SRT WORKSHOP #5 – Handling A Major Barrier To Successful Counseling

As some of you know, we are continuing to develop new solutions to longstanding problems every week and we showcase these approaches during our bi-weekly workshops. In this workshop, we discuss and demonstrate the successful handling of one of the most difficult barriers to successful spiritual healing and counseling.

11-18-23 SRT Workshop

This barrier is caused by spirits who have been punished so severely for helping others that they have total certainty that help is not possible. These beings do not rush in during the healing activity and make themselves known. These beings lurk in the background and when the process is successfully completed, make their doubts and denials known on a continuing basis until those doubts cast a pall on the gains achieved. The untrained person feels the euphoria of increased awareness and ability fade under the continuing barrage of doubts cast by these broken spirits. A cheerful being does not stay cheerful long when there is a constant messaging of these gloomy intentions: “What if it doesn’t last?” “It’s too good to be true.” “If it worked, more people would be using it.”

We are all influenced by the spirits accompanying us and we attract beings operating at the same tone level as the ones surrounding us. This means that ignoring doubts and uncertainties about the value of spiritual healing and counseling sets the stage for more losses in the future. If you are surrounded by broken spirits and do nothing to remedy their condition, you will continue to accumulate more broken spirits and your emotional tone level will gradually drift lower and lower.

A video of the introduction to this workshop is available here:

The linked video discusses what the workshop is about and what is to be addressed. The complete video including the SRT processing and technical discussions is only available to participants in the workshop. If you wish to make use of this technology for yourself, contact an SRT user or send me an email at

To stay abreast of the continuing advances in Spiritual Rescue Technology, join us for our bi-weekly free workshops held on Sundays at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time. Our next workshop will be held on December 3rd at 12 noon Eastern Time.

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SRT Healing Workshop This Sunday, November 5th

SRT Healing Workshop This Sunday, November 5th

We have recently been encountering spirits that seem to be harder to perceive. When you look for them, you sense that something is there, but you cannot see them clearly as objects because they appear more as a distortion of space in the area or as a hologram image.

We will be discussing and observing these spirits in our workshop this Sunday as they are the key to successful healing when all other approaches fail. These other-dimensional spirits do not inflict pain or emotions on us, but they seem to block the flows of life force and other energies by their presence. Thus, they prevent healing and they inhibit the transmission of nerve impulses by their very presence and not through any direct action against our survival. When we contact them and request that they move to a different place, they have done so with no argument so far. The accompanying illustration shows the relative visibility of the different spirits we encounter, it is not a true representation of their appearance!

All of the other-dimensional spirits we have encountered have arrived in various transports of minute size and these transports are easy to recognize once you have seen a few of them as they look like miniature space vehicles.

We find these spirits where healing has been extremely slow and where normal SRT healing processes have not produced lasting relief. In the workshop, we will be selecting volunteers who have been using SRT processes on body problems with no lasting relief. Workshop Participants will receive instruction and coaching to help them focus on the spirits causing the problem and the sessions will continue until significant relief is obtained for the volunteer.

Session videos will be distributed to all active participants but will not be available to the general public.

If you wish to participate in this workshop, you need to join the session a few minutes before 12 noon on Sunday, November 5 using the link provided at the end of this post.


Daylight Savings Time ends at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning and if you do not turn your clocks back, you will miss the workshop.

Use either of these links to join the workshop. The second one may be easier for some users. Both links will bring you to the session waiting room where I will see you and bring you into the meeting. Please change the ID to identify yourself before I bring you into the workshop.


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Why Is It So Hard To Remember Things?

When you know how much help your spirit guides provide, it is much easier to understand and deal with your occasional failures to remember simple things like people’s names and the topic you wanted to discuss with your friends just now.

Many of us have so many spirits helping us with our daily tasks that we act in a supervisory capacity and do not get bogged down in details. When we drive, for example, many of the tasks we perform on the road like steering and maintaining our speed do not require our full attention. Looking back on a completed drive across town, we may find it difficult to remember the details of our journey.

Attention Elsewhere

When we get dressed in the morning, much of this is done automatically and we don’t even remember how we put our shoes on or how we prepare for the day. We have well-drilled spirits handling much of our daily conversations with neighbors and co-workers so that we can put most of our attention on the problems we face in life. It could be said quite accurately that we spend much of our lives asleep at the wheel, while many of the actions of the day are done by helpful spirits.

I have been able to verify this many times for myself by recalling events of the day and noticing that my role was not as a star performer but as an observer from a nearby viewpoint. When one is actually doing an action, one’s attention is on the execution of the action and the intentions required to get it done correctly. When one is observing, one’s attention is partly on the action as it is being performed and the majority of one’s attention is on the result expected and what is next to be done.

You should not freak out when you cannot remember the name of someone you were just introduced to. Instead, you should review the introductions and spot what spirit was responding to the introduction. Locating that spirit and his memory will usually give you the information you need. At the very least, it will encourage you to personally participate in introductions and take action to remember the other person’s name by noting something about the person’s intentions that makes the name stick in your memory.

There is a lot about casual social chatter that does not deserve your full attention, but the names of people and their intentions are crucial data for future dealings with them. Do your best to participate fully in learning names and intentions and life will be easier for you.


There will be a free Spiritual Rescue Technology Workshop on Zoom this Sunday at 12 noon Eastern Time. We will be discussing how to work with our spiritual companions and this matter of memory failures will be one of the topics we will be discussing. Use this link to join us either as a silent observer or as an active participant.

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Learning Difficulties Can Have A Spiritual Source

If you try to look up the causes of learning disabilities, you will not find satisfactory answers as the papers I looked at seem to point in all directions for the sources of learning difficulties. The NIH website  ( even says that learning disabilities have no cure, but early intervention can lessen their effects.

In our years of studying spiritual effects on human beings, we have seen that when science can’t identify a cause for a malady or other harmful situation in a human being, the usual cause we have discovered is the presence of upset or troubled spirits surrounding the individual with the mysterious difficulty.

Student Surrounded By Confused Spirits

One of the most common causes of learning difficulty and failure to succeed in learning and using written data is misunderstood words. A couple of educators, Charles and Ava Berner, presented their original work, a system for study comprehension and retention to L Ron Hubbard in 1964 and presented a stack of papers outlining the system, focused on 3 aspects of learning: defining all terms used, studying at the appropriate level for the subject, e.g., learning addition and subtraction before taking on algebra, and having the appropriate materials of the subject being studied, for instance, hammers and saws when learning carpentry, and not just words on a page. Ron Hubbard took their concept and presented it as his discovery, Study Tech which has been used since then in all Scientology academies and organizations.

I used this Scientology Study Technology for many years and found it to be generally workable, but found many instances where it seemed to be very difficult to clear up some words without a great deal of effort. 

In my research into spirits and their effect on us who are animating bodies, I discovered that our spiritual companions suffered terrible consequences because they had not understood some command or instruction. When I was looking up the definitions of some words used in military maneuvers, I found myself being thrown into past life events where death was the result of non-comprehension. This was my first exposure to the idea that misunderstood words could affect a person for more than one lifetime.

In studying spirits as part of my work in Spiritual Rescue Technology, I found that the disembodied spirits who accompanied me had often died as a result of instructions they had not understood. While training people to use the SRT data, I found that some of the study difficulties came from the fact that spirits had misunderstandings, not just the person I was helping. This discovery made it unnecessary to go into exhaustive word clearing of every definition of a misunderstood word and every root of the word in some original language.

When using Spiritual Rescue Technology, we use caring communication to find out what a spirit has its attention on and to spot any confusion uncovered during that process of discovery. When we encounter a word or concept that the client did not understand, it is necessary to make sure where the original confusion came from. When we find a person with confused ideas about something, we would almost always find that the confusion is shared by the person and some of his spiritual companions. A very brief lookup of the definition of the word cleared the confusion and allowed the person and his beings to use it with full comprehension.

As a brief example of how this might work, we could consider the word “taxes”. Tax, meaning “a sum of money demanded by a government,” comes from the Latin taxare, and dates to around the 1200s. There are all sorts of things we could look up regarding the source and history of the word, but if we were simply to ask the spirits who are upset at this word about their experiences with taxes, we would discover a world of punishments and imprisonments attached to this word because of earlier misunderstandings. Clearing up their anger, frustration, and prior confusions brings spirits and the person you are working with out of their past and into present time. In other words, there can be a lot of stuck attention on some words and if a student is studying and can’t seem to make progress by looking up some simple definitions, he needs to communicate with his spiritual companions and see if the difficulty is being caused by their past experiences.

I need to write a handbook on “Studying With The Help Of Spirits” but for now you can use my Handbook For SRT Solo Sessions available at this link:

Using this handbook, you can simply get in communication with your spirits by asking, “Which of you are having difficulty with this concept?” and clear any confusions you find. You will find that this action will make your study much faster.

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