The UPS Man Cometh…

FinallyIt was an exciting day yesterday. I arrived home to find the first of many boxes of books from Publishers Graphics waiting for me. They contained shrink-wrapped copies of Danger Quicksand – Have A Nice Day. I piled a few on my desk to show you what they look like in bulk. (Click image to enlarge.)

The coffee cups are going to those of you who ordered multiple copies of the book. They look great. I will continue that premium offer if your interest continues.

I am going to be very busy today packing and shipping books and mugs. Thanks to all who have helped by hosting ads, mentioning my book on your blogs or by ordering books. Your books will be going out today.

Update: I have already taken a bin full of books to the post office and they are on their way to those of you who pre-ordered them. I am now working on sending out books to all who provided quotations for the book or helped in some other way.

UPDATE: The UPS man came again. This time with a truckload full of boxes. All mine…!!
I now have two heavy duty carts full of books…please buy some. 🙂

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  1. Andreas says:

    If this continues, you either need to move to a bigger house or quickly start selling loads of books. I think you prefer the last option 🙂 Good luck.

  2. susan says:

    Congratulations! I need to come back here and spend some time reading all your posts on self-publishing. You certainly serve as inspiration, David, and I wish you the best of further luck because you’ve already started making your own.

  3. steven Vore says:

    does the link on your blog (which still says “preorder by April 30,” btw) help empty your house or ship straight from elsewhere?

  4. Eric says:

    Congrats! Now you can start writing your next book… =)

  5. Thanks for your interest and helpful comments.

    Steven, I have changed all of the ads on my site to say “order now” but there are other sites which have not received updated blog ads from me.

    I created Bent Crow Press and I am warehousing this first printing here at my home in Palmyra because I am signing every copy in this first printing and will shipping about a hundred books for promotional purposes.

    When things get to the point that is clamoring for books, I will make arrangements to have the printer drop ship them. I don’t expect to have that delightful problem for some time. 🙂

    I may even use a reverse vector and advertise the book this way:

    “You can’t get THIS book on, you can only order it online. You will have to put up with 24 hour turn-around and FREE SHIPPING!”

    How does that strike you?

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