Are You Willing To Let Spirits Help You?

Or Are You Only Looking For Demons?

You can contact spirits who want to be your guardian angels and you can contact demons who will destroy your sanity and your life. The choice is yours and there are no guard rails to keep you from wandering off into the dark abyss and losing your way if your intentions are destructive.

Some people have told me that talking to spirits is a dangerous practice because their minister or priest has warned them about contacting demons. Do you know that Steven King has made a fortune channeling demonic ideas? Where do you think these ideas came from? In addition, where do you think HP Lovecraft got his frightening stories from? On the other hand, where do you think that Milton got his inspiration for Paradise Lost or Beethoven got the inspiration for his Ninth Symphony?

The spiritual realm is an infinitely complex collection of ideas and intentions and they can all be contacted if you access the Akashic Records and ask for inspiration. If you are looking for help in creating a work of great beauty, you will get ideas that can bring tears to your eyes. If your purpose is to create beauty and to help others, you will find inspiration that will transform your life and enable you to bring peace and understanding to those who value it.

If you are looking for inspiration to wreak havoc on someone and destroy all they have ever created you will also find what you are looking for in the spiritual realm. Using this information for such a purpose will destroy you, of course, and warp your personality to the point that you will become unrecognizable to friends and family, but you can accomplish your goal if that is your purpose.

You can find anything you want in the spiritual realm and that is probably why well-meaning ministers and priests seek to warn you away from accessing that information. Accessing the spiritual realm will enable you to heal others mentally and physically and perform feats that others may consider miracles. You can also access the spiritual realm and uncover ways to make life a torment for others. The information is there for every purpose under the sun and your intention will determine what you find and how you use it.

Some of this information is in passive form as images and memories which you can inspect and select what you wish to learn. Other information is presented to you by spirits who are awake and aware of you and transmit images and ideas as they see fit. Sometimes you will be inspecting some remote site, like an ancient temple, and you will suddenly become aware of a being or a set of beings you have woken up and they may lash out at you for disturbing them. Idly exploring the spirit realm is not recommended as you may encounter beings who are trapped in some painful incident and are not ready to greet visitors. Some parts of the spirit world are similar to Dante’s Inferno with its Nine Circles Of Hell. You really do not want to visit these memories unless you have a definite need for this information.

Every memory of everything that has ever been done, whether sublime, incredibly evil, or amazingly stupid, is available in the spiritual realm. If you know what you are looking for and are prepared to use it, you will get the result you expect. Just be aware that using this data for destructive purposes will debase you in the process of carrying out your destructive activity. As an immortal being who once had far greater powers than you do now, it would be prudent not to do anything that would debase you or degrade you further.

If you look through the Akashic Records for the reasons you have fallen from a higher state to the one you are in now, you will probably find that destroying others was the primary reason for the loss of ability and power. We are still looking for ways to reverse the dwindling spiral of life as we pass from one human existence to the next, but it appears that failing to help others is one of the contributing factors.

When you contact the spirit realm, you will encounter spirits who desire to assist you. If you are doing work that they can help you with and you let them assist you, they will benefit and you will also. You will get useful ideas and suggestions and they will get recognition for their contributions. It has been written that production is the basis of morale and you will find that allowing your spiritual companions to help you produce will raise their awareness and their ability to get things done. It may even rehabilitate their desire to experience a human existence again. It will certainly raise their emotional tone level and yours also.

Exploring the spirit realm is an adventure like no other. It takes courage and a worthwhile purpose, but the rewards for exploring this realm and using the data wisely are extraordinary. Your life will be transformed and you will achieve new levels of existence.

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