Some Simpler Definitions For Spiritual Rescue Technology

I have been defining SRT as a collection of observations of the spiritual universe, but events of the past few days have opened my eyes to the existence of simpler definitions that could be understood by people whose awareness is limited to the material universe.

SRT provides the tools you need to remove a major unseen barrier to progress. SRT allows a user to spot and remove attention that is fixed on some terrible past experience whether the attention is their own or someone else’s. With SRT, you can wake a person up and enable them to use their full abilities, perhaps for the first time. With SRT, a person can be more alive than they have ever been in years. It is truly a technology for rescuing spirits from harmful, distracting memories. SRT unlocks your full potential as a spiritual being.

We have all seen people who seem to be spiritually absent as they go through life. They seem to be in a daydream with only the slightest amount of attention free to focus on what they are doing or supposed to be doing. Some people even seek to be put in that state with drugs or liquor because everyday life seems painful or boring. Spiritual Rescue Technology addresses the causes of this disassociation and handles them easily.

Dissociation concerns a wide array of behaviors, ranging from a mild emotional detachment from immediate surroundings to a more severe disconnection from physical and emotional experiences. It can be a normal response to trauma, hypnosis, or drugs, and the incidents involved can have occurred in earlier lifetimes as well as in this one. SRT enables the repair of disorders stemming from events that ordinary medical procedures can’t touch.

If you wish to help people, you will find that Spiritual Rescue Technology will even address problems that are left over from earlier lifetimes. That may be a lot to confront, but once you study SRT, you will realize that the problems people face are far more complex than what is usually believed. Fortunately, the solution to these problems involves caring communication with the individuals involved in creating the problems and discovering the mis-estimation of efforts that created the problems when they originally occurred.

Almost all upsets stem from someone creating an effect that others could not experience easily. This generates a counter-intention that can fracture a relationship or even escalate to an all-out war between nations. Since the people involved are immortal spirits, these upsets can persist indefinitely as areas of fixed attention that do not resolve over time. Ghosts will carry grudges for millennia and they bring those feelings to everyone they associate with. Caring communication with the beings involved allows those involved to recognize their responsibility for creating the counter-intention and enables them to let go of the incident that has held them in thrall for so long. When a person recognizes their responsibility for what happened, they can finally take their attention off it and operate fully in present time.

This happens every day when using Spiritual Rescue Technology and enables all involved to experience relief and regain the life force that has been tied up in agonizing over the problem. In other words, Spiritual Rescue Technology makes spirits more alive and changes their ability to create a desired future.

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