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Talking To Spirits Enables You To Learn Who You Really Are

You have no idea of your true nature or your true capabilities until you learn to talk to spirits. This was a difficult conclusion to reach, because I have been talking to spirits for more than a decade, and I … Continue reading

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SRT Workshop Video – Who Do You Want To Be From Now On

This was one of the most productive Spiritual Rescue Technology Workshops we have had this year. The workshop was free and the video is free also. You can even download it and listen to it several times to get all … Continue reading

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Validate Yourselves If You Can Communicate With Spirits

There is a huge gulf between those of us who can actually perceive and talk to spirits and those who talk and write about talking to spirits. This other group have reputations to protect and they spend a lot of … Continue reading

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Webinar 8-25-19 Using SRT to Achieve Selective Behavioral Changes

Spiritual Rescue Technology can change a person’s behavior by freeing one or more of his spiritual companions from obsessive or compulsive behavior. Compulsive behaviors are reactions to thoughts or events that a person is unable to stop or control. Obsessive … Continue reading

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