Talking to Spirits Seminar #2 in Floyd Virginia

Don’t miss Talking to Spirits #2 on Saturday, April 8, at 1pm in the Jessie Peterman Memorial Library!

I will be continuing the free seminar series about the many ways spirits affect our lives and what you can do to get spirits to help you instead of hindering you.

I am an author, spiritual counselor and researcher, and a former corporate executive who has spent more than 40 years learning about the interaction between spiritual beings and ordinary human beings. I discovered that it is possible to communicate with spiritual beings of all kinds.

In this seminar, you will hear information about spirits that you have never heard before and you will go home with ideas you can use immediately to make your life better and safer.

You will learn how you can change the demons who haunt your dreams into helpful spirit guides who smooth the way for you in life.

When you arrive, you will have a chance to submit questions that I will answer during the seminar.

Here are just a few of the areas where spirits can affect you: forgetfulness, irritability, memory loss, inability to learn some subjects, persistent hatred for certain people, fear of certain people, headaches, constant accidents, the list goes on and on.

Come and see if your issues might be spirit related. Join us at 1pm this Saturday, April 8th at the Jessie Peterman Memorial Library!

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