Recent Wins Using Spiritual Rescue Technology

I have experienced gains in my spiritual abilities because I use SRT in my daily life and while doing spiritual counseling, but I am completely blown away when my clients demonstrate abilities I have not yet attained!

One of my clients wanted to help me with a problem I have not been able to address, but he was in an automobile and on a trip that would take several hours. He had the feeling he should be able to help me if we could text SRT commands back and forth rather than do a session on Zoom. Since I trust his perceptions and his communications about them, I agreed to have him help me in this new way.

I described my problem and the feelings that accompanied it and he gave me his perceptions of the spirits acting on my body. Once he described what he perceived, I could see the spirits clearly although they had been invisible to me before that moment. I have described this phenomenon before and it seems that if someone puts their attention on something, that action illuminates what they are perceiving, even if it was invisible before. Perhaps it is his image I am seeing, rather than my own, but I could see the image change as the process developed and I could feel relief that matched the changes in the image I could perceive.

We exchanged messages about the spirit cluster that was positioned behind my left shoulder blade and down my back. Although I could see the image of the cluster, he was the person who was communicating with it and I could only see the cluster’s reactions at first. I was truly a spectator in this session and my client was performing the spiritual counseling and handling all of the communication with the spirits in the cluster.

The pace of the session was quite relaxed since I had time to reflect on the messages he sent me and time to think before I responded. It seemed to me that the session pace was more favorable to change since there was no hurry to respond as there is during a “live” session.

At the same time, it seemed that I had to take more responsibility for my part in the session as there were fewer hints on what to look for. I felt I had to continually keep my attention on the cluster to support what my client was doing with it. This may be because my client runs a session differently than I do. I tend to spot when a client’s attention is wandering from the spirits we are working on.

This was a first for me and I want to report that a session performed with texting alone produced a satisfactory result in very little time. The cluster moved away and the symptoms that it had caused vanished, leaving me feeling much better and eager to try more of these sessions when possible.

I want to summarize my findings about texting a session to give you some confidence in using this method for yourself. If the person being helped can see the spirits, the session will be no different than a session using live, spoken communication. The person running the session texts the questions to the person being the client and the client communicates with the spirits and texts their responses back to the counselor. The session proceeds at a relaxed pace until the spirits are freed from the incident they are trapped in. I think you will find that these sessions are easy to do. I encourage users of SRT to experiment using texted sessions as they can be very useful when internet problems make video communication difficult. Some of you may wish to try texted solo sessions to produce records of what happened in the session.

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