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Illness And Injury Always Have A Spiritual Component

Nothing happens unless an intention causes it. The only sources of intentions are spirits. Things don’t just happen, they are always caused. The only reason this remains a mystery to people is that they cannot perceive spirits and prefer a … Continue reading

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Free SRT Sessions For The Holidays – The Reluctance Rundown Pilot Program!

I have had another counseling breakthrough occur and I want to make sure my discovery applies to many people rather than just a few. If I can package this for general use, I will call it the Reluctance Rundown because … Continue reading

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Allergies and Spirits – Part Two

Exploring the effect of spirits on the material universe is like participating in a typical scary movie. The hero or heroine sees the half-open cellar door and just has to go into the dark basement to see what is there, while all … Continue reading

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Do Not Let Covid Keep You From Getting Counseling

I have been delivering counseling sessions to people suffering from Covid and have been obtaining unexpected relief because Covid is an extremely restimulative disease. Somehow it seems to trigger old memories of plague or group disasters in the people, including … Continue reading

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