Suggestions For Life In Troubling Times

These are the times when people take up worshiping strange gods and rioting in the streets in an effort to quell their fears and strike back at the forces that are ruining their lives. Those of us with families and work to do try to stay calm and avoid the insanity that is increasingly present, but almost everything we read or see on the internet creates fear and uncertainty. We may be seeing a breakdown in civilization, but there are actions we can take to give ourselves the best chance of surviving this period unscathed.

Be very selective concerning what you read and listen to. Disconnect from people and media outlets that are fixated on gloom and doom with no solutions. This is not the time to read about secret conspiracies and mind control by government agencies and aliens. Whatever is going on will continue with or without you, and paying attention to it will distract you from actions you need to be taking to preserve your sanity.

Listen to news that you can personally verify by linking to original sources. ABC, NBC, CNN, NPR, AP, Reuters, MSNBC are no longer reliable sources of news. They present the views of one political party. Facebook, Twitter, Google search are censoring posts and skewing results. Almost every post about political matters on any of the above services will be slanted or blocked. 

Look for groups on the internet that support causes you respect. Use this period of lockdowns and enforced isolation to learn new things and to work on projects that make you happy. If you are not up to creating books and letters to inspire others, take the time to read inspirational writings, and watch uplifting movies.

Decide to do some self-discovery and discover more of your spiritual abilities. There are many exercises we can do that produce health benefits, and there are many forms of meditation that make it easier to deal with life.

Those of you who have studied Spiritual Rescue Technology should make a point of doing daily solo sessions to keep you calm and focused in these times of stress. The forces that distract us and make us fearful in these troubled times are mostly spiritual. When we have the tools to handle these disturbing emotions and fears, we can deal with these troubling times and make decisions calmly and effectively.

If you read my book, “Talking To Spirits,” you will have in your hands a technology for dealing with stress like none you have ever seen before. If this seems a little steep for you, send me a message, and we can arrange an interview to see what is stopping you from handling your spiritual companions in these troubling times.

David St Lawrence

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It’s Time You Read Talking To Spirits

I wrote Talking To Spirits in 2018 in an effort to capture all of the loose ends of my years of spiritual research and put them down in one place. It contains a wide range of material starting with advice for the mildly curious, (Spirits You Can Talk To Safely) and continues to material for the experienced spiritualist where they can find out how to use the Akashic records to manage the future.

In 253 pages I have put down almost everything you need to know in order to understand and communicate with your spiritual companions. There are session examples to illustrate most of the main ideas of Spiritual Rescue Technology. If you read this book and clear any unfamiliar words, you will gain the ability to understand why your life has not run smoothly even though you did your very best to be a good person.

There is material in this book you will not find elsewhere, such as a complete explanation of your personality and why you have made mistakes that are still bothering you now. More importantly, there is data in this book that will let you change your personality in ways you cannot imagine. When you discover who is controlling your thoughts and how to stop them, you will begin to take control of your life as never before.

Reading this book is a necessity if you wish to regain your free will. It reveals the true story underlying all of the stories of secret mind control, alien influences, and legends of the Annunaki and Reptilians.

Once you learn how to talk with spirits, you will be able to ask any questions you wish and you can learn what really happened from the source, those who were there and piloted spaceships and blew up planets. You don’t have to rely on what Edgar Cayce said about Atlantis, you can contact beings who were there and see what happened for yourself.

The whole point of this book is to get you prepared to take yourself in session and explore what spirits are doing. If you read the book and don’t feel you can do a session on your own, text me and we will set up an interview to see what is stopping you.

David St Lawrence

You can see the book on

Kindle Unlimited $0.00 Kindle Ebook $4.99 Paperback $11.75

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2020 Phone Call Manners

I am now responding to my many unidentified phone calls with a bright and cheery, “Hello! How can I help you?”

95% of the time, the phone goes dead as the Robo caller is programmed to hang up on that kind of response. Today, however, there was a really long pause and I heard, “Uh, I am calling you with an offer to refinance your credit card debt…”

To which I cheerfully responded, “No, Thank you!” and hung up.

Instead of resisting these calls, I am eagerly responding to them and disposing of them in seconds with no lingering regrets or annoyance.

Try this and see if it improves your day.

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Yes, You Can Make More Money Using A Spiritual Approach

There are many reasons you are not earning the kind of money you could be earning, and some are due to spiritual factors that are mysteriously holding you back.

But, just in case you are being held back by the ordinary barriers to prosperity let me list them so you can check them off your list.

  1. You do not have or produce anything to exchange for money.
  2. You are not trained to do anything useful.
  3. You never realized that exchanging in abundance is the surest route to business success.
  4. You have never learned how to make friends.
  5. You do not know what a budget is and how to manage your money.
  6. You have a drug or alcohol habit that is consuming most of your income.
  7. You are in a relationship with someone who has some or all of the characteristics in 1-6 above.

Let us say that none of the above apply and that you are gainfully employed at less than your full capacity. You show up for work reliably, and you are able to do your job, but there is little room for advancement. You manage to pay your bills most of the time, and you scrape by for years waiting for something to happen, but nothing does. You work hard, but you never seem to get ahead. You read some self-help books and change jobs, but you are still not working at your full capacity and getting the rewards you seek.

You try to achieve self-actualization by living your life with purpose and authenticity and showing concern for others, but you are still not making the money you feel you should be making. What have you missed?

You try various self-help organizations and learn to meditate and visualize success. You check out Bob Frissell, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Napoleon Hill, James Arthur Ray, Zig Zigler, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, and others with varying degrees of success. You may also try Scientology, EST, Avatar, Eckankar, and other groups in an effort to attain mastery over your spiritual nature.

If any of these approaches work, congratulate yourself, and enjoy your financial success. 

If you are still looking for answers after all of this searching, you might want to try Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT), which helps you deal directly with your spirit guides and other spiritual beings who affect you daily. The reason that SRT works so effectively is that you are an immortal spiritual being, and you have made a few mistakes that are still dogging you today.

You might well ask why mistakes made in past lives bother you today? Essentially because you are basically a good being and past mistakes will haunt you even if you have done a great job of trying to forget them. Additionally, you are surrounded by many spiritual beings who are still trying to get even with you for your past mistakes. These beings affect every transaction you have with people today, and if they are sufficiently upset with you, they will make other people feel you are not trustworthy. 

The bottom line is that you can be haunted by all of the beings you have wronged in your past lives. 

That is a severe punishment that can easily be handled by Spiritual Rescue Technology processing. These beings are not demonic, just angry, and do not qualify for Exorcism, as is still done in the Catholic church.

If you are trying to start a new business and things are just not working out for you and people are just not giving you the benefit of the doubt anywhere, even though you are taking great pains to be honest and straight, you may be the effect of actions you took in a past life. Your unpaid creditors, abandoned children, starved tenant farmers, and slaughtered rebellious populations do come back to haunt you in an effort to get even. The fact that you did these deeds for the best of reasons at the time does not save you from their wrath.

SRT processing frees these unhappy beings from the incidents they are stuck in, and you get relief from the tragic mistakes you made in the past. Since you did this more than once, it will take more than one session to free all of your troubled beings and restore your ability to make money freely. This processing also clears up the false data you had, which caused you to make these mistakes in the first place, and you can face the future safe in the knowledge you will not repeat the mistakes and errors of the past.

If you are willing to explore the idea you are an immortal being and would like to clean up your act, this counseling will give you a fresh start in life. You can see if it feels right for you in a free interview. 

Call or text me at 540-320-6852 to set up an online interview on Zoom.

David St Lawrence

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