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Exploring Knowledge, Responsibility, And Control In Managing Spirits

Our research has established the existence of many spirits who share our space and interact with us in many different ways. We also established the desirability of managing these spirits, so their actions are harmoniously coordinated and produce results that … Continue reading

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I am a simple spiritual counselor who can teach you to talk to any spirits you choose to befriend. I do not favor or oppose any peaceful religion. Most religions have trained people who will intercede with their god on … Continue reading

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Do You Habitually Over-Commit On Delivery Dates And Performance Levels?

  You may pride yourself on setting tight schedules and high performance levels, but have you looked at what it has done to your life? Targets that are unrealistically high with unreal schedules wreak havoc on the people who are … Continue reading

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Stuff You will Not Notice Unless You Unleash Your special Abilities

Some people erect shields around themselves and are unaware they have done this. If you use your special abilities, you will notice that they can be quite friendly as long as you maintain your distance from them. You can test … Continue reading

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