It’s the beginning of a new year here on Earth and I have been having conversations with some friends about our observations of spiritual matters as far as they are concerned with activities observable here on this planet. I would like to share what we have observed so far and want to state that these are merely OBSERVATIONS that we have made and have some agreement on and are not FACTS unless you also have made these observations and can agree with them because you have verified them.

Spiritual observation goes far beyond the five human senses of Seeing, Tasting, Hearing, Touching, and Tasting. It involves experiencing, at a deeply profound level, the beingness and intentions of other spirits.

When it occurs, your life is changed forever, even if you do not understand fully what has happened. It occurs when you are open to reaching out spiritually and putting your attention fully on the subject of your scrutiny. You will know when it occurs because you will experience a revelation that has never occurred before and suddenly you will be in possession of data that has never been presented before.

If you are like most people experiencing this for the first time, you will feel like backing up and wondering just what has happened and where did this all come from.

You may sit there in wonderment for a very long time and try to make sense of this new data in terms of the new future that has just been exposed to you. On the other hand, you may feel this is the message from GOD that you have been waiting for and choose to take up a new way of life to make use of this revelation.

From my personal experience, spiritual observation is an ongoing process that bites deeper with each reach into the spiritual realm. The process, as I and my friends experience it, is a reaching out for information to a known or unknown spirit and a recognition of the spirit’s life force and intentions with regard to my own intentions. The first contact is often tentative, with more information being exchanged with each repeated contact. Whether the spirit is free-floating, animating a body, or a plant, the exchange of communication is quite the same. There is a contact, then a recognition of kinship, then an exchange of identity information, and then intentions. If there is an alignment of intentions, admiration often ensues and an exchange of life forces follows. Your understanding of the spiritual realm grows with every exposure as long as you validate your observations with follow-up contact to expand your knowledge of what the spirits have to communicate. The more you communicate with spirits in a caring way, the more your certainty will increase of what you now know.

If you try to increase your certainty of spiritual matters by reading what others have written, you are trying to rely on second-hand knowledge and that will lead you down a long and unsatisfactory road. If someone claims they have spoken to Jesus, or Baal, or Henry Ford, and gives you enough information so you can call on that being and verify what was said, you are free to reach out and communicate for yourself and add to the available knowledge of what they are doing currently.

After the first contacts are made with other spirits, an awareness grows that there are literally millions of spirits within reach and they all have some effect on us through their intentions and emotions. This gets quite overwhelming and some newly aware spirits quickly retreat into a state of unconsciousness when made aware of their exposure to other spirits. Others reach for support from the many groups that have sprung up to protect us from the “evils” of the spiritual world. This is quite understandable because spirits come in all temperaments and ability levels because of their past experiences. Spirits who have made mistakes that caused them pain seem to spend their time preventing us from experiencing the pain they experienced.

People raised to worship a particular deity can become fervent believers after exposure to spiritual matters they do not understand. They take the advice of their local priest or minister and shun anyone who talks about spirits or demons or matters they fear. This does not protect them from being influenced by the spirits who surround them but it does give them a focus for their feelings of fear which you may have caused them by mentioning your spiritual experiences.

I am giving you data on our observations of the spiritual realms and you are free to question and examine them for information as you see fit. If you make observations of your own, feel free to share what you have found so we can expand our knowledge of this vast and generally uncharted universe of spiritual matters and concepts which keep coming into view.

I would like to acknowledge Charles Stewart, Gerrie Oliver, and Alka Madan for their recent conversations which triggered this new series of articles.

The next article will address how people create their Gods and why they persist.

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