Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally – Washington, DC on August 28th

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WASHINGTON (AP) — From the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, conservative broadcaster Glenn Beck told the huge gathering of activists that the U.S. has too long “wandered in darkness.”

In one of his many references to Martin Luther King, Beck noted that he had spent the night before in the same Washington hotel where King had put the finishing touches on his "I Have a Dream" speech.

Sarah Palin, greeted by chants of “USA, USA, USA” from many in the crowd, told the gathering, “It is so humbling to get to be here with you today, patriots. You who are motivated and engaged … and knowing never to retreat.”


Palin likened the rally participants to the civil rights activists from 1963. She said the same spirit that helped them overcome oppression, discrimination and violence would help this group as well.

Alveda King, a niece of the civil rights leader, appealed to Beck rally participants to "focus not on elections or on political causes but on honor, on character … not the color of our skin."

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0 Responses to Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally – Washington, DC on August 28th

  1. mattbg says:

    Wow, a lot of people!

    It’s hard to find an estimate of how many people attended that everyone is in agreement with.

    Although I’m in Canada and have no involvement in this, it’s also disappointing to see the type of people that complain about low civic involvement now complaining about the tea party as not being legitimate or being somehow manufactured.

  2. Judy Yacoub says:

    Hello David

    Thank you for taking the time and trouble to reply. It was actually the content of the only other comment published (Wow! What a lot of people… etc.) that encouraged me to respond. The point was made that the huge crowds of people attending the Tea Party mass rally shouldnt be criticised for at least getting engaged in political action is one that could just as easily have been made 80 years ago in Germany.

    That remark in my view begs at least a cursory analysis in a historical and global context, where there are plenty of examples of upstart political movements riding to power on back of popular appeal. Whether instigated by ayatollahs or secular leaders, they all call to patriots, are rooted in extremism, use censorship to advance their cause and, as a final response, often resort to war.

    On the basis of your email one might be forgiven for concluding that the main criterion for accepting comments on your blog isnt so much a case of adding to substance to the discussion as endorsing the bias of the author.

    Kind regards
    Judy Yacoub
    Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange

  3. Judy, Judy Judy…

    don’t get carried away in your anti-upstart fervor.

    How many instances of the characteristics you listed can you attribute to the modern Tea Party?

    “…They all call to patriots, are rooted in extremism, use censorship to advance their cause and, as a final response, often resort to war.”

    I see only one (patriotism) that applies to the Tea Party movement, but I can see at least three of them that characterize Obama and his purple-shirted goons in the SEIU.

    When voters are intimidated by black militants and Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder covers up the crime, then we are talking about extremism and censorship.

    So far, I have yet to see Tea Party members do any of the “crimes” they have been accused of. The liberal contingent is far ahead on that score so far with beatings, smashing windows, and now taking hostages. What rhetoric is driving this antisocial behavior?

    The author of this blog has a definite bias toward getting both sides of most issues and welcomes comments that contribute information rather than opinion masquerading as reliable data.

    Opinions are welcome as are entertaining rants.
    Trolls, however, get short shrift.

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