I Want To Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Eleven years ago I discovered that the spirits I had been exorcising from people and places since 1977 were capable of far more than I had been taught and some were actually trying to help us. That discovery was due to an observation made by my wife Gretchen and was the origin of Spiritual Rescue Technology. From that point forward I have been accumulating data about the spiritual realm from direct observations that I and other people made, rather than trying to decipher the writings of others. My reasoning is that a technology should be based on observations and not on beliefs.

If we observe something and describe it in such a way that others can repeat the observation, that data is useful and repeatable. The downside is that describing something to someone who cannot repeat the observation will surely get you in trouble because you have become unreal to them and you may seem like a danger to them and their beliefs.

Fortunately, I have been able to attract a number of people who found the information I had gathered to be useful and workable for improving situations and healing bodies. These people have supported me financially and given me advice for more than 5 years and SRT would not be the useful technology it has become without their contributions.

SRT exists today because of the efforts and support of people like Nolan Cage, Alka Madan, Al Leggett, David Marlow, Kathy Elliott, Jack Airey, Scott Weible, Denetra Rodriguez, Ben Roets, Shy Rae, Clifford Taylor, Chuck Stewart, Norman Little, Mark N. Roberts, Julian Anton Bray, Brett Falicon, and Toni and Ludwig Bouwer. Some of these people have gone on to other bodies and a few have gone on to other practices, but all have made unique contributions to the knowledge embodied in Spiritual Rescue Technology.

Spiritual Rescue Technology is the study and use of spiritual phenomena with the intention of raising all spirits to their highest potential. Spiritual Potential ranges from God-like powers to existence as matter. We discovered that it is possible to raise any spirit to a higher level through admiration and caring communication, even the ones who are existing as matter.

We also discovered that our lives are constantly being influenced by the spirits who surround us on this planet. This complicates any effort to raise the awareness of a person as all efforts to improve the state of affairs can trigger past incidents of failed help where efforts to help caused harm in spite of good intentions. We are immortal beings surrounded by many other immortal spiritual beings and our efforts to help others can stir up old memories of negative results.

On the other hand, when we have been able to work in harmony with others, we have been able to achieve results that exceeded all of our expectations. Working together and sharing observations, we can put our long-forgotten memories and skills to use. We have millions of years of experience to tap and innumerable skills to remember and all of these are available when we do SRT sessions together or solo.

Our current knowledge of spiritual phenomena is minuscule compared to what exists and I encourage anyone interested to select an area to investigate and own to build a career on. I would like to see SRT experts building reputations in many different fields such as Animal husbandry, Horticulture, Physical healing, Aesthetics, System Design, Machine repair, robotics, mental health, education, life coaching, physical training, public health, city planning, management training, space medicine, stock market trading, event prediction, and weather control as well as personal counseling.

Each of you should feel free to call what you do by a name that is meaningful to you. If you are working with spirits for your mutual benefit, you will be rescuing spirits from the dwindling spiral of life that has been in force up until now. Every one of us can recall times of past glory that absolutely dwarf any experiences of the present.

SRT has the information on why the dwindling spiral exists and how it can be reversed. It is time to put that knowledge to use. Pick a direction and companions for your journey and create a new future for yourself.

There are a few people I failed to mention. In recent years, I have received heartfelt support and thought-provoking advice from Petra Held, Jesus Guzman De Leon, Stefano Visconti, Joachim Held, Debbie Du Toit, Garett Martell, and Herbert Druker. Each one has provided an opportunity to meet spirits and observe spiritual phenomena that I had not seen elsewhere.

For those of you who are currently using your SRT knowledge to improve your life, I am offering you the opportunity to get review copies of my new book, Working With Spirits, and will include your comments and suggestions in the final edition. You will be able to contribute your views on SRT and your suggestions for working with spirits.

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