SRT Workshop Tomorrow – Sunday 6-23-24

We are going to show you how to use teamwork to handle body problems that can’t be handled otherwise. I consider myself to be quite effective in using SRT to handle my body problems, but I have had a spiritual problem that would not go away no matter how much time I spent doing solo sessions.

I asked another SRT user to assist me and he was able to communicate with beings who were invisible to me and he was able to illuminate these beings by putting his attention on them. Once he lit them up with his attention, I could make out what they were doing and finally was able to get in communication with them.

We will be doing some instruction to give you the tools to perceive spirits who are totally unreal to us who are living here on earth. Then we will be doing exercises until you can illuminate spirits for each other. The workshop will start at 12 noon Eastern Time and the link you use to join the Zoom session is:

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