Becoming a writer/publisher – pt 5

Thanks for all of the advice on viruses and alternative computer systems. I took your advice on the viruses and dodged your good advice on computers.

I bought a HP Athlon 3300+ at my nearest Staples, and my sick computers are in the hands of a local repair shop named Gravity’s Edge. If all goes well, I should have four working computers by next weekend. Meanwhile, life goes on.

You and your friends have been spreading the word about my book in ways I never expected. My email has doubled and I am getting help and encouragement from people who know me only through your comments. For the first time, I am getting an appreciation of what power lies in developing  friends of friends.

You and your friends have downloaded 1462 copies of Danger Quicksand through since the beginning of February..

If that weren’t enough, I received great encouragement from ChangeThis, the non-profit group set up by Seth Godin and friends to promote the spread of new ideas.

They have included my book in their collection of thoughtful arguments about important issues. I owe many, many thanks to Avi Solomon, who recommended my book to them.

I am deeply honored to be included in the august company of Tom Peters,  Seth Godin, Debbie Weil, Guy Kawasaki, and Hugh Macleod. They all have manifestos being published by ChangeThis.


Amit Gupta at prepared an elegant version of Danger Quicksand – Have A Nice Day as a free download from their site.  He did a fantastic job designing the page layouts and he created this colorful icon for the document. I wish I had his skills. It would have made my work a lot easier and more attractive.

With two outlets for downloading copies of the book, I am feeling the pressure to get everything into the hands of a printer ASAP. Fortunately, I have several to choose from who do good work and are competitively priced.

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  1. HPs are good computers – glad to hear you’re back in business.

    Before you get too far – I highly recommend you load Microsoft’s AntiSpyware software and a good anti-virus program (Trend, Symantec or McAfee) and go to Windows update and get all critical patches (and set your machine for auto-update). (HP also has a site for patches they release for their systems at

    You can get the free Microsoft software at

  2. Success with your wonderful book couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. All my best on the continued success of Danger Quicksand: Have A Nice Day!

  3. Amit Gupta says:

    Thanks for your kind words, David!

    In fairness, I should say that while I serve as managing editor, the design of the documents is to the sole credit of Phoebe Espiritu.


  4. Avi Solomon says:

    Thanks for the kind words David. What goes around comes around and am glad that I was able to repay in some measure for the inspiration I have derived from your wise words!
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