We’re Back From Tangling With Covid

One of the problems with taking on a human existence is that there are events which strike us down in unexpected ways. Along with the usual microbes, parasites, viruses, and old memories, there are spiritual traps which pin us down until we manage to wake up and shrug them off.

As most of you know, we are immortal beings who take on human or other existences every few years and play that game until we run out of energy or inspiration and switch to another body. Many of you have some memories of your previous existences and with the spread of media organizations like Medium, your awareness of your true state keeps expanding and in some cases, your abilities keep expanding also.

Unfortunately, as our awareness increases, there are more ways in which our past mistakes can get triggered and we can find ourselves feeling the effects of careless things we have done in the far distant past. Life is never smooth for long periods of time, but we live in a tightly connected world in which governments and media organizations can push emotional buttons we do not even know we have. For example, we are currently experiencing a series of COVID -19 pandemics which are resulting in wildly exaggerated claims of mortality and are now seeing extreme measures being enforced to limit the spread of this disease.

Some government officials want to imprison anyone who has not been vaccinated even though the vaccines and boosters have not provided the protection they were supposed to generate. Others want to censor anyone who questions the validity of the government data being provided. Any data about deaths caused by vaccinations and boosters is being severely censored so it is difficult to get an accurate idea of how the disease is progressing and what is actually effective against its spread. The use of alternate medical treatments for treating COVID-19 is being attacked quite ferociously and the doctors who are recommending such treatments are being threatened in ways that would make you think they are prescribing witchcraft instead of recognized medical solutions.

There deserves to be differences of opinion in medicine as research proceeds in different directions over time. The medical profession has not been in the forefront of sanitary practices or even observation of physiological processes for long periods of it history. Witch hunts and pillorying of dissidents does not aid the progress of treatment for pandemics that are still largely not understood.

Until we calm down as a people, and start looking at results instead of listening to media warnings of disaster, we will probably continue to churn and cast blame on those actually trying to help. Once we regain our senses, we will probably find that basic sanitation, plenty of bed rest, and sequestering of the ill will turn out to be the best solution for this world-ending pandemic promoted by the media and power-hungry politicians.

Those of you who can avoid reading the daily news will find that your mood will lighten and you can concentrate on getting better rather then living in fear that the world is coming to an end.

You may not choose to believe it but we have all lived through the Black Death and dozens of plagues throughout history and reading your local newscaster’s scare stories is probably going to stir up ugly memories you do not need to remember.

Try being creative and look for someone to help when you are able to do so. If you keep your exchange in with your environment and your neighbors, you will find yourself with a purpose and will survive. People who help others are the first to recover from disasters and come out of the experience stronger than those who have no concept of helping others. If you keep your exchange in with the world, you will find that you will receive help in many unexpected ways.

If you have experienced COVID, you have knowledge that can help others get through it. Do what you can to help others and we will all get through this pandemic together.

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