Norman Little Blackwater explains SRT better than I can

Norman Little Blackwater, a Navajo Indian from Chinle Arizona has a way of conveying the spiritual aspects of Spiritual Rescue Technology that you will grasp instantly.

If you visit his website,, you will gain an immediate understanding what I have been trying to communicate about spirits and their effect on our lives.

Here are just two of his images which capture almost everything I put into my first book.


Read the full story at—

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Some Clues You Are Not Being Yourself

You wake up grumpy, people annoy you, your body does not feel healthy, and you see no hope for anything changing soon. Every time you try to make changes, you get distracted and as hard as you try, your progress is temporary and you sink back into hopeless despair.

This may be a recent development or it may have been with you for most of your life. There are many different approaches to solving this problem, from alcohol and drugs to spiritual practices and all seem to provide some temporary relief.

The point that is being missed is that when you are not being yourself, some other being has taken control of you and is making you do things and think things that are are keeping you from living your dreams.

You have a basic purpose that leads you on to accomplish things and achieve your goals. When your basic purpose gets confused and corrupted with ideas that are contrary to your survival, you can put all the effort you can muster into making progress but you will veer off course and pursue false goals and end in failure.

You are accompanied through life by innumerable spiritual beings and they all have some influence on you. Some are bent on helping you in the ways they deem best and others are hindering you because of old grudges or painful memories that you are unknowingly triggering.

On the days you are enthusiastic and cheerful about your life, it is because all of the active spirits accompanying you are in a good mood. When you are in good communication with your spiritual companions, this is fairly easy to achieve. Some people know how to accomplish this naturally, but almost anyone can accomplish this feat using Spiritual Rescue Technology and Caring Communication.

People trained to use Spiritual Rescue Technology can detect and handle upset spiritual beings so that they no longer cause destructive effects on the person they are accompanying.

Once you handle enough of the upset beings who are influencing you and making your life miserable, you begin to experience periods of joy and enthusiasm.. This is your clue that you need to stay busy handling upset spirits as they pop into view. Someone who is trained to use Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) will be able to lift themselves out of a bad mood or out of an illness with relative ease. In the rare case they cannot handle a situation themselves, they call on another SRT user to assist them with SRT counseling or Spiritual Healing.

There is one disclaimer I would like you to understand. You need to be willing to take responsibility for your decision to work with the spirits who accompany you.

If working with spirits violates some code you follow or goes against some advice you have received from people you obey, you will not be able to make gains from spiritual counseling or healing.


You can become the person you would like to be when you handle the spirits who are influencing you negatively. You will be able to take charge of your life and accomplish your dreams and experience miracles again.

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Vision of A Future Event 9-26-19

As many of you know, I am a counselor and I do worldwide spiritual counseling over Zoom for personal, business, and health issues. I got into the counseling game because I had various occurrences that could not be explained by science.

I have had visions of future events where I would get a clear image of something and then see it later, so I can recognize when I see something that hasn’t happened yet. The images are clear and distinct and they are definitely not present time or past events.

I saw an image earlier today that I have never seen before. I was looking over a woman’s shoulder and she was using a keyboard that looked like this one. There was a transparent cap over the keys on the lower left hand corner of the keyboard with the legend “FUZZY CAPS” on it. It covered several of the existing keys and may have been a hologram.

There were several other rectangular caps on the upper right corner of the keyboard, but I was so startled by reading FUZZY CAPS that I lost the image before I could read what was on the caps and could not recover it.

It appears that the keyboard might be used for graphics design and the holograms could be a way to indicate special functions accessed by pressing several keys in the indicated area.

Has anyone seen anything like this keyboard? I have never seen the term Fuzzy Caps before and it caught my attention.

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Helping People Survive In Business

I am currently editing my  book, Danger Quicksand – Have A Nice Day, for publication on Kindle and I expect it will be a few weeks before it is available for download.

In the meantime, I am sharing chapters with you so you can see why this book is still being read after 14 years out of print. This chapter is titled, “Why Good Jobs End Badly”.

Why Good Jobs End Badly

Every so often we fall into a position that draws upon all of our strengths. It seems like the opportunity of a lifetime and it is something we can excel at. We understand the job description and are encouraged to make changes which will benefit the company immensely.

So, what’s wrong with this picture?
The problem is that we don’t really understand what is needed and wanted, because the company doesn’t either! In the usual situation, the company has not thought the matter through and they want desirable changes to occur without altering any of the things they are happy with.

This is what generally happens:
We throw all our creativity into this new opportunity and create changes which are viewed with apprehension, so we throttle back to create changes which are acceptable.

Our changes may have actually increased business volume and profitability, but we keep getting pressure to make fewer waves while fixing the situation we were hired to fix. The demonstrable fact that business and profits are increasing gets lost because of the culture shock propagating through the organization from our changes.

So, we work harder and try to make our changes more palatable and before we know it we are trying to stay off the radar so that we can get our job done without upsetting management.

Basically we try to make ourselves smaller and work more slowly and more carefully so that we can fit in. This takes up more time, as it is far less efficient, and we spend more time working and less time living.

Meanwhile our resentment is building up and we become much less cheerful. we have put ourselves in a box of our own making and it affects every aspect of our lives. It invariably ends with our voluntary or involuntary departure. It can even involve a return to a less remunerative, but happier existence.

Corporations, like friends, have quirks (insanities) that can be avoided if you know they are there. If you can avoid triggering their insanities by your actions, you can deal with these companies and expect rational results. If you know what you are up against, you can set expectations for them and for yourself that can be realized.

You can break free from this destructive pattern by discovering what you are doing, or not doing, that gives it power over you. You may be doing yourself a disservice by starting work when you do not have a clear picture of what is needed.

You may have a picture of what is needed, but you may be the kind of person who does not take time to find out who rules the roost in your new company. Sometimes you are hired by someone who really needs you, and appreciates you, but your presence is a threat to someone who can make your life miserable. Get hired, by all means. Just tread carefully until you know who to trust and who to avoid.

I spent many years happily working in insane environments, because I was shielded from the insanity by good and courageous managers. Getting promoted and becoming visible changed two great jobs into intolerable ordeals.

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