Benefits Of Learning And Using Spiritual Rescue Technology

Its time to bring everyone up to date on the abilities that have been gained by those who have learned and used SRT on a daily basis. I did not do the training as a formal exercise. I delivered sessions to some people and coached others who asked questions. If you study my books and talk to your spirits every day with caring communication, you and your spiritual companions will gain these abilities.

1. An SRT user can identify thoughts and emotions that are not theirs when they appear in their

own environment.

2. An SRT user can identify life forces in their environment in animals, plants, insects, and in

different cells of a body.

3. An SRT user can communicate with these life forces with attention and admiration and produce

desired results on doing so.

4. An SRT user can spot disturbances in their own bodies and in the bodies of others.

5. An SRT user can communicate with these disturbed areas and rescue the spirits causing the


6. An SRT user can communicate with spirits accompanying other people at great distances as

easily as they can communicate with spirits in the same room.

7. An SRT user can spot where a person has placed their attention and can perceive what spiritual

activity is taking place at that point.

8. An SRT user can read the Akashic records of a spirit they are communicating with. This

includes spirits animating a body and playing at being human. This means that this SRT user is

able to scan a person’s time track and see what they have done when the person puts their

attention on it.

9. An SRT user can communicate with spirits who do not think in human terms or with human


10. An SRT user can perceive intentions, attention, emotions, images, and locations of spirits.

11. An SRT user can perceive emotions, intentions, and images left by spirits in locations where

they no longer are present.

12. An SRT users can recognize when a spirit is taking over a person’s body and making them act


13. An SRT user can identify a particular spirit it has met before and can distinguish between

spirits in a group of spirits.

14. An SRT user can identify a cluster of spirits and can distinguish between a cluster formed from

an explosion from a cumulative cluster formed by accretion through simple attraction.

15. An SRT user can read the state of a person’s spiritual companions when talking to that person.

16. An SRT user can identify the state of mind of a person they have attention on even at great

distances and can see what spiritual activity is affecting the person.

17. An SRT user can remotely affect a person’s body by putting their attention on them.

18. An SRT user can remotely heal a person they are not in communication with.

19. An SRT user can assess the feeling and intentions of the spirits surrounding them and spirits

elsewhere, for that matter.

20. An SRT user can manage the activity of the spirits who are helping him and can handle the

activity of spirits who are intent on causing him harm.

21. An SRT user can spot the spiritual cause of almost every disease and disability he encounters.

22.A highly trained SRT user can handle the spiritual causes of almost every disease and disability

if the subject of the disease or disability is willing to be helped.

23. An SRT user is immediately aware when he picks up spirits from another person or place.

24. An SRT user is able to spot restimulation when it occurs and when it happens to himself is

usually able to handle it by addressing and rescuing the spirits involved.

25. An SRT user is able to accurately evaluate the value of therapeutic processes and medical

devices by observing the reaction of the spiritual companions of the person being treated.

26.A highly trained SRT user is able to handle some demonic beings by locating the incident that

made them insane and rescuing the being from that incident.

27. An SRT user can spot the spirits locked in magic healing crystals and set them free if they

desire to leave.

28. An SRT user can predict future occurrences by looking at the intentions of the parties involved.

29. An SRT user can see the effect of the Law Of Attraction on the people he observes.

30. An SRT user can look at a plant or an animal and can perceive whether it is flourishing or in


31.A highly trained SRT user can look at a person and see what spirits make up their personality.

32. An SRT user can communicate with spirits on other planets if he desires.

33. An SRT user can eventually contact any of their past lives as needed and resolve unhandled

issues from that lifetime.

34. An SRT user can get to the root of any unhandled issue and resolve it using SRT processes.

35. An SRT user is able to make permanent changes in their awareness and personal ability by

managing their team of spiritual companions.

36. An SRT User is able to overcome their own stupidity without embarrassment.

37. An SRT user can use the Law of Attraction to protect injured body areas from infestation by unwanted spirits. Handling spirits disturbing an area is a multi-step process. Using this information will increase the effectiveness of spiritual healing manyfold.

38. An SRT user can use multiple levels of perception to check on body conditions. This is a recently discovered ability that allows an SRT user to zoom in on body problems and scan for spiritual activity in finer detail than has been experienced before.

39. Members of your spirit team can provide you with support at levels not seen before. My team presented me with several detailed maps showing body issues being created by spirits located in my body. These issues included warts, cancers, and patches of skin that are being altered by exposure to spirits. These maps appeared spontaneously and were not requested.

40. There is some evidence that our spiritual teammates are responding to the spiritual teammates of other power users in a competitive fashion. Every time I talk to one of you, my teammates respond with a burst of activity and new suggestions.

41. Some of our spiritual companions are beginning to do spiritual healing on their own.

Your progress is determined by the amount of time you spend communicating meaningfully with your spiritual companions. All the data you need to succeed in this is contained in my last 20 posts and in the three SRT books available at this link:

If you have any questions about meditation and SRT solo sessions, you can refer to the SRT Solo Session Handbook available at this link:

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