Making Sense Of Your Dreams

Science has been fascinated by dreams for many years and is still doing research to this very day. Dreams are thoughts and science has spent a lot of time trying to locate the parts of the brain where dreams originate. Science has done a fairly good job of documenting the content of dreams but not so well in interpreting what they mean and how to control them. This is probably because not many scientists know where thoughts originate in the first place.

Thoughts are a spiritual activity, which can be easily proven by anyone who is able to communicate with spirits. When our bodies sleep, our dreams are provided by our memories or by the memories of other spirits. These are the same thoughts and images that are provided by our spiritual companions during waking hours, but are usually ignored because our attention is on our daily activities.

There are spirits trying to communicate with us all day, every day, and some of them take the opportunity to communicate when we are not distracted by everyday activities. The content of the dreams depend on the intentions of the spirits involved. Some dreams are interactive and quite conversational when the sleeping person is aware that she or he is in communication with a spirit who has something to say.

Some dreams are like performances with spirits producing dramas for the sleeper to experience. These kind of dreams often repeat as the spirits are trying to describe a memory they cannot get rid of. The person dreaming may find themselves playing a part in the drama and trying to achieve a resolution of some sort or they may be a passive spectator watching the drama unfold.

I have found myself trying to use abilities in a dream that I no longer have in present day life. The exercise of these abilities is quite real and the problems associated with the use of these abilities in modern life make the dream sequences quite complicated. It is very real to me that our behavior in past lives has resulted in our shutting down many abilities that were socially undesirable. A dream involving use of certain paranormal abilities in a present-day environment requires lots of corrective actions to get a satisfactory result. You might be inclined to say that there is a common agreement that super powers are not welcome in current society and any use of these violates an unwritten agreement that will rebound against the user of such powers.

I have also found myself working out problems during certain dreams and the other parties in the dreams provided suggestions and criticisms while the dream proceeded. Some of these other players were familiar to me from other problem-solving sessions during my waking hours. My greatest interaction with spirits occurs while writing articles and we have developed a working relationship that makes writing original copy effortless. Most of this activity occurs during my waking hours, but I have experienced the same synergistic activity during my dreams.

When you understand your relationship with spirits, you are in a position to make sense of your dreams and to capitalize on your interaction with the spirits involved. You are not limited to being a spectator in your dreams, you can participate and get solutions to problems you never expected to encounter.

Spirits are an endless source of information. You just have to be willing to communicate with them.

I am considering hosting a workshop on dreams, both daydreams and sleepy-time dreams, to explore how they can be useful for increasing productivity. I would like to hear your comments.

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