Danger Quicksand pre-order extended to April 30

This April 15th, our tax filing is complete, but we are extending our pre-order offer for two more weeks because the printing of Danger Quicksand – Have A Nice Day is taking longer than expected.

To make up for the delay, we are offering a
FREE Danger Quicksand coffee cup if you pre-order two copies of the
book before April 30.

Providing this $12.99 cup as a free gift for two-copy orders is our way of showing appreciation for your support. ConferencecupIf
you have already pre-ordered one book, pre-order another as a gift for
a friend and receive this free coffee cup for yourself.

Take advantage of this offer now. Get this Free Danger Quicksand coffee cup by pre-ordering a second copy of Danger Quicksand – Have A Nice Day.

The cups will ship immediately, because we have them in stock. 🙂

Copies of the books will begin shipping as soon as they arrive from the printer.

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