Upgrading Scientology Processes To SRT Standards

The main difference between Scientology (SCN) and Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) is the attention paid to the spirits participating in every counseling session. In SCN, spirits are ignored until you reach the OT levels and then you are taught to exorcise them with the OP processes. In SRT, you communicate with these spirits from the very first session.

I was reading through the Scientology HCOBs 1959-1984 and I was struck by the workarounds that were employed to overcome the problems inherent in auditing a person in the presence of a group of other spirits who are receiving the auditing commands as they are given to the preclear by the auditor.

Scientology rudiments are a far more difficult than they need to be, as the person being counseled is affected by the emotions of the spirits who are accompanying her through life. Asking the person if they have an upset of some sort strikes directly at the memories of the unhappy spirits in the preclear’s vicinity and immediately throws them back into the unhappy incident. The spirit’s emotional reactions directly affect the preclear’s body and register on the e-meter in the same way the preclear’s emotional reactions do.

The auditor might as well be saying is anyone here unhappy? The reactions he gets will come from the spirits and the preclear in front of him, but he will only address the preclear’s concerns by indicating what he thinks the upset is, based on a meter reading. The spirits who do not get handled in the session tend to react badly and cause the preclear to fail the metered exam given by the examiner after the session.

In Scientology auditing, auditors are cautioned to avoid discussing the upsets they find and to handle the upset by asking for different types of upset and on getting a meter read to indicate what the meter read. This works because the auditor’s indication is an acknowledgment to the upset being that his upset was being recognized.

In SRT, we ask if anyone is upset and then we locate the upset spiritual being and address the issue for that upset spirit. If there are more spirits responding to the original question, we locate them and handle their upset also. We do not need meters to measure spiritual responses as our counselors are able to perceive disembodied spirits and respond to them directly.

The primary shortcoming of Scientology auditing is the ignoring of disembodied spirits during normal Grade Chart auditing. The process questions are usually well constructed and if they were extended to cover the needs of the spirits attached to the preclear they would be far more effective. There are a great number of SCN processes that deal with everyday problems that would be far more effective if they were expanded to account for our disembodied spiritual partners.

I am planning to create a number of handbooks to provide additional processes for SRT counselors so they will have tools to improve the ability of the beings who are helping them daily. Those of you who have benefited from the Scientology Grades may be able to see how running upgraded processes on your helpful spirits can make them more effective and more stable.

These upgraded processes can be run on people new to SRT to address their upset, problems, and things they have done they regret. The material will be posted online and will be freely downloadable. The SRT users with Scientology auditing experience may wish to participate in this project. It will give you a chance to put your hard-earned skills to work again.

A final note: The spirits who affect you daily and make your life difficult are ignored by Scientology but are the main target of a Spiritual Rescue Technology session.

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