Update on book progress

The rough editing is almost complete. I used NoteTab which has a nice outline feature. I am really indebted to Fred First for introducing me to this very handy text editor.

Now I am thrashing about with Open Office, formatting a document with trade paperback-sized pages for review. That should be done in the next few days.


I still don’t have a title, but I am still using Employee Survival Guide as the working title, although the material would more seem to support a title like, "Escaping the Corporate Quagmire.

Oh well, I am going to have some covers for you to evaluate and will go with whatever communicates best what the book contains.

I have now confined the subject material to corporate employment and the newly revised chapter headings reflect the sound advice of William Wren, of writelife.

The material on running your own business will be in a second book which will deal with the issues and joys of post-corporate life and business activity.

I am encouraged by your interest and your responses. I have all of the reviewers I need right now for the pre-printed version of the book, but I will have pdf versions to download in the future. The purpose of this first review is to make sure that the guide is arranged to provide an optimum user experience.

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