A Thanksgiving Message for 2021

Being Grateful Is An Ongoing Experience

The older I get in this body, the more I remember from other days and times. This makes for a continuing enrichment of this present lifetime. This special holiday for Thanksgiving is a reminder that there is benefit in taking stock of what has been accomplished and what good fortune has come to us in the process. The more attention we can place on the present moment and on the future we are creating, the happier we will be.

Attention on the past can be satisfying, but we live in the present moment and every bit of attention and life force spent on the past means less for us to use enjoying the present and the future.

This lifetime has been a wonderful experience. Rediscovery of my immortality has been the biggest incentive I have received because it has spurred me to change my ways and to help others in every way I can. I am still learning how to do this in my 88th year and I hope to continue so I can share my discoveries with my friends and their friends.

Knowing that I am never alone has given me a sense of responsibility for those people and beings who assist me and made me feel a sense of belonging that I never experienced before.

I am so grateful to all who chose to share my life whether momentarily or for many years. Each has enriched me far beyond my ability to thank them for it and in some cases beyond my ability to even recognize their contribution to my rehabilitation as a being. Education, after all, is a matter of learning what does not work as well as what is successful and all in all, I have probably learned more from those who opposed my efforts to help than from anyone else. If we do not learn from others’ failures, we probably have to experience them for ourselves in order for them to be real to us.

It has taken 88 years to recognize the power of spiritual activity on this physical universe and to begin to harness what I have discovered so that I and others can apply it to everyday and future concerns. I am very grateful for the life force at my command and for the life force that others share with me.

Finally, realizing that we are all immortal beings encourages me to find those I have failed to help or have wronged and assist them in recovering their original abilities and will to create. There are a lot of them so I will not lack for things to do in my spare time during the rest of this lifetime and the next ones!

David St Lawrence 11-25-21

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