Our spiritual companions exhibit many different levels of life force and have many levels of awareness also. Some beings have advanced degrees and led truly challenging lives in the past. In order to keep them around, we need to be doing challenging and interesting projects. We also have beings who animate individual cells. Learning what they need and providing what they need to thrive will keep our bodies operational for as long as we need them.

Regulating and directing activities is how we get the results we need, but this direction will only produce desired results if we have accumulated the correct knowledge and taken responsibility for actually getting the job done as planned.

If we, as the managers of our spiritual companions, do not apply this triangle of knowledge, responsibility, and control to our lives, we are subject to the whims and distractions posed by every new being who shows up and tries to take over. A being will arrive or will decide that the time is right to break away from the established routine, and we will receive an impulse to take some action to change our life. If we are good managers, we will only adopt those changes that will improve conditions. If we do not manage, we will find ourselves following some impulse that we will regret later.

Abdicating responsibility and control of your life and allowing stray spirits to call the shots can result in your ending up in a situation worse than the one you were in. Being alone and friendless is not the worst that can happen. Those who end up in jail or institutionalized are examples of failing to take responsibility for and failing to control your actions.

With all of the beings available to you on a continuing basis, try to choose those who can help you live better, and achieve true happiness. Repeat the cycle of applying knowledge, responsibility, and control until you achieve your objectives.

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Weekend Adventure – Exploring Walk-Ins

If you search the Internet for walk-ins, you will find enough material to keep you busy for weeks. I have come up with a simple solo procedure that will allow you to increase your awareness of whether you have been or experienced a walk-in. We will be demonstrating this procedure this Saturday and Sunday in our free workshop and webinar. See the details below.

To bring you up to speed, the term walk-in describes the action of a spirit taking possession of a body. Although this may sound like the introduction of a horror movie, it is very much an everyday occurrence.

Some of the explanations are beautifully inspiring, like this one: 

Walk-ins are spiritual messengers who enter behind the veil of another personality at an opportune moment to lend service to humanity. By not having to go through the programming of childhood, a soul can get right to the business of carrying out a divine mission to help others adjust as the earth ascends into the fifth dimension. 

Other explanations are right on target:

The “otherkin” community defines a walk-in by the standard definition, with the caveat that people with multiple personalities may have one or more perceived entities in their body who “walked into” the body of their host, without the host needing to depart; they believe this can happen right after birth, or later in the life of the person concerned. 

The most frequent explanation is easy to comprehend, even if it is incomplete and misleading:

A walk-in is a new-age concept of a person whose original soul has departed his or her body and has been replaced with a new, generally more advanced soul. Ruth Montgomery popularized the concept in her 1979 book, Strangers Among Us. 

I have just published two articles that describe the mechanics of a walk-in, how it occurs, etc., and how to deal with it when it is discovered and I felt I had covered the matter satisfactorily. However, a recent discussion with my SRT Academy students brought up the idea of “quiet” walk-ins who did not make obvious changes but waited for an opportune moment to take action. A demonstration process during one of those meetings revealed that I had executed multiple walk-ins during earlier lifetimes. This was s surprise, but it resonated with me, and I felt it was worth looking into.

The comments and the uncovering of my personal history prompted me to do some solo research and discover, if possible, what the real situation is regarding walk-ins. My research revealed that I have experienced multiple walk-ins this lifetime and did not realize it!

My research showed me a simple way to uncover the major personality shifts that changed my life and why they occurred. 

The real story is that the majority of walk-ins were spirits looking for shelter from an existence they could no longer confront. When they joined with me, they remained passive passengers until some external influence triggered them to take control. Once they took control, they often remained in control until they had changed the environment for the better, and then they sank into oblivion or left.

In looking at the lives of family and friends, I could now see the reasons why they made severe changes in their lifestyles. Typically, they would be trying to lead a normal life in the face of escalating threats or irreconcilable difficulties, and at some point, another being was inspired to take over and resolve things through departure or a significant change in behavior. 

When the change was made, everyone I researched felt that the change was the right thing to have done, and there was no further anxiety or difficulty with the previous situation. When the triggering situation was resolved by departure or behavior change, the controlling personality would often drop away after some months or years.

Since there was really no change in the basic personality, the person might repeat the exact behavior which got them in trouble the first time. There are Spiritual Rescue Technology procedures to deal with this, but they are beyond the purpose of this article. Our initial desire is to reveal the solo procedures for discovering if you have been affected by walk-ins. These procedures also lead to the resolution of personal issues that were not approachable by other means.

We all have the potential of exhibiting alternate personalities because we are surrounded by spiritual beings who have been with us for years and many lifetimes. Our success in life depends on our ability to recognize and manage these other spirits so that we all work together in harmony. Caring for our spiritual partners and managing them well is the best way to achieve a happy and productive existence.

We have been taught for years that we are a spirit managing a body. We try to train ourselves to do the best we can. This is an image corresponding to this belief: 

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we discover that there are a lot of spirits trying to manage our lives and our body. Our desire is to train ourselves to manage the group for maximum efficiency. If we do not recognize this very real situation and just try to get by without caring for our passengers, this is the image we are living:

If you feel that your life is full of cross purposes, you need to organize your passengers or get a bigger bus.

This weekend, we will practice some solo sessions to increase your awareness of walk-in situations. I think you will find the results to be very entertaining.

Join me in our free workshop on Saturday, August 1st on Zoom at 12 noon EST using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

On Sunday, August 2nd, we will hold a webinar where we actually work out ways to resolve walk-in issues once they are discovered. We hope to discuss ways to avoid unwanted walk-ins and to promoter desired walk-ins when needed. Join me on Zoom at 12 noon EST using this link: https://zoom.us/j/4710611444

The fee is $10 and can be paid using this link: paypal.me/DavidStLawrence/10

I will be unavailable on Monday, August 3rd so you can use the free time to round up any stray walk-ins and see what use you can make of them. Every being in your group of spiritual companions joined you for some reason, either as a walk-in or as a partner in some disaster that welded you all together. They can be a source of information and power for you if you manage them properly. Learning to manage them well is an excellent investment in your future.

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There must be barriers to telepathy or everyone would be doing it. Those of us who have experienced it know how infrequently it happens but will never forget what we perceived.

In our SRT Academy meeting today, we hoped to remove some barriers to interpersonal telepathy, but we soon realized we could not get to first base because the barriers defied our efforts to identify them. It is difficult to remove something if you cannot identify what is causing it.

We ran some simple experiments to see whether we could pick up on each other’s projected thoughts and the results were spectacularly inconclusive!

I asked the participants to think of simple objects and colors. I can usually pick up concepts and images from spirits but I failed to perceive any of the images or colors the participants were concentrating on. We reversed the flow and I concentrated on an object and only one participant could get a vague idea of what I was concentrating on.

Our results confirmed what the Rhine experiments showed a long time ago when they used Zener cards to measure ESP. This is what the cards look like:

Zener cards are cards used to conduct experiments for extrasensory perception or clairvoyance. Perceptual psychologist Karl Zener designed the cards in the early 1930s for experiments conducted with his colleague, parapsychologist J. B. Rhine. The original series of experiments have been discredited and replication has proved elusive.

My take on the poor results is that the tests were boring and did not involve any emotional activity.

Since most of us have been able to perceive concepts and images during SRT sessions, we know that telepathy is real and counselors use that ability to guide the conversation in a session. So, what was so different when we attempted to project a thought to others as an exercise? When a client is relating an incident or channeling a spirit who is relating an incident, there is usually a high degree of excitement as the incident unfolds. In addition, the spirit is pulling a concept or an image out of their memory and there is the freshness of discovery, even if there is some effort involved in recovering the memory.

It seems to me that I perceive the images or the concepts when the thoughts are first channeled and when the being repeats any part of the story, there is no accompanying image. It almost seems that the person is doing something different when they are relating an event for the first time. Perhaps they are striving to communicate the event and making sure that the recipient gets it.

This may account for the fact that it is easy to perceive the concepts and the situation in some sessions and not in other sessions. In an SRT session, the counselor asks a question of a particular spirit, and instead of relating the spirit’s answers, the client channels what she receives from the spirit. You can see the channeling progress from the beginning responses when the client says, “He says…”, to responses where first-person statements occur as the spirit takes control of the conversation and says something like, “I am here to watch over her..”.

When we observe an SRT session as a spectator, we are usually able to pick up some images and concepts beyond what the client is channeling. For example, the client may be relating an incident where a train was held up by bandits and the counselor and spectators get a short video image of men on horseback with masks. Some of the spectators will even get an image of the locomotive smokestack. This multiple viewpoint imagery comes from the fact that more than one spirit was involved in the incident.

Adding to the possible confusion is the fact that the spectators have many discarnate spirits around them with images of their own regarding trains and holdups.

Finally, the truth of the situation is that telepathic communication is the result of a cluster of beings trying to send a communication to another cluster of beings who may not be ready or receptive to telepathic communication. When telepathic communication does occur, it means that one group of beings is transmitting a single message and another group of beings is ready to receive that message.

When you look at the behavior of your spiritual associates, you may notice that they are rarely operating in close harmony except in emergency situations. This could mean that disorganization and confusion is the biggest barrier to sending or receiving telepathic communication.

We plan on discussing this further in future webinars and workshops.

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