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Do You Know What Is Holding You Down?

There is a wonderful satire about Lemuel Gulliver and his travels written by Jonathan Swift that might shift your viewpoints on our human condition. This image from that story illustrates the state of a highly trained professional captured and tied … Continue reading

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On The Subject Of Help

When you attempt to help someone or some organization, you are doing something quite adventurous! Your intentions may be honorable and your actions may represent a sacrifice of time and money but the reactions you get from those you wish … Continue reading

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Investigating Alien Activity Is Already Being Done – What We Should Be Doing With SRT – Part One

I received a 5-hour briefing from an old friend who has been very active in the Controlled Remote Viewing activity for many years, and I feel the people involved in this activity have their hands full with real live aliens … Continue reading

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We live in Turbulent Times

In times like these, don’t waste your time hating or trying to get even. Take care of those you depend on and be kind and compassionate to all others you meet. They will appreciate it, and your life will run … Continue reading

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