What happens when you buy two computers at the same time?

If they are built with adequate quality standards, they will probably fail at the same time.

We bought two Compaq laptops about five years ago and one of them died suddenly several weeks ago. The second laptop died in the same way this week.

BlackX-take2 I used the BlackX docking unit and Disk Doctor to salvage the data from the first laptop and I wrote about it in the previous article.

When the second laptop died, I pulled out the trusty BlackX unit and tried to do the same with the latest laptop failure. BlackX worked fine but Disk Doctor could not seem to find the files on this latest hard drive.  Bummer!

After several tries with similar results, I turned to the Windows Explorer feature which lets you look at the properties of the external hard drives which are connected to the computer.

Lo, and Behold! The Windows operating system could see files which the Disk Doctor program could not see! I copied my data from the damaged disk to another computer and called it a day.

I put away the BlackX unit until the next hard drive fails. With multiple computers, this is certain to happen and I want to recover as much data as possible. All I have to do is plug in the BlackX docking unit and insert the hard drive and I have copmplete acess to the contents of the damaged drive.

We are shifting to a server-based household network in an effort to provide better system backup capability and faster recovery in case of the inevitable computer failure.

I know that some of you readers have already solved the problems of creating and maintaining a failure-resistant home network and I invite you to share your experiences with us.

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