Visiting the Body, Mind, Spirit, Expo in Raleigh, North Carolina

I spent a delightful few hours visiting the Body, Mind, Spirit, Expo on Sunday and left totally cheered up by the public response to the spiritual practitioners of all sorts who were manning booths and giving lectures this previous weekend. The Body Mind & Spirit Expo creates an arena for the general public to increase their knowledge of alternative health and metaphysical topics. It provides the latest in new thought presentations, the best advances in alternative health, and as always the nation’s finest selections of psychics and mediums.

For me, the expo is a chance to see how many of the practitioners and visitors are operating exterior to their bodies. My rule of thumb is that a person is doing well when he or she is fully occupying the space around and above their body while going about their daily activities. A spirit is immortal of course and has its own identity which doesn’t change with time, but many spirits identify with their bodies and hide within the confines of those bodies so they will be safe. Some spirits even locate themselves in the brain’s limbic system where they contribute to the many psychological studies about memory, attention, emotions, sexual urges, character, and behavior.

Those of you who have developed the ability to communicate with spirits, know that disembodied spirits have all of the previously listed functions and they communicate endlessly without the assistance or presence of any parts of the brain. There is no body part that is essential for memory, attention, emotions, etc., etc. which is fortunate because we take all of those functions with us when we pick up a new body. But I digress, the purpose of visiting the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo was to see how many of the exhibitors and visitors were operating as spirits and not just as meat body robots running on automaticities.

As I walked through the expo I saw lots of enthusiastic people enjoying the entertainment and the crystals and other products on sale. The mood was much more upbeat than the commercial expos I have visited during my corporate career. The energy of the people manning the booths ranged from tired boredom, to alert tracking of prospective customers, to intent meditation sessions, to those glowing with life force and radiating love and good energy to all.

There were a few people operating exterior to their bodies as I was and we would respond excitedly as we recognized each other’s presence. They might be delivering a sales pitch to an eager customer, but they would light up and smile as they recognized a fellow spirit operating at cause. Their spiritual companions would link to my spiritual companions for a moment and a wave of good feeling would envelop all of us for a moment. Sometimes the person was free and we would exchange greetings like dear friends and the exchange would leave both of us glowing more brightly than before.

I left the expo revitalized and more determined than ever to extend the reach of Spiritual Rescue Technology until spiritual communication was available to everyone who wanted it. It is totally OK to be happy being human, but when you begin to recognize your immortality, you realize that your spiritual heritage is more important. Once you begin to regain your past life memories, you start to realize that we have come a long way down from where we used to be. Spiritual Rescue Technology provides the tools for you to recover past abilities and to help others recover theirs. If you are interested, you can find my books at this link:

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