Marla Olmstead – Fire Already


Since my last post about about four-year-old Marla’s mind-blowing talent, I discovered that Marla’s web site has added many more images of her paintings.

The painting above is titled Fire Already.  Amazingly intense…

Her work not only reaches out and grabs the imagination, it stirs up unexpected emotional responses.  Raw talent is a miracle to be enjoyed gratefully. It doesn’t matter if it disappears under the stress of public life.  One experience is enough to inspire you for a lifetime.

Those of you who enjoyed her other paintings should go to her new gallery of images. I found her painting titled, "Darlene’s Bikini" interesting.

The rest of her gallery bears visiting. Let me know what you think of "Mosquito Bite". 

UPDATE: of Binghampton, NY, has a charming series of shots of Marla, her family, and her art. Click on Open Photo Gallery and enjoy.

UPDATE: Marla’s art generates a lot of strong emotion, especially among self-important, and possibly envious, art expert "wannabes".  These folk seem to feel that you can’t tell if something is art unless you know the pedigree of the artist.  I am not going to link to these cretins elitists because you can see far too many of them by Googling Marla Olmstead.

Instead, I would like to refer you to Elizabeth Cohen, who knows art and is fortunate enough to know the Olmstead family.  I think you might find her article  in the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin enlightening.

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  1. jeff says:

    Just saw her on 60 minutes. She’s a fraud! Poor kid. Parents should be ashamed.

  2. If you saw it on 60 minutes, you wasted your time. CBS decides what the story will be before the reporters do the interview.

    The spirit of Dan Rather lives on. CBS does not need facts to write a story. Old media is almost dead, thank goodness!

    I will wait for a blogger interview before I make my mind up.

  3. chadknarls says:

    ok so i guess the big controversy is that the critics think that her parents are somehow helping her.

    well i guess and that would definately be wrong but to me it’s more like

    artists are schooled in the elements and principles of design, figurative, perspective different medias as well as art movements, thus their need for rebelion form the old schools, they had seen all the history and want to do something different. because with time things become cliche, thus stemed art movements such as impressionism, expressionsim, cubism and abstrationism then abstract expressionism.

    they used their schooled knowledge to create sucessfully composed artwork that was pushing some sort of envelope that many may say “hey my kid brother could do that”, and yea sure maybe your kid brother could do something similar but could your “kid” brother sucessfully justify his meaning or intention to a panal of art critics as well as justify it’s aesthetic? could your kid brother even spell aesthetic let alone give a definition?

    which brings me back to the alleged 4 year old picasso, so i guess i would consider it art and meaningfull for society if said kid inherently knows the elements and principles of design, figurative, perspective different medias as well as art movements as well as trying to commuicate some commentary on self, society or the state of art itself.

    otherwise this kids parents are doing a grave injustice to their daughters future. i mean what happens when this kid grows up and still can’t draw, thats an awful lot of preasure to impose on a child.

  4. Merle Hemptor says:

    Binghamton. Binghamton. Binghamton.

    The only Bing that was ever in the Hamptons had the last name of Crosby. Binghamton is in upstate NY and is no where near the pretentious Hamptons on Long Island. Although, the Olmsteads are about half way to be able to buy an ocean front home on the Hamptons by now.

  5. It is interesting to read the posts on the 60 minutes interview, slamming Marla. Charlie Rose spent 6 hours in my home in Los Angeles talking to me about the multiple Marla originals that I own, and plan to buy more. Mr. Rose is nice a gentleman, but he really pushed to make me prove that Marla Olmstead did the work that she was purported to have done. I pointed to one of my large canvases called Digit 1 (one), and all over that canvas was Marla’s hand and finger prints moving the media around with her fingers. Now I do not work for CSI but it does not take a rocket scientist to see that a very small person did this work, and if you really wanted to push it, you can actually see her ridge outline of several fingers on the acrylic.

    Those of you who go to my web site will say, he is only saying this because he is the west coast dealer for Marla, not true. I made those statements long before I decided to open my gallery, which opened on Feb 26, three days after the 60 minutes interview.

    I have personally known the Olmsteads for almost one year, and one only needs to actually sit with them and see the kind of people they are to know that the fraud that they are accused of could not be further from the truth.

    On one last note, there were posts about the Olmsteads moving to the Hamptons with all the money Marla has made.. I have personal knowledge in the fact that 100% of the money that comes into the Olmsteads house for the sale of her work goes directly into a trust account for Marla. In fact her parents would not even take money out of that account to pay for the materials she needed to continue her work they continued to pay for the canvas and paints out of their own pocket, and for those of you who actually paint, you know how expensive that is, especially on the size of canvasses she uses.

    And no you didn’t see me on the 60 minute interview, nor did you see 3 other people on that show, because we did not agree with the viewpoint that 60 minutes was trying to push. If they really wanted to have a balanced show, one or two of the opposing viewpoints should have been aired.

    Stuart Simpson

  6. Tim says:

    Even if Marla did paint each painting herself and they were not touched up by someone else, there appears to be an outside influence in the completed pieces. Telling my 4 yr old what/where/how to paint on the canvas will greatly affect the final result.

    It’s surprising that Marla’s parents did not already have many start-to-finish videos of her painting prior to the 60 minutes piece. Even if Marla is the real deal, I blame the parents for not being prepared for the interview and coming off looking very suspicious. They should know that in today’s media you’re guilty until you prove yourself innocent.

  7. Reply

    Actually the Olmsteads do have some videos of Marla painting, which I have had the honor of watching and personally have a copy of. Not completely start to finish but 80% or more, where she walks to her dad and asks for specific colors, brushes and the occasional spatula for moving the paint about on the canvas, but the pictures are personal and in some peoples minds wrong because she is outside in the sun doing what she does best painting. Also the problem with some of the videos is that she sometimes sheds her top, which my granddaughter does many times, but in today’s PC environment, will not be allowed to play on TV. I am sure that is the reason why that footage had not been made available to the general public. But Stay Tuned is all I can say and keep up with the news, because the naysayers and people that loved to bash Marls’s talent will soon be eating their words. As you know I have the bulk of Marla Originals in my gallery at this present time, but will be shared between my gallery and the Anthony Brunelli Gallery in Binghamton NY. Tony was kind enough to give me all he had plus Marla painted some new ones just for our opening.

    As for the parents being prepared, if you have followed the news about Marla closely you would have seen that her parents were just as surprised and anyone about the overwhelming success in her works. If you had a kid that loved to paint, would you have taped each and every painting she or he did? Probably not, as I don’t tape every second of my grand kids lives. Also If you know the parents, they are two of the most trusting and honest people I have ever met. The fact that people all of a sudden suggested that Marla didn’t do the work or she was helped, completely threw them a curve. After all if you are an honest person, you would just trust what people say and would assume the same trust would be returned.

    The threads I have read that have true vengeance can only come from people that obviously have an ax to grind and for the most part probably could not do half as good a job as the little 4 year old does, so in frustration they can only slam her instead of enjoying the wonderful work she has given to the world.

    She has been linked to the talents of Kadinsky and Pollock by more then one person. The feeling that her art is going for over 13,000.00 was said to be fleecing the public, but if you check out ArtNet or any of the other art reference sites, you can see that a PRINT of either of the two aforementioned artists are going for over that same amount, and they are prints. My opinion that anyone getting a Marla original at any price today will be worth 10 to 20 times that amount in just a few years.

    One of the Pollock pieces just went for 15 Million, so keep up the bad talk guys, that just leaves more originals for the rest of us that are collecting them as fast as possible.

    Stuart Simpson

  8. Doubting Thomas says:

    If everything you say is true, wouldn’t a smart business person quietly purchase & hoard originals for himself instead of opening a gallery and website to sell her work?

  9. Aleesha says:

    I am 17 and I think that Marla’s paintings are AWESOME. I am from New Zealand and have just watched the interview on 60 minutes and from what I can see she is a little girl who loves to paint! Give her some credit.

    I give her all the best and would one day love to see her paintings in person.


  10. wen says:

    I’m a part time artist myself and am from New Zealand. Have just watched the 60 minutes show on Marla. I believe the painting is done by her and they are all so wonderful! about the parents helping,I’m sure they did give suggestions, but I dont think they actually helped to paint it. I mean she’s 4, its at an age where they are still constantly learning like a sponge. Maybe she got a few coaches here and there from dad, that’s absolutely normal. Even I ask for some feedbacks from my partner when I’m painting.
    TITLE: Four-Year-Old Child Art Prodigy Marla Olmstead
    BLOG NAME: Tom McMahon
    DATE: 10/30/2004 01:30:23 AM
    Four-Year-Old Child Art Prodigy Marla Olmstead Her paintings sell for $10,000 each. Check out her online gallery. (via Ripples)