It’s time to move on and start building a future

Now that the election results are in, I am preparing for the oncoming winter. I built a few cold frame covers for my horse feeder deck planters.

IMG_2001 Bob Grubel gave me some mixed greens and lettuce which will supply salad fixings for a few more months and in the early spring. His generosity has given me new inspiration to create a series of late fall garden plots and raised beds.

Because I don't believe in the global warming myth, I am covering my raised garden beds with steel mesh frames and heavy plastic sheets and will figure out how to warm the frames when the temperatures dive.


Like most of my Floyd County neighbors, I am laying in more firewood than ever before. This year we have twice what we cut and stacked last year.

As for the elections, I am happy that so many people came out and voted. The election results will hopefully stand as a more exact reflection of the wishes of the electorate as opposed to a behind the scenes minority.

It will be interesting to see if we are actually pulling back from a headlong embrace of socialism and pausing to reflect on what could be accomplished if we followed the Constitution and existing laws.

Given a clear choice, I think most people would choose to work for their pay and resent attempts to "share the wealth" with those who are here illegally.

Government handouts always have a price tag. More money goes into the system than ever comes out and the recipients hope that others will pick up the bill. Once that starts, it is an easy matter to demonize those who supply the money.

Our government has shown that it does not understand business and why profits are necessary. Free enterprise is the best chance to rebuild our economy and we don't need government czars to meddle with the process.

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