Becoming a writer/publisher

I’ve had a great time learning how to write over the past few years. Now it’s time to actually do the deed, so to speak, and publish something!

Danger Quicksand – Have A Nice Day strikes off in a different direction than the usual job-hunter’s bible. Most career advice books seem to operate on the basis that you can find a pony in your cubicle if you shovel enough horsepoop away.Pdacover_5

I am taking a different viewpoint, based on many years of earnest and hopeful observation. If they want you to have a pony, they will hand you the reins when you join up.

As a result, in my book I have assembled the key strategies you should employ to ensure that you get the job and the pony you deserve, and what to do if things are not working out.

In order to help people, I need to get this book into their hands. I’ve made a start, because 900 1204 people have already downloaded it as a PDF file. Now, what I need to do is put out a book to carry my message where broadband internet can’t.

Since most of you have at least one book in you, you may wish to follow along as I blog this new adventure.

You can second-guess me, offer suggestions, and generally feel free to be thankful that it isn’t you careening along the cliff edge of publishing a first book. We could title this series of posts: On the edge of madness…or What was he thinking… But, we won’t.

This is totally new ground for me, as I have never published a book
before. I have no role models yet, because my experienced friends are
following the traditional model of write book, find agent, submit
manuscripts to publishers, and grow old waiting for good news.

I have already set up a publishing house, Bent Crow Press, and am
now negotiating with printers to print 500 copies of the book in
paperback format. I would rather reorder, than have cartons of unsold
books in my garage. Friends who self-published before digital printing
was available still had pallet loads stashed away years later. Their
example makes me cautious.

It appears at this point, that I can get first-rate paperbacks with
a four-color cover delivered into my hot little hands for about $4.00.
The final price will depend on my final page count and the paper I
decide to go with.

I am pleasantly surprised at the excellent response I have had to my
request for quotation. The printers responded quickly and
professionally. Some of them actually called to make sure my questions
were answered.

I am now waiting for samples from at least five printers. I asked them to send me examples of their best work.

I will continue this saga in the next few posts, as I learned some
things which may help those of you who decide to self-publish.

Incidently, for Fred and other photographers, four-color coffee
table books can now be manufactured at reasonable prices in quantities
as low as 100 copies. (Dan Poynter, The Self-Publishing Manual, pg 345)

Update: My download count is now up to 1204 copies of Danger Quicksand – Have A Nice Day. Words fail me. I am very grateful. Thanks.

Second Update:

The free download version of the book is still available and so is the free PDA version
of the book. Download them and feel free to pass them on to your
friends. You will be able to pre-order the paperback soon for delivery
in March. Check back next week for exact availability.

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