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The magic of blogging is that it introduces you to friends of friends in the most natural way possible.

Rosa Say, founder of SAY LEADERSHIP COACHING™ in Hawaii, visited Ripples because of my good friend, Wayne Hurlburt, in Canada.

I visited her site, Talking Story, and found that it lifted my spirits, like a brief trip to the islands.

Rosa is a businesswoman with a mission. Her many years of experience in Hawaiian hospitality and land development led to running her own company, Say Leadership Coaching, a business dedicated to bringing nobility to the art of management and to mentoring the next generation of managers and leaders in Hawaii.

She writes with passion about how work should be worthwhile, purposeful, and fun. Her mission to inspire Hawaiian managers is most timely, because Hawaii is a particularly tough challenge for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

She combines traditional Hawaiian values with hard-headed business sense to make a compelling presentation of the best of both worlds.

She uses the Hawaiian word Ho‘ohana, worthwhile work, as the heading of the second chapter of her new book, Managing with Aloha. The book is devoted to working to bring meaning, fulfillment, and fun to the life one leads as a manager. That and nobility makes a well-rounded manager.

We can all use more of that kind of inspiration.


Hat tip to Wayne, of Blog Business World, for the introduction.

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