Danger Quicksand – Have A Nice Day – read the book

My unconventional guide to surviving corporate employment is developing a life of its own. It will not wait for me to find a printer, get all of the contracts signed, yada yada and so forth. It wants to be read and used now!

UPDATE:  Danger Quicksand – Have A Nice Day is now out in paperback! You can buy a signed copy of this book with free shipping by going to bentcrowpress.com

You can still  download these sample chapters in pdf format. I will also keep the free download available on ChangeThis.com even after the trade paperback version is available. It is a big download, 187 pages or 887,514 bytes.

Thanks to everyone who contributed comments and encouragement. Your response has been very gratifying.

If this book helps people weather the difficulties of 21st century employment, I will have met my objectives.

I am also planning to prepare an e-version that can be downloaded to a PDA. I look forward to hearing about it being read surreptitiously in boring staff meetings.

I am still looking for a printer, so I will appreciate any recommendations you would care to make.

UPDATE: Thanks for your suggestions on printers and distribution channels.  Thanks also for telling your friends about my book. Site traffic has doubled and more than 20 books were downloaded the first day.

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Telling others about this post is a GOOD THING! Showing my visitors that you have done so is a BETTER THING! Visitors to this site will see your link and you will get extra traffic.

If you don’t use the trackback feature, the only way I know you have made reference to this site is by going through hundreds of visitor records. Get rewarded for your good deeds!


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