There Is A New Game Available For Retired Dianetic and Scientology Auditors

If you are willing to work with spiritual beings, you can change lives, including your own, heal people and animals, and you can do it at no cost with my online references or you can book a free introductory session with me and start immediately.

I developed Spiritual Rescue Technology with the help of clients and friends for the purpose of healing people mentally and physically using our natural psychic abilities. If you have audited at any level you already have the basic skills to run sessions on spiritual beings because disembodied spirits have the same needs as spirits animating human bodies. If you have any spiritual awareness, and you use our tested processes, you will be contacting spirits and helping them from the very first day.

Unlike the fabled OT levels, Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) is not an exorcism process to rid your body of spirits and make them go away and stop bothering you. SRT is a conversational process, much like traditional Book One auditing, which lets you help spirits who are trapped in past incidents and bring them to present time.

If you have ever been bothered by voices in your head or images that just wouldn’t go away, you have already encountered spirits who needed your help. With the use of my free books and articles, you can teach yourself the basics of helping spirits regain their free will. You can free yourself and others from troubled spirits who distract and influence us and you can also find helpful spirits you can recruit as spirit guides.

Contrary to what you have been taught, the in-between lives area can be pretty boring and most spirits find someone to follow around and either observe passively or try to get involved. If you learn SRT and do daily solo sessions like regular SRT users, you can get spirits to help you in almost any area of your life you can imagine. There are many more disembodied spirits than spirits animating bodies, and they have experience in every imaginable occupation. Those of us who work with spirits every day, value the support we get from our spiritual team members.

You can find free copies of my books online at this link:

You can read hundreds of my articles on these sites:

You get to call the shots and proceed at your own pace. If you need more information or a free introductory session, send me an email at

Don’t let your auditing skills go to waste. You can put them to work in a new arena and change your life forever.

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