Post-Corporate Existence – part 3

This is the third post in a series about living and working in a post-corporate adventure. I have to call it an adventure because I never been this way before and it doesn’t resemble anything I expected. The biggest surprise for me was that blogging has a lot to do with the adventure.

Blogging was the key to discovering how my life was changing. I have never kept a diary and have only scraps of notes and bales of unsorted photos to record my adult life. As a result, my memories of the past were highly selective by choice, mostly memories of good places to eat and times with good friends.

This blog, which was foisted upon an unsuspecting world in October 2003, started out as effort to set down my observations about life and business so that I could finally let go of them in good conscience. I didn’t realize this at first. All I knew was that ideas for posts just kept coming, in an unending flood. I would write about an area of work or life until that area was no longer "interesting". Another topic would pop up immediately and clamor to be heard.

It took more than a year to realize that I have been holding on to these memories in the hope that I could share them with others and help someone else to avoid the disappointments and capture the triumphs I had encountered. It was as though forgetting these ideas would be an act of irresponsibility, at least in my judgment.

This proved to be true.

Once my observations were let free on the internet, I found myself experiencing a great feeling of relief, as though I had put down a burden of long duration. The more I wrote, the lighter and more enthusiastic I felt.


The plus point in all of this was that my posts were entertaining others and in some cases, even helping them.

As I started getting inquiries about things I had discussed earlier,
it became apparent that the posts needed to be packaged in a more
portable form. Hence the book, Employee Survival Guide, which is being
proofread right now.

If this unburdening phenomenon is common to most other bloggers, it
can help to explain the "addiction" of blogging. It may also explain
why blogging about admirable people and actions lifts the spirit, while
ranting leaves one looking for more things to rant about.

Before this theme turns into another book, I will end off, but I will return with more about  post-corporate existence shortly.

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