Spiritual Rescue Technology Is A Tool For Changing Your Existence

I have no expectations for exploring all of the things we can do with Spiritual Rescue Technology in the years remaining to me. I am concentrating on getting enough of you familiar with the basic principles involved so that you can make a career using SRT to achieve your dreams in any field you choose.

Basically, SRT is a way of investigating the properties of the spiritual realm and harnessing the accumulated knowledge of the billions of spirits available to you on this planet alone. With SRT, you have access to more knowledge than is available in all of the universities and libraries on this planet. All you have to do is to ask and listen.

Spiritual Rescue Technology

Some of you may think that SRT is just a superior way to handle the problems of life and ordinary existence. Others may look at SRT as the way to regain the powers we have lost over millions of years of existence as a spiritual being. It will do both and a whole lot more, which is why I invite you to become familiar with it and take ownership of a part of it to accomplish goals that are aligned with your particular interests. To aid you in your selection, I would like to list the areas we have investigated and the ones we know of but have not yet explored.

Things we can do with SRT now

Spiritual healing of long-duration body illnesses
Handling of personality disorders
Resolution of unsolvable mental problems
Resolution of past life issues
Adjustment of personality aspects to fit current needs
Treating of Spiritual Possession
Recovering hidden memories
Improving relationships
Resolving Feuds
Facilitating negotiations
Resolving family issues
Handling career changes
Handling of personal disasters
Resolving criminal behavior
Modifying negative attitudes at a distance
Preparing a person for a change of body
Handling persistent feelings of guilt or any other negative emotion
Improving reaction time to events
Improving a person’s state of mind
Improving the prediction of behavior
Improving creativity in any area desired
Improving psychic ability
Improving ability to predict future events
Improving awareness of body conditions and healing ability
Recovering lost technology
Restoring integrity
Observe spiritual forces acting on us and change them for the better
Observe existing intentions and modify them to our advantage

Things we will be able to do with SRT in the future:

Establish a free library for access to all SRT books and articles
Establish a foundation for the preservation of all SRT research and literature.
Establish training facilities for SRT practitioners in various fields
Provide spiritual services to executives
Provide spiritual assistance to entrepreneurs
Provider spiritual assistance and protection to officeholders
Provide a better understanding of spirits to the practitioners of mental healing
Establish public SRT clinics and self-help centers
Provide services to other civilizations who want spiritual assistance
Open up rational exchanges with spirits in other civilizations

If you understand the principles of SRT and use them effectively, you should be able to carve out a career in almost any field and be successful at it. You should be able to select a field of endeavor and attract customers for your services whether they be furniture design, physical therapy, or veterinarian services. If you learn to attract spirits and work with them, you will succeed as a counselor, a real estate agent, or as an automobile dealer. The more you learn about spirits, the better you will be in any occupation you choose, as your ability to understand and communicate meaningfully with others will allow you to achieve your goals and dissolve resistance in a seemingly magical way.

A politician who knows and uses SRT could change the course of civilization in his area and eventually the world. When you have unlimited spirits behind you, you are once again accessing superpowers and the knowledge to use them wisely.

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