There is a real barrier to sharing your insights on achieving spiritual freedom and greater personal power. You can fail to realize that your new realities are so foreign to your family and friends that they will feel you have lost your mind. They may ostracize you or have you committed to an institution for your own good.

People seek spiritual enlightenment for a variety of reasons: They are under constant stress; they are not appreciated; no one seems to listen to them; there are insurmountable barriers to achieving what they want; the list goes on and on.

They finally find a spiritual path or it finds them and things begin to change for them. They may achieve new insights or gain confidence in themselves or perhaps they are exposed to information that changes the way they look at life.

At some point, they will begin to share their new insights or experiences with others and this is where many people have run into a barrier so shocking that they may even stop reaching for enlightenment.

This phenomenon can happen whenever a new person discovers truths that have never been part of his life before. He may be so delighted with his new insights that he wants to share them with everyone. What he doesn’t realize is that if this new data were new to him, it will probably be new to his family and friends and may be so outrageous that it will shock them.

They fail to realize that their new reality could be so shocking to their friends and family that sharing it can cause a permanent upset with these formerly intimate friends and family.

The new reality can be as simple as discovering they can create their future through sheer intention, or it may be the fact that they discover that they have lived before in many different lifetimes. Some people discover that we are not alone and share our lives with spiritual companions. They have made their discovery through counseling or study and have usually come to grips with the implications of their discovery over a fairly long period of time.

When they try to share these discoveries with trusted friends and family members without the preliminary steps of providing enough background information, they will usually shock the hell out of their friends and family and this may damage a relationship so that it takes years to repair.

At the very least, the family will feel you have lost your mind and in extreme cases will insist you get counseling from an accredited professional. In the very worst cases, the person in possession of these shocking new truths will be committed to an institution so they do not infect others.

If you have embarked on a voyage of discovery, PLEASE REALIZE that the rest of your friends and family are not aboard yet. You went through a time of testing and experimentation before committing yourself to this course of enlightenment. Do not expect that your friends and family will instantly grasp the significance of your discoveries. It may take a long time or they may never seek to understand what you are doing.

You have to decide before you start whether you are learning these spiritual truths to become a better and stronger person or whether you are doing it only if your family approves of it.

If you need the approval of your family or friends to discover new truths, you are better off doing what you have always done and that is to listen to them and follow their orders.

If you are committed to learning something new, accept only that which feels right to you and make sure you understand what you hear or read. You should be achieving increased certainty as you proceed. If you encounter material that shakes your certainty, do not go further until you have resolved the issue that reduces your certainty.

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