Where have all the scholars gone?

I was savoring my daily dose of inspired invective from Emperor Misha I when I saw this picture and almost snorted coffee all over my keyboard. My immediate thought was, “Where is competence on their list?”

Misha made this point about students trained under such a system: “Unless you’re applying for a job with the government, your prospective employer isn’t likely to be much impressed with you, and his reply may be less than, well, tolerant.”

Well, there seem to be many more techies trained under such touchie-feelie systems of education than I expected. A temporary employee at Microsoft took pictures of the inside of a Microsoft facility and posted them on his weblog. When the people at Microsoft discovered what he had done, he was amazed that they fired him!

I was amazed myself that most of the comments on his site were sympathetic. None of them seem to have heard of employee agreements or perhaps, having been educated in a similar school, they were unable to read and comprehend such agreements.

I tracked this further to a discussion on Slashdot and was appalled that the vast majority of the nerd commentators felt there was nothing wrong in what the employee had done.

I guess I have been deprived of the benefits of modern education. Tolerance is prized above comprehension. Has Rodney King’s famous line, “Can’t we all just get along?” become the mantra for American education? Say it isn’t so!

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