Going out in style…

My dear friend Beth is closing the doors today on her blog, Switched At Birth. As with everything else Beth has done, she is ending her blogging for all the right reasons.

She has been an inspiration for me and I will miss her elegant and thoughtful posts. On the other hand, it is her blogging that has brought her to this decision point.

I think I might do the same in her place, if I were writing a journal rather than essays. It is possible that this may be a typical and logical endpoint for many blogs which are primarily personal journals

She has been writing a heart-warming and poignant personal journal complete with some of the most mouthwatering recipes you can imagine. She has now come to a fork in the road and has chosen to head off in two directions that do not seem to leave time for blogging.

Her final post, And They All Lived Happily Ever After. The End tells the story in her own inimitable fashion.

I will miss her weblog posts, but I now have her book and a TV series to look forward to. Sounds like a fair exchange to me. Visit her weblog while it is still up. You won’t regret it.


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  1. BethW says:

    Hey, David — thank you! The book part’s for real. . . but I had better hasten to say the “incendiary” tv reality tv show for Mary Beth’s Kitchen was with tongue firmly in cheek. . . apparently a little too firmly! Before taking the site down, I plan to do a post about “Danger Quicksand Have A Nice Day” (by the way, we love the coffee mugs, thank you), and also a few other posts about some of my other blog friends. Can’t go without a few well-deserved tributes.

  2. Robin says:

    Please keep us informed about Beth’s book. Her writing is terrific. It’s sad that blogging isn’t safe.

  3. Owen says:

    How serendipitous. (And sad). Both of you know me slightly (that is Beth and David). David – Beth is one of the contributors to my book Digital Dish. Beth – David is one of the people I have grown to know as I have gotten into the future of publishing and promotion via blogs.

    Obviously I am sad Beth that you are stopping, but I quite understand and in fact am impressed that you announced the end. At least two other contributors to the book have also stopped blogging – but without notice – so I worry about them.

    I am posting this to both blogs just to kind of connect the dots.

    David – at some point I would love to talk sales figures and rates with you. I suspect that you have taken the smarter approach but I still have hope…

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