Why do I blog?

This is a question that produces different answers over time. It has taken a year and a half of steady blogging to arrive at today’s answer to the question.

How could I pass up the biggest opportunity of the early 21st century!

A weblog is the ultimate power tool available to a single individual. It provides almost unlimited multiplication of effort.

Through a weblog, a single individual can affect an almost unlimited number of other individuals. From a practical standpoint, your audience is limited only by your determination and your ability.

If you create a weblog and write with passion about things that matter to you, others will find their way to you from all over the world and will respond to your message.

If you understand communication in all of its aspects, you can reach any audience you choose, given enough time.

If you understand branding, you can hold your audience and make it grow.

If you understand art, you will know how aesthetics can be used as a
carrier wave for creating an emotional response and conveying

If you understand emotional tone levels and how they affect the
receipt of information, you will be able to communicate truth at a
level which can be understood and accepted by your chosen audience.

We have barely begun to see bloggers reaching out and producing an
emotional response on a continuing basis. We will see much more,
because the interactivity of weblogs makes them an ideal vehicle for
the highest kinds of artistic and motivational activity.

With a weblog, you are a citizen publisher who can reach out at will
and touch people all over the world. With weblogs, publishing is no
longer a zero-sum activity. We are not competing for column space, or
for an editor’s attention. We have unlimited space in which to express
ourselves at will. All we need to remember is to use accurate sources
and credit them for all material we use.

We are creating a  common body of work which accumulates value with
every article and comment. We are writing a living history of events
which will be accessable to anyone for years to come. Unlike a book or
a newspaper, our entries do not go out of print. Our words will be
instantly available on search engines as long as there is an internet.

Creating a weblog as a portal to other sites opens a whole vista of
commercial possibilities. We can hold conversations with potential
customers and establish credibility as a natural result of our activity
on the weblog.

A weblog puts sales and marketing on a personal level and solves the
ultimate challenge of every sales and marketing campaign in history:
"How to get close to a customer and influence his buying decision".

Weblogs are the most powerful tool available for instigating
conversations with others. They are the key for changing conditions
that affect life. They are the ultimate power tool.

To answer my original question, I blog because my future depends on it.

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