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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

In spiritual counseling, we build our careers on the shoulder of the explorers who have gone before. I owe a lot to the efforts of other Scientologists who shared their knowledge with me. I was thinking of them when I … Continue reading

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Why You Have To Cause Desirable Effects In Society – Life Force Series 5

I have a friend who has been creating desirable effects at a distance for some time and when he showed me his simple process, I realized almost any sufficiently aware person could read his process and create effects at a … Continue reading

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Exploring Phenomena That Does Not Fit Existing Science

I was reading about anti-gravity systems today and the articles range from reasoned discussion of the results obtained to reasoned arguments why this entire subject area is nonsense. I was struck by the fact that arguments for and against anti-gravity … Continue reading

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I want to validate all of you spiritual trailblazers and wish to share three observations that might make your spiritual explorations far more rewarding.  My first observation is that many of you have seen more spiritual phenomena than I have. … Continue reading

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