Marla Olmstead – Fire Already


Since my last post about about four-year-old Marla’s mind-blowing talent, I discovered that Marla’s web site has added many more images of her paintings.

The painting above is titled Fire Already.  Amazingly intense…

Her work not only reaches out and grabs the imagination, it stirs up unexpected emotional responses.  Raw talent is a miracle to be enjoyed gratefully. It doesn’t matter if it disappears under the stress of public life.  One experience is enough to inspire you for a lifetime.

Those of you who enjoyed her other paintings should go to her new gallery of images. I found her painting titled, "Darlene’s Bikini" interesting.

The rest of her gallery bears visiting. Let me know what you think of "Mosquito Bite". 

UPDATE: of Binghampton, NY, has a charming series of shots of Marla, her family, and her art. Click on Open Photo Gallery and enjoy.

UPDATE: Marla’s art generates a lot of strong emotion, especially among self-important, and possibly envious, art expert "wannabes".  These folk seem to feel that you can’t tell if something is art unless you know the pedigree of the artist.  I am not going to link to these cretins elitists because you can see far too many of them by Googling Marla Olmstead.

Instead, I would like to refer you to Elizabeth Cohen, who knows art and is fortunate enough to know the Olmstead family.  I think you might find her article  in the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin enlightening.

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