This book is not for everyone. Should you read it?

If you are one of the fortunate few who are happy in your job and
don’t wish to rock the boat, by all means don’t read Danger Quicksand – Have A Nice Day.

On the other hand, if your work is not going well, you should buy and read this book. It will help you analyze what is actually going on and will provide workable solutions you can actually implement.

Here are a few ways this book can help you:

1. It should help you extricate yourself with dignity from almost any adverse situation you find yourself in.

2. It will provide you with guiding principles for improving almost
any employment situation where there is still room to negotiate.

3. It can guide you out of a dead-end job.

4. It can rekindle your ability to create a job for yourself, where you do something you are passionate about.

5. It will give you renewed certainty of your actual worth to a
company and show you how to play the game as an employee in the 21st

If you are truly enjoying your job, you are very fortunate. Buy this book
for your friends who aren’t doing as well as you are. They will
thank you.

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  1. Marie says:

    David, I am almost done with your book. It is a pleasantly easy-to-read book. I am not in a bad situation with my current employer but have had some squeaky times in the past. I find your insight and wisdom spot on and commend you for being proactive in writing the book for other people’s benefit. Ya know, in my father’s life, it was normal to work for one employer for the length of one’s life. It was uncommon to jump jobs. In my lifetime, it is almost unheard of someone to stay at a job for a lifetime. It is quite a different time in which we live and work and I feel that the more open to movement and changes that folks are, the better adjusted they will be. Take care, Marie

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