Are You Stuck Being A Group Three SRT User?

Spiritual Rescue Technology users seem to fall into five different groups.

Group Three feels that SRT probably works and they read my articles and comment on them. They have tried to contact their spirits but do not get enough responses to be confident in believing me. They probably feel that I have some special ability that lets me communicate with spirits. They may have gotten sessions from me and keep on hoping that they will have a breakthrough and get the benefits I claim to have received. They have had gains from SRT sessions but they were not permanent.

We have had some recent research breakthroughs that explain why no spiritual counseling or spiritual healing gains are permanent and this factor affects SRT gains as well! There is a well-known law that explains this phenomenon and it is called the Law Of Attraction. Injured spirits are attracted to sites of pain and injury which trigger their memories of pain and suffering. What this means is that once you have cleaned the wound and done a spiritual healing, you need to revisit the site constantly until physical healing of the wound is well underway and there is no attraction for stray spirits.

If you would like to learn how to make your gains last, contact me for some sessions to address this problem and you will soon be on your way to being a Group Five power user of Spiritual Rescue Technology. As your confidence in SRT healing rises, you will be more likely to do daily meditations and SRT solo sessions which will move you through Group Four activities to become an SRT Power User experiencing weekly changes in your awareness and abilities.

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