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Using Admiration to Handle Hopeless Situations

As an opening move, let me say those hopeless situations don’t just happen. They are caused. When you find the source of the problem, a hopeless situation can be resolved. A hopeless situation is like any other unsolvable problem. It … Continue reading

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  We had a fantastic workshop today where we did exercises in channeling spirit communications. You can see the recording at this link:

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The curious case of Justin Craig, LRH 2.0

Justin Craig says he is the returned L Ron Hubbard, and I think there is more to his story than he realizes. Somewhere around 2011, Justin Craig discovered Dianetics and had a realization he was the returned L Ron Hubbard. … Continue reading

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Uncertainty is a subtle indicator of spiritual activity acting against you

The spiritual activity takes the form of counter-intention that you probably think is one of your own thoughts. It usually takes the form of a negative thought that follows immediately upon the heels of a positive thought. You casually think … Continue reading

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