Going solo – a global trend

Leah Maclean’s weblog, Secrets of Going Solo,  contains a wealth of information for those of you who have or are considering launching your own business. She has inaugurated a series of interviews which she calls Borrowed Wisdom and I was honored to be her inaugural interview.

It was quite an experience. She is an excellent interviewer and we covered topics and issues I have not had time to write about. I can readily see why she is an effective coach. Read the interview. I think you may find it entertaining.

If you have any interest in working for yourself, add her weblog to your blogroll. You will find that the challenges of self-employment are the same world-wide. She also has a coaching website and a newsletter that bears checking out.

Leah is a professional coach and mentor and is Director of Working Solo Pty Limited, a leading learning, development and coaching organization in Australia. Her passion is being a partner to those who have or will step into their own business. Leah wants to make it easier to go it alone.

Her main role is to partner with clients to develop resources, either internal or external, which will enable them to fulfill their potential and achieve their desired goals and outcomes. She is a Master Certified Coach (MC) – one of only a handful of certified coaches in Australia. 90% of her clients have been small business owners or solo professionals and the remaining 10% are corporate leaders, managers or employees.

She, like Anita Campbell, is one of a growing number of resources for the independent business person, providing services that were not available before the advent of blogs. As Leah pointed out in a recent post, Solo does not mean alone.

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  1. Chris Owen says:

    Leah MacLean has been my coach since the beginning of the year. Her support and belief in me have been sensational. Her practical support is making such a difference to my capacity to grow as a coach. She’s helping me deal with the stuff that was holding me back from being an effective coach. i can’t recommend her more highly.
    She has also opened the door for me to people like you and I’m loving reading what you have to say.
    Sometimes she’s the Stretch Coach from Hell and sometimes the Stretch Coach From Heaven!!! I think in this case it’s the latter.
    Cheers from Oz.

  2. Hi David,

    I just found another resource to try, 10,000solopreneurs.com

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