Are You Experiencing An Inner Dialog?

If you find yourself carrying on an internal dialog of any kind, you are getting communication from your spiritual companions. These back and forth thoughts come from one or more beings and they can get rather confusing at times.
You may have been doing this for such a long time that you thought the ideas were all your own. Here is a typical example:
“Should I go to the party?”
“I don’t have anything to wear!”
“That stuck up girl probably won’t give me the time of day anyway.”
“I really want to go.”
“But I am afraid I will get rejected again.”
These and thousands of other conversations are going on every day. Using SRT, we spot the ideas that are coming from upset beings and help the beings wake up and get unstuck from the painful incidents that are keeping them unhappy.
If your inner conversations are more like this, you are getting communication from your helpful entities usually thought of as spirit guides:
“You should write about destructive inner conversations!”
“Let’s make it distracting inner conversations. That sounds less threatening.”
“Let’s show an example of what a dialog looks and sounds like.”
“Change the title to Experiencing an Inner Dialog.
It will appeal to a broader audience.”
“Let’s do it!”
“OK!” (from me.)
This is how my articles are written.
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