Investigating Alien Activity Is Already Being Done – What We Should Be Doing With SRT – Part One

I received a 5-hour briefing from an old friend who has been very active in the Controlled Remote Viewing activity for many years, and I feel the people involved in this activity have their hands full with real live aliens and their activities to exert covert control over earth populations. There are alien installations on Earth and in space, and these are accessible to ordinary people who are able to do out of body travel or simple remote viewing. There is a Facebook group, Remote Viewing/Remote Perception, where you can learn a lot about the various efforts that are currently going on.

I learned enough of the magnitude of these efforts to know that we who know and use Spiritual Rescue Technology have a vital role to play as more people join these efforts to contact aliens. Not all aliens are friendly, fuzzy, and lovable. Far too many are as devious and horrifying as some of our politicians and government employees. They are both heavily into mind control and into creating chaos for purposes of accumulating power.

Our role as SRT experts should be to provide relief and spiritual backup to some of these remote viewers who experience psychotic breaks and spiritual possession as a result of visiting a protected alien installation. Some of the material I saw in my briefing described implant stations which can reduce a normal earth person to a robotic state with enough exposure. Anyone bopping off to the moon or the moons of Saturn could come back with a permanent headache or a changed personality. From what I saw, there appear to be hidden installations on Earth that can give you a lot of trouble if you persist in remote viewing them without training or proper backup.

I am not trying to stop you from remote viewing any more than I would try to stop you from mountain climbing. I have done a bit of both, and my current interest is in helping you retain your sanity if you run into trouble remote viewing. I had taken a group to visit the backside of the moon several years ago, and we ran into some strange phenomena, but nothing fatal. In fact, I was proposing to lead another group on a return visit until I received my recent briefing from this remote viewing expert. Our earlier moon visit went off without any damage, but I now know we were very fortunate in our choice of locations to visit.

In our SRT webinar yesterday, we reviewed our options regarding extending SRT into space exploration or concentrating on our earth situation and working to restore and increase sanity on an individual and group basis. We decided to stick with freeing beings from compulsions and encouraging them to cooperate with us on earth-based projects for now. 

The more people who know how to deal with troubled spirits and set them free, the better our lives will be here on Earth. There is one thing in our favor, and that is the technology of setting beings free from the mistakes they have made in the past is not widely known among the alien visitors. I have heard that myself and others have heard similar news elsewhere. The alien’s favored method of control is still coercion through force or hypnotic means. They are quite active using our news media and our social media. They probably won’t be invading in force. They are creating effects through control of our education systems and our news media.

Consider the fact that this prison planet has trillions of disturbed spirits who have been dumped here in various states of awareness, and you can get the idea that anything that can stir them up will affect the lives of people in bodies. You won’t just get bad dreams. You will get a continuing buildup of rage and jealousy against others who are different in some way. The remote viewing people are running across evidence that aliens are stirring things up with microwave transmissions and other vibrations as well as through infiltration into government agencies at very high levels. The worst nightmares of the conspiracy theorists are happening now, and the news is slowly leaking out.

Your best bet might be to learn to use SRT on your self and your family so you all can stay sane while rioters burn and pillage downtown areas.

Those of you who are determined to see for yourself what the remote viewers are doing can do it safely if you work with the group I mentioned in the opening paragraph. If you find yourself with strange images or compulsions when doing remote viewing, just give me a call, and I can help you out.

David St Lawrence

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