Free Spiritual Communication Workshop Sunday 10-17-21

A dear friend pointed out to me that he and a few others still had uncertainties about their ability to communicate with spirits. He said that I make it look easy, but there are times when he just was not sure if he was getting what the spirits were saying.

This uncertainty is my fault. I have been so fascinated with the new discoveries that I have failed to make sure that everyone was practicing their basic skills.

Some of you have plunged into SRT sessions and have exercised your psychic skills to the point where you can spot things that I have overlooked. It is essential that all of us develop our psychic abilities so we can use SRT effectively. Some of you are already doing this.

A few days ago, one of you spotted how my composite spiritual structure is arranged and asked pointed questions about the being who was running this body when I took it over back when the body was 10 years old. He is definitely still with us, but we keep him in reserve for special situations as his skill set is not suited to the rough and tumble of ordinary life. You should all be able to see someone’s spiritual makeup.

This Sunday, I would like to take you through some exercises where I communicate with some of your spirits and some of you act as observers and spot what is being communicated. You each will get individual coaching until you gain more certainty of your ability to recognize what communications are occurring.

I plan on holding at least three workshops on this topic as it is that important and if anyone has difficulty in the workshops, I will plan on scheduling free coaching sessions to get you up to speed so you can use the SRT processes effectively.

Please join us this Sunday at 12 noon EST on Zoom using this link:

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