Formation Of A Spiritual Rescue Technology Power Users Group

Spiritual Rescue Technology users seem to fall into several different groups.

Group One thinks that SRT is cool and answers a lot of the questions they have had and they will probably use it to talk to spirits some day.

Group Two has had a problem that could not be handled by medicine, Scientology, mindfulness, or any other spiritual practice. They have come to me for a session and somehow much of their problem went away. If another problem like that comes up, they may call me for another session.

Group Three feels that SRT probably works and they read my articles and comment on them. They have tried to contact their spirits but do not get enough responses to be confident in believing me. They probably feel that I have some special ability that lets me communicate with spirits. They may have gotten sessions from me and keep on hoping that they will have a breakthrough and get the benefits I claim to have received. They have had gains from SRT sessions but they were not permanent.

Group Four has gotten or is getting sessions from me and has actually talked with spirits but is not confident enough to communicate with spirits on their own. They do occasional solo sessions but prefer to get sessions with me when they encounter spiritual problems that medicine does not handle. They have gotten gains from using SRT but new problems have arisen which need to be handled and they will reach out for sessions when this occurs.

Group Five are the power users of SRT. They have gotten sessions and are working with their spirits every day. They can get gains at will and are learning new skills almost every week. They have a good relationship with their spiritual team and look forward to working with other SRT users with spiritual teammates. They get useful input from their spiritual teammates every day to help them in their work and in their personal life. These power users of SRT can increase their progress by being connected and sharing their discoveries.

Spiritual Rescue Technology is a collection of observations of and interviews with spiritual beings, so accumulating and sharing these observations will speed the development of SRT users with even more ability and power. I intend to flow as much support to these power users as I can and to this end will be sending out special emails to power users every time a new discovery is made by me or by any other power user.

SRT can be learned and used by reading my books and doing solo sessions. Getting sessions can speed up the process, but people are using SRT who have never spoken to me personally. The key factor in becoming competent in talking with your spirits is actually doing daily meditations and solo sessions. Once you create an active team of helpful spirits, you will find that they will encourage you to connect with other SRT users and you may eventually find yourself in Group Five where you can start connecting up with other power SRT users.

At this time I am inviting those of you who are already in Group Five or who would like to be in Group Five to send me an email at and ask to be put on the special email list so you will receive notice of SRT discoveries as soon as they occur. This mailing will be interactive so only join if you intend to participate.

Each mailing will contain observations made by myself and other power users and will ask for suggestions how these observations can be used to extend the use of SRT in other areas such as healing, rescuing of spirits, political activity, or dissemination of knowledge to prospective users. We plan to spin off useful strategies for getting people involved in Spiritual Rescue Technology as well as showing power users how to increase their power and influence.

The first mailing will go out in a few days.

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